Thread: Vaporizers to smoke meth??

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    Vaporizers to smoke meth?? 
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    I was looking on the web the other day and I found this great site that has some vaporizers, pipes, etc. and I was just wondering if anyone uses vaporizers to smoke meth? If so what are some of the pros and cons of them. By the way for those that what to check out what the hell I am talking about you can look at the following [EDIT - he posted a source!] Oh and by the way, that site doesn't violate any of the forum policies to my knowledge (for all the mods). If it does you can delete this post.
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    d00d, you e-mailed me asking about this... I said as long as its only paraphanalia and NO CHEMICALS / DRUGS ...
    Ok, from now on, if you have a question about a post, rather then email me, just assume the answer is NO!

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