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    Heroin in Los Angeles Area 
    I'm in L.A. visiting my sister for the next few months and want to know what the smack situation is like in here? What kind of stuff is it usually (tar or powder) and what is it called (diesel, smack, h, horse?)?
    WHat are some common spots for getting it around the city? (not asking for sources, just locations as I don't have any sources or need them)
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    [quote]email me @ [email protected] if u don't want to talk about it here
    sorry, but i see this as a one way ticket to getting yourself busted...

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    I wasn't trying to come off as a **** or anything, I really just seek information. If asking locations is sketchy, nevermind then. But I would like to have some of my other questions answered.

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    I dont think he's askin for addresses. Most cities have that special place where you can go and score some dope off the homies....or get ripped off. It's usually a 50:50 situation. Actually it'd be nice to have a compilation of all of the major cities in the US and the cool street corners to cop. These places are no secret to local law enforcement. This would be a great service for tourists.
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    Agreed Efigy. I just want to know some of the WELL KNOWN spots in Los Angeles for getting dope. I did some searching on the net so far and downtown LA and MacArthur park are pretty well known, as is Echo Park. Anyone care to comment on this? IS there anywhere in LA to get some mexican brown (powder)?

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