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    Sex with cocaine 
    Does this go in this thread? I hope so.

    My girlfriend and I are considering having sex on cocaine. I've looked for advice on this on the internet, but usually this question is greeted by 'omg druggie die' or some crap like that.

    Anyway, this is fairly embarrassing, but I've heard that sprinkling cocaine onto the penis is good fun. That way you can stay hard for a long time and the girl gets high from the penetration. My questions are:

    Is this true? I can't see why it isn't aside from the doubt that a numbed penis will actually be able to get hard in the first place, but I should ask.

    Is it dangerous? Bearing in mind that inside the vagina will have more surface area than inside the nostril, so knowing that my girlfriend has not taken cocaine that often, I'm wondering if what I'd consider a line would be too violent a rush for her.

    What experiences have people had with this?

    Naive questions I know, but I've not really mixed sex and drugs together before, which is strange as that phrase rolls off the tongue so easily!


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    welcome to the midwest
    try to get an erection on coke first, and go from there.

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    Well your question is pretty easy to answer. Just buy some of those preformax condoms, or whatever brand's "long performance" variety.

    They have novacaine or benzocaine in a waxy lube inside them, so as you're going at it they get warm and numb your cock slightly. The first couple times I used them I felt like the numbing was more stimulating than usual and it made me shoot faster and harder. Now one of those basically means I won't climax at all, or I'll have to completely chimp out, abrade my knees and elbows and beat up my gf's whirr to blow.

    You definitely don't have to worry about your gf getting too much of a rush as she absorbs it down there, but maybe you should worry how much she'll enjoy it numb. The vagina is all mucusy and won't let much get through to her blood unless you hold her open and pour some inside. The sinuses, where coke is absorbed have much more surface area and are covered in much thinner mucus. Sexxy!

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    Go for sometimes that can numb you that is made for sex instead. and just do the coke, less of a waste of good drugs and I doubt she would get high off of it anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calderone'sReturn
    I've looked for advice on this on the internet, but usually this question is greeted by 'omg druggie die' or some crap like that.
    Lol, dont worry, there wont be any of that here. Your home now.

    Quote Originally Posted by JV
    try to get an erection on coke first, and go from there.
    indeed this isn't an easy task IME.

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    coke isnt a great drug for sex ime. unless its just a little bit of coke. atleast according to my last experiences with it.

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    Sex Love & Relationships
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    cocaine is well absorbed through the vaginal walls, far more efficiently than snorting in fact. as the surface area is larger it will be absorbed very rapidly and what might be a moderate line up the nose (due to a slow steady onset) could be too much in the fanny!

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    shifting to a more appropriate forum

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    Can't get hard on coke. Not really a good idea. Not at all.

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    Omg Druggie Die

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    Quote Originally Posted by JV
    try to get an erection on coke first, and go from there.
    Yeah, its like that time I put on a condom and jerked off when I was 14 just to make sure everything would workout for my first big show, lol.

    But seriously, I know a few girls that love having sex while both her and the guy are on coke, but no men so it may be a one sided thing. And I have never heard of someone turning their member into a coke powdered doughnut, but when I'm having sex the one thing I do not want numb is my cock... Thats just me though .

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    i fucked my girl whilst on coke
    she never did coke be4
    and she swallowed my cum
    the next morning she took a drug test and tested positive for coke
    weird huh

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    People take viagra on MDMA so I figure it would work on coke. You may want to check to see if it interacts though...also, you'll probably need an old guy to doctor shop it for you. Just give him some coke as compensation.

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    Calderone's Return? One of the best Miami Vice episodes of all time- othe rthan "Down for the Count"

    I can't get it up on coke. Too much vasoconstriction, no blood to my pecker.

    Good luck nutting

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    In read in a book somewhere that for some men, too much coke at the outset, and the foreplay/sex will FEEL amazing, but a full-on hard-on is challenging to sustain for more than sevreal minutes at a time.

    BUT , , . a LITTLE bit of Coca-Cola IMMEDIATELY before foreplay commences, combined with mutiple bong hits of high quality "tobacco," followed IMMEDIATELY by some good intense hard fucking, with the right similarly horny-as-fuck turned-on partner(s), followed be ONE OR TWO BIG FAT LINES RIGHT AS YOUR ORGASM(S) ARE IMMINENT . . . lead to hitting-the-wall-on-the-other-side-of-the-room orgasms.

    That was one great book I read.

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    Do NOT PUT street cocaine onto your genitals, god knows what is in the cut and you really don't want that stuff to mess up you or your girlfriend's junk. Seriously, I've heard stories of guys doing this and their cock had to be amputated. Sure, the stories might be false, but, unless you know it's 100% pure (good luck) DON'T DO IT.

    And as far as sex on cocaine goes, less is so much more.

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    Yeah... I hadn't thought of that actually. It's okay... ish stuff for London (probably about 10% then )

    Thanks for the advice though. For the record, I'm not after a numbing agent as such, as some some posts have alluded to, more a psychological stimulant. The nastiness of such an act is an incredible turn on. The numbing would be a bonus.

    Love the name, sonnylove ;D

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    According to my sources, viagra causes vasodilation/increased blood flow (go figure)--so it would be a good experiment of someone is willing to try it. I see no risk of an interaction, either.

    You would probably be best taking it an hour before you do the coke.

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    you can fuck on coke as long as you havnt done too much... dunno bout putting coke on ur dick... coke is kinda corrosif... i would be carefull on that one...

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    I wouldn't rub anything on my best part while doing C. The loss of sensation is serious enough because of the systemic effect of C, without applying a strong local aneasthetics like C on your cock!

    What you must do is take Viagra. Take it 40 minutes at least before starting C. The other "viagras" (Livitra, Cialis etc.) are less effective when it comes to offset the side-effects of C or E.

    You will be less in danger of suffering a C-induced hypertensive crisis if you take Viagra than if you don't.

    Lastly, don't do poppers if you do Viagra (potentially lethal combo!). Poppers are no good on C anyway.

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    A friend of mine has an affinity for the following party favors:

    1. 100 pack of Viagra
    2. An ounce of coke or meth
    3. 3-4 "Pros" for a long weekend

    You might guess what his answer to the above question might be.


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    unless ur coke is lik 100percent pure why would u wanna put that shit into ur girls area just snort little have sex once done snort more and repeat.

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    Snort a line off her breast during climax. Way better

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    Quote Originally Posted by pantysweeper
    Snort a line off her breast during climax. Way better
    a line of anything off a chick is way better lol

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