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    Zoloft + (Meth)amphetamine 
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    This is probaly tiresome for some, but I can't find the info even with searching.
    I am going on prescription Zoloft tomorrow (daily). In three weeks I had planned to do (Meth)amphetamine (unsure) for the first time.
    Now, what is the interaction? Should I avoid the (Meth)amphetamine alltogheter? Will my Meth effect be tainted in any way? Will my Zoloft treatment be affected in anyway?
    While we are at it, I got 1 gram of this stuff to snort with a friend. From what I have read 0,5 gram (500mg) seems to be a lot, especially for a first-timer. Advice?
    Also, please understand that I am planning on doing this only once and that I am staying of all drugs until I'm done with the anti-depressants (4 months).

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    1)This post should be in the Health Q & A forum, where we handle medication and recreational drug interactions.
    2) Meth and Zoloft are okay to take in combination. If you are taking the Zoloft for depression/anxiety/OCD then doing a drug like meth could worsen your disorder. However, there isn't any extreme danger in doing meth while on Zoloft. Some of the 'lovey' (e-like) effects of the meth will probably be reduced because of your Zoloft, but you will still be able to get a good high. I have personally done meth while on a similar drug (the SSRI prozac), with no problems.
    3)I definitely think snorting 1/2 gram is wayyyy too much! (presuming you have decent meth). I would suggest much more like 50 mg over the course of the night. If you were doing the meth orally, you might want to do a little more, ~70 mg or so. But 500 mg?? That seems ridiculous to me -- especially if you have no tolerance. Start out with little -- meth lines are MUCH MUCH smaller than coke lines -- and you can always do more if you need to/want to.

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    It probably isnt meth, more likely amphetamine since youre getting it here in Sweden right?
    I have never seen meth here, only regular amphetamine.

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    If its really meth, I agree with fairnymph---a 1/2 gram is INSANE!!!! I'm a speedphreek and do meth on a semi-regular basis and have been doing so for almost a year. Our "20 bags" are .1gram and I only need 2-3 to keep me up and feeling very nice for two two three days... A 1/2 gram would keep a virgin up for a WEEK! Trust me, you deffinately dont want to do that much... unless its regular amp, then its a different story.

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    Sorry, I think it's amphetamine sulphate and NOT methamphetamine hcl - to further back this up, you said yer doing 1/2g at a time - this is common for the shitty amphetamine you find over there, if it were raw meth you were getting 1/2g would be WAY to much, even for a heavy user..
    Now.. moving to Health T & A

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