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    Full Benzodiazepine List, Some doses added 
    I'm looking for a full list of benzodiazepines, with there strengths, and name brands. If there is none in exsistance I would like to create one.
    So starting off with the strongest to the weakest benzos:
    Triazolam- Halcion (0.25-0.50 mg dose)
    Flunitrazepam- Rophynol (1.5-2 mg dose)
    Alprazolam- Xanax (2 mg dose)
    Midazolam- Versed
    Clonazepam- Klonopin (2-2.5 mg dose)
    Bromazepam- Lexotan
    Lorazepam- Ativan (2.5 mg does)
    Diazepam- Valium
    Nitrazepam- Nitravet, Mogadon
    Oxazepam- Serax, Serenid
    Chlordiazepoxide- Librium
    Temazepam- Restoril, Normison

    Where do I locate these on the list? (for those of you that know)
    Quazepam- Doral
    Flurazepam- Dalmane
    Halazepam- Paxipam
    Prazepam- Centrx
    Clorazepa- Librium
    Estazolam- PorSom
    Clobazam- ???

    This is a basic list, please give me you're comments to help add to this list and to add corrections.
    [Edit, How's the list looking so far? Where do some of these other remaining benzos go on the list? What about the strength equivilants?]
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    Quazepam (Doral)
    Halazepam (Paxipam)
    Chlodiazepoxide (Librium)
    Estazolam (PorSom)
    Midazolam (Versed) (1hr half life used in IV for dentistry and shit)
    Im sorry I can't give you a comparative strength table. Though you can't compare strengths directly some have differnt ratios of sedation to antioxlytic to amnesiac effects
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    dude halcion is way more potent than rohypnol

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    I don't know much about halcion, thank you
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    Put the words: "benzodiazepines conversion" intop and find a bunch of sites that have conversion charts.

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    Post but it's a bit brief.
    I would put midazolam higher on the list, as it has strong hypnotic effects. 5mg IM will put the average agitated psych. patient flat-out. I agree with quale that it is hard to say which is "strongest" though.
    I would say, based on equivalency to diazepam 5mg (equivalent dose included):
    triazolam 0.25mg
    alprazolam 0.5mg
    clonazepam 0.5mg
    midazolam no figure avail. I would guess 0.5 - 1mg
    lorazepam 1-2mg
    flunitrazepam 1-2mg
    bromazepam 3-6mg
    diazepam 5mg
    nitrazepam 5-10mg
    clobazam 10mg
    temazepam 10-20mg
    chlordiazepoxide 15mg
    oxazepam 15mg (taken from Psychotropic Drug Guidelines)
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    bump, anything else out there?

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    how do you figure that ativan is stronger than xanax? I would definitely reverse those two...
    as for your second list, the only two I am familiar with are Librium and Dalmane, and they are both so weak as to be pretty much worthless IMO.
    There is an equivalency chart on this page, but it seems kind of loopy to me...says that 90mg of Dalmane is equivalent to 60mg of Valium...I don't think so, but potency can come down to the specific user and personal preference in the end.

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    Bromazepam = Lexotan - not sold in he US, comes in a neat little Smint type dispenser...
    [EDIT - this should also be up there with Klonopin as it's about 3x-5x strong as diazepam on a mg for mg basis]
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    I ordered some 10mg "nitravet"'s, nitrazepam, this stuff overseas too. I'd say 10mg of this is like 20mg valium but lasts longer (to me anyway), and it kicks in pretty fast too.

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    babydoc_vic: You believe alprazolam is stronger then flunitrazepam? I disagree

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    [quote]Originally posted by Doctor Love:
    babydoc_vic: You believe alprazolam is stronger then flunitrazepam? I disagree
    Technically flunitrazepam is stronger on a mg-for-mg basis, but the short and hard punch that alprazolam packs may make it the more enjoyable for many... personally I enjoy the former, only because I don't use the meds to "get high" as much as I do to put me to sleep, kill anxiety, etc..

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