Thread: Magic mushroom vodka - Did I do it right?

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    Magic mushroom vodka - Did I do it right? 
    My mushrooms were getting old so I chopped them up and put them in a bottle of 40% Vodka.

    Now the Vodka is very dark blue (looks black in low light) and smells strongly of mushrooms.

    The ratio is about 100 smallish mushrooms in two thirds of a bottle of Vodka.

    Is that the right way to do it?
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    ^ Dunno never heard of such a recipe - how much vodka are you gonna have to drink to get a trip out this evil sounding brew
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    Yes 'the brew' will most certainly be psychoactive. How big a bottle of vodka was it and how many grams of mushrooms?

    *pictures a witch cackling while stirring a huge cauldron of blue vodka*
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    If this works, would it be possible to make psilocybe tinctures with a stronger alcohol like 151 or 190 proof? This reminds me of green dragon which i have done many times with great success.
    It would be nice to have a very concentrated tincture. This could possibly be done by soaking multiple batches of mushrooms through the same alcohol. Anyone have any idea of this would work?
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    What you need:
    1 accurate scale
    1 coffee grinder or morter and pestle
    2 jars with tight fitting lids
    1 bottle of everclear (or other high proof drinkable alcohol
    1 funnel
    2 coffee filters

    The process:
    1. Weight out a known amount of mushrooms (say...10 grams)
    2. Grind them well with morter and pestle or coffee grinder
    3. place mushrooms in jar #1, cover with ~1/2 to 2/3 cup of everclear and tighten the lid
    4. Let this mixture sit for 24 hours in a cool dark place, shake every two hours or so
    5. get a coffee filter and funnel, place funnel over jar #2 and filter the mushroom slush
    6. Squeeze the leftover mushroom gunk gently so that you get as much alcohol out without ripping the filter.
    7. Cap jar #2 with the alcohol in it and put it in the fridge
    8. Put the mushroom gunk back in the jar #1 and put in more everclear
    9. Repeat step 4
    10. Filter again into jar #2 (dont' forget to squeeze the gunk!)
    11. Take the jar #2 with your mushroom alcohol in it and put it in a cool dark place with a small fan gently blowing on the surface. This will evaporate the alcohol and you'll be left with all the mushroom "goodies" in the jar
    12. Measure out a precise amount of everclear using a syringe, for 10 grams I would use 40 CC's
    13. Squirt this into the jar with your mushroom goodies and gently swirl it till everything is dissolved.
    14. You now have a mushroom extract/tincture that will dose at 0.25 grams/1 cc. Take a small test dose so you know the strength before you go all out.

    To prolong the life of your extract, put it in a small of a jar as possible (less air space=better) and store it in the fridge or freeze. It should last several months this way.

    Be safe.

    Peace, Love, and Knowledge
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    The blue is not a good sign: it is a sign that some of the active chemicals have degraded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samadhi_smiles
    The blue is not a good sign: it is a sign that some of the active chemicals have degraded.
    Are you sure...I was under the impression that blue on your shrooms is a sign of psilocybin presence and when you mix shrooms with water, or when you're chewing them in your mouth, they turn the water/saliva blue, the mushroom bits turn a bluey green colour and ya...I'd like to see a source for this information because I'm pretty sure it's inaccurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samadhi_smiles
    The blue is not a good sign: it is a sign that some of the active chemicals have degraded.
    Mushrooms have two major active chemcials (and several minor ones). The two major are psilocybin and psilocin (minor ones include norbaeocystin and baeocystin).

    Bluing of mushrooms results when the psilocin in the mushrooms degrade. There is some debate over whether bluing makes the molecules inactive, but psilocin is a very unstable molecule to begin with.

    Psilocybin is a very stable molecule and can even be boiled. So even though your mushrooms or mixture may be blue, the vast majority of psilocybin will probably still be present.

    You may see some degradation of potency from the break down of the psilocin, but they will still be active.

    The average psilocybin cubensis (most available mushroom) has a makeup of approximately 0.63% psilocybin and 0.60% psilocin.
    Psilocybin cyanescens has a makeup of 0.86% psilocybin and 0.36% psilocin. (both from Staments "Global Ecologies, world distribution, and relative potency of psilocybin mushrooms")
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    The blue you see on the stems of mushrooms is oxidized (degraded) psilocin. There is much more inside that is not yet exposed to air and is not blue. This is why if you grind up mushrooms the powder will degrade much faster than dried whole mushrooms will.

    The same applies to your vodka mixture... most likely the psilocin has nearly all degrade. As mentioned though, the psilocybin may still remain.

    In my opinion, you did it wrong by extracting them into vodka because now you have to drink alcohol to trip... not a good combination at all if you ask me. Sadly you probably reduced the potency further by extracting them as you would have leaving them as dry mushrooms. Dried mushrooms, stored away from light and heat and air, can last a long time. Many years, if stored well.
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    @toomuchtv - So follwoing your recipe, 1cc equals a dose? You will feel it after only 1cc ?
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    You need to know the weight of the mushrooms you started with. In the example above, 10 grams of mushrooms to 40 cc of Everclear was used. 10/40 = 0.25 grams of mushroom per CC. A typical dose of mushrooms is 1.5-3.5 grams. If you wanted to take 1.5 grams of mushrooms you would use 6 cc of tincture (1.5/0.25=6).

    Hope that helps. Have fun and be safe.
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    Combining alcohol and psychs, no, definitely doing it wrong.
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    Well. are combining with alcohol. But it is only a couple cc. Like a tenth of a shotglass. For me personally, a shot of some strong drink ( 2/3 absolute max though ) can really help take the edge off. I always get nervous before mushrooms. And one or two drinks can really help with that. More makes things sloppy, confusing, unpleasant and hard to remember afterwards. But a little bit works for me.
    Having said that, dividing 10cc or so over two or three shots of a nice drink sounds pretty good to me. Mellow afternoon sipping a mushroom drink... nice. But that's just me maybe.
    Anything in jagermeister that could be bad in combination with any of the chemicals in mushrooms ?
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    I would like to hear how that turns out. If it were me I would just chug the vodka with mushrooms not matter how bad it taste. The pysch high would be that much better,just going after it.
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    My mate mixed a load of mushrooms and blackberries up with some vodka and he said one shot of it gave him a really heavy trip. Much heavier than he expected it to be. I though the alcohol would break the psilocybin down into psilocin actually making the trip come on a lot quicker than it would usually.
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    Were they blackberries or currants? Both are black berries. Actual blackberries are different than currants.
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    Sorry im in the uk im referring to actual blackberries he picked himself off a blackberry bush. The ones that look like loads of tiny berries clumped together
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    Made some jam too from shrooms and blackberries and ive never been as off my face off jam on toast before in my life.
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    I did this a few years back ....worked out well....ex wife dumped it all when I went to rehab.....along with 90 grams of MXE and 1/2 g of 2CE
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    What ratio of mushrooms to vodka\blackberries did you use for the vodka\jam? Just out of interest.
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    I heard black currants potentate mushrooms. This is possibly through the inhibition of MAO-B and different than haramala alkaloids. This requires dietary considerations because adverse interactions could occur. This is the first reference I read of people using blackberries.
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    Well they worked a treat. I think berry juice and lemon juice will have a similar effect tbh it will just depend how long you leave it to sit for.
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    I never had an adverse reaction personally but I suppose its conceivable that someone might.
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    Wish the guy who started this thread was still around I want to know how it turned out.
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