Thread: What is the exact method for cooking up some high quality rocks?

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    What is the exact method for cooking up some high quality rocks? 
    The last time I attempted to cook up my own crack was well over 2 years ago. That was the only night I tried it. I don't even think I did it right then. In 4 days, I am picking up another ounce of coke. I really want to cook up some rocks with some of it this time. Can anyone explain in detail how to rock up coke? Thanks.
    The method I used last time was to put a few lines of coke in a large spoon, and about half a line of baking soda. I put in just enough water to make a thick paste. I held the spoon over the flame on my stove and continously stirred it with a very small screwdriver until the water had all evaporated. If I remember correctly, I had to scrape it all off of the spoon, as it was caked on in a thin layer. I really don't think I did it right.
    I need the whole process described if you could. Thank you very much.

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    The baking soda method works, but is a rather crappy way to make crack. Unreacted backing soda remains and you end up smoking that too. This is the best way to make crack.
    HOW TO MAKE CRACK (A primer by Deus. v1.0)
    First you will need:
    1) Stove
    2) Amonia - ***IMPORTANT*** CLEAR AMONIA!
    3) glass vial
    4) small jar to hold vial (babyfood works well)
    5) eye dropper
    6) distilled water (preferable)
    Step 1) Ok, take your coke and disolve it in a few mL of water (you don't need much, but make sure the coke is fully disolved) in your vial.
    Step 2) Fill your small babyfood jar with water and put it in a pan on the stove thats also filled with water. Put your vial filled with coke+water in the babyfood jar.
    Step 3) Heat the solution until its warm/hot but not so hot that it would hurt to put your finger in it.
    Step 4) Add drop by drop amonia to the vial, you will notice a milky white percipitate form. This is the crack (or what ravers call freebase).
    Step 5) Continue until you see no more precipitate form.
    Step 6 - OPTIONAL) Ether is not nessisary, but if your so inclined add the ether to the vial. The crack precipitate is not soluable in water but it is soluable in the ether. This step ensures greater purity. But its not nessisary.
    Step 7) Spyphen off the white layer of precipitate (that will be floating on the top) off with an eyedropper, or pipette, or whatever fits your fancy. If you used ether, syphen off the ether layer.
    Step Put it on a clean dry surface and let the precipitate dry. Scrape up the substance after it drys. This is your crack. If you want to be creative you could put the precipitate into molds and make some nice crackrocks.

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    the proper way is to click that little search link, the question has been asked a zillion times, and deus probably is sick of posting that.

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    Hehe indeed.... I don't even like crack... I'd prefer he got the ammonia method than the bakingsoda method in a search... Using baking soda is crappy.

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    Would this method produce a good yield? Would I be better off to buy an 8-ball for $160 and rock it up myself or just go get 8 $20 rocks?

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    I think one of the guidelines is to not incriminate yourself, maybe you WISH you had an ounce of coke to make crack with or your DREAMT about it....

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    Did I ever say that I HAD an ounce? On friday I am supposed to be picking up some coke and I was planning on buying an ounce. Now that I read the boards all day, and found out that you usually fuck up your first few tries rocking it up, I am thinking of just buying it already made. If I do decide to rock it myself, I won't try it with a whole ounce. I'll start small, with an 8-ball, and see how it turns out.

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    [quote] I am picking up another ounce of coke
    do you like federal prision? i have a feeling u will be visiting 1 very soon!

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    No way hes going to prison Psy 'cause I've already staked out his place
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    Shhhh Be vewy vewy quiet wre hunting greenlighters hehehheheheheh
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    Just curious how much coke is needed to make a rock or two? I've never smoked crack, but have done coke. Do you need like an 8ball or a gram or even less to make it worth while? Is it possible to use like a 1/4g and just make a rock or 2? I've never even seen crack so sorry if this is a retarded question

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    You can rock a gram, sure. I wouldn't do more than an 8 ball if you're new to it, though. At least when you're done with the 8, you'll be too fucked up to cook more.

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    Now, I still find the baking soda method works just as well, however, the ammonia method is easier to get a GOOD YEILD, working with baking soda takes some time to perfect, the ammonia is like the idiots easy way to make good crack .. deus gave a very good guide, in fact I have archived this (I moved it then re-opened it here) ..
    If you wish to use ether I think this really helps - and it's easy - since Ether is a tightly controlled chemical (List I) you have to make your own - go buy a can of starting fluid, read the labels for one that has a high % of ethyl ether, I have found that 'Pep Boys' has a store-brand which has FAR MORE ether then ANY OTHER! .. take that spray can and spray some of the contents into a jar (NOTE: do this OUTSIDE) .. you will then want to add an equal volume of distilled water, cap it and shake the shit out of it for many minutes... let it set, then shake some more... let it set and it will seperate into two layers - given that ether is lighter then distilled water, the top layer is your ether - almost pure, well, pure enough for your purposes .. you're working with small amounts so it's not like the risk is HUGE of something bad happening, but you gotta remember that ether is INSANELY FLAMABLE, and it's vapors are heavier then air so if you're working on your kitchen countor you might not notice the cloud of ether vapor down on the floor - until the motor of your fridge kicks on and in one brilliant flash your curtins are on fire (ok, this is a LITTLE over exaturated on the scale you're working on, but the idea is there) .. that guy, um, he was famous endedup burning his hotel room down making crack with ether, so be carefull... in the immortal words of POPeye "If you're feet feel warm check to see if they are on fire"

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