Thread: Simplified Amphetamine Synthesis from Phenylalanine?

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    Simplified Amphetamine Synthesis from Phenylalanine? 
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    Hey people.

    I would like to just show you this:

    "A surprisingly simple synthesis is possible from the amino acid phenylalanine, which is available at health food stores for about $14 for 100 tablets. Phenylalanine is 2-amino-3-phenylpropanoic acid, which is more or less amphetamine with a COOH where the CH3 should be at the end of the chain. Thionyl chloride will replace the OH with a Cl, which falls off and is replaced by H when you give it lithium aluminum hydride, sodium borohydride, or hydrogen gas and nickel/platinum. If you use hydrogen and metal for that step, you'll have to reduce the carbonyl group with one of the hydrides, so best save time + effort and use them and do both reductions at once. When that carbonyl is reduced, you now have amphetamine."
    -Quoted from the Methamphetamine FAQ at

    If someone could write a simple technical synthesis for someone with no chemistry knowledge, could acquire one somewhere, or even just explain this to me shortly, I would be infinitely gratitudinous.

    Thank you all very very much.

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    This isn't allowed here.

    If you join at we can help you better.

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    Thionyl chloride is used in the production of nerve gases and is watched, so I think you'd probably attract unwanted attention purchasing any of it...

    Aside from that, such discussion of synthesis is not allowed here; please read the rules before posting.

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