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    Suggested Cocaine Line Size 
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    I'm quite a newcomer to cocaine (I've had it on 5 occasions over the past 13 months. I have no intention of making it a habit - I only buy it at christmas time as a treat.
    So my question is - how big should each of my lines be if I take a line up each nostril?
    I have tried little lines but didn't feel much. I have tried what I think are huge lines (8 lines to a gram, hence 0.25g per hit) and the high was extraordinary but afterwards I just felt sick and tired, basically like shit.
    So how many lines do you recommend I make per gram of decent coke?
    Thanks, clop

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    Basically you are gonna feel shitty during the comedown off coke because that is what it does. Now as to the size of the line it all depends on how much you got and how high you wanna get. Start out with lines like this <--------------> long then work your way up from there. Again it all depends on how high u wanna get.

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    Hey, thanks.
    Well is there such a thing as a line that is too big? Can I kill myself by railing too much? I get very high off 0.5g railed in 6 lines and it seems like good coke?
    I'm looking for safety advice as much as anything.

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    You COULD kill yourself with a line too big, but it would be a very very big line. Don't worry, the line line is not that dose sensitive, you'd have to really be pushing it to kill yourself with coke.

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    First of all, stick to one nostril...
    Extended usage will force cola into your nasal cavity, causing extreme inflammation during comedown.
    (Your sinus cavities are much more sensitive than your nasal passages...)
    I've done about 3/4's of a gram in one line before, just to do it...
    I'm a regular user though, and at my peak, if that's what you would call it, I was doing between a half ounce and a whole banger a day...
    Good coke can be divided into 10 to 12 lines per gram and get you off for about 15-20 minutes.
    And don't kid yourself that you won't be a regular user.
    If you're into it, sooner or later you'll give into it.
    No exceptions.

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    ^ Agreed.
    My first coke experience was last summer, about six months ago. At first, did it maybe a couple times a month, then I went to school and took a two month hiatus. Now that it's in regular supply, I find myself doing it three to four times a week. I still don't think I'm addicted, but I would be very unhappy if I didn't get any for a while, and if I go for more than a week without it, I start to think about it A LOT and get bad cravings... almost to the point where I don't want to do anything except get people to go in with me on an eighth of an ounce.
    Just watch out. I started doing it more regularly because I didn't feel like it was addictive, and it was very convenient to take a french leave to the bathroom at work to do a line. Coke really is a double-edged sword.

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    TDK2FE I would probably say you are addicted but I don't have much experience in these things.
    Luckily for me it takes maybe 3 weeks to get coke and the last time I had some was 12 months ago.
    However I am going to take the advice offered in this thread and not buy any more. I have to say it's pretty shit anyway, the comedown is AWFUL and for me it just doesn't justify the high.
    Thank you, clop
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    There are a lot of risk factors invovled in how much it takes to kill someone (Physical shape, weight, smoker, age, etc.) I have seen 3 20 year old girls split an eightball into three lines without ending up in the hospital. So as long as your line is no bigger than <================================================= =================================================>
    you should be ok.

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    5T3ll4R said... [quote]And don't kid yourself that you won't be a regular user. If you're into it, sooner or later you'll give into it.
    No exceptions.
    While "no exceptions" might be a little harsh, I agree in principle. For two years I abused myself with an assortment of pharmaceuticals. During that time, not a single drug seemed "addictive". When the use of each died down there was no urge to return.
    Coke is different.
    As for lines, I'd suggest maybe 1/8 inch thick, 1 inch long. Seems to be diminishing returns after that. Doubling it doesn't make you "twice as high", so it's a bit more economical.
    [ 03 January 2002: Message edited by: Cokeboy ]

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    My advice is don't get started into it...
    My problem stemmed from the fact I had a never ending mountain of it sitting in my condo at any given time.
    No need to stop right?
    Didn't really do any damage to me as of yet, but my heart hurts when I do a quarter O now...
    Whereas it used to take a full ounce to put a hurtin' on me...
    If at all possible, steer clear...
    I sure as hell don't!

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    And as far as killing yourself, I've seen people overdose on three good sized lines...
    But on the other hand, as I've said....I've done more than most people will do ever and I have yet to take a trip to the ER.
    I did walk 2 miles in the snow one night to a grocery store so I could take my blood pressure.

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    This isn't really "responsible" ... you can't say how long a line should be, thats foolish.. there are a number factors from your natural reaction to cocaine to the quality of the shit ..
    Cut out a line, do it, if that doesn't get you feeling high, do some more...

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