Thread: Paroxetine - abuse potential?

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    Paroxetine - abuse potential? 
    Is there any abuse potential to paroxetine?
    I have been prescribed 20mg tablets, and have been wondering if it is possible to create a high by overdoing the dosage. Any info in appreciated.

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    This thread has been closed do to it's violation of a forum policy - DOES
    ... this includes street drugs as well pharmaceuticals
    or anything else...
    What this policy entails is asking if a certain drug is of recreational value,
    usually it's some pharmaceutical you found, sometimes it can be an un-known
    illicit drug (i.e. "a glassine packet with a picture of a woman judge and
    the words '25 to Life' stamped on it; full of a tan powder") ... simply,
    while these threads do not ENCOURAGE you to raid mom and dads medicine
    cabinet, they further aide you in the process - if you don't know what it
    is that you're stealing, perhaps you shouldn't steal it?
    But of course we all know I am the crack calling the negro black! So I will
    provide you with a link before I close this: Synthetic
    .. that website contains a VERY LARGE LIST of pharmaceuticals
    and tells what recreational value they may have, if it ain't listed there,
    it's probably NO FUN... as for illicit drugs - well, we would be taking a
    guess as to what they are in the first place, and advice could be fatal,
    so you're just shit outta luck on that baggie of powder you friend sold
    you as "Mist" ..
    If you object to the closing of this thread, You may send a written email
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    Don't take having your post closed personally! It happens to the best of
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    Thank you!
    Other Drugs Management Team
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