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    Baclofen - Experienced - Muscle Relaxer with Noticeable effects 
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    I first came upon this chemical in my mom's pill collection. I looked it up on erowid and bluelight, but couldn't find any info. This was about 2 years ago. In that time I've had much experience with the drug, as well as many other pharmaceuticals (like most people my age..19)

    On wikipedia it states that "Baclofen is being researched for use in mitigating the physical side effects of alcohol and opioid withdrawal and possibly benzodiazepine withdrawal and the craving and breakdown in self-control in recovering cocaine addicts. The effect on the latter is apparently much like that of clonidine whereas the mechanism in reducing cocaine craving (as seen in self-administration of cocaine in lab aminals &c.) appears to be a newly-discovered pharmacological effect."

    I also have learned that it is a centrally acting muscle relaxant and mimics the effects of GABA. I have taken this in combination with Zoloft, Gabapentin and Adderall, weed and alcohol and have found that alcohol is the only thing that mixes with it in a bad way. I just got super sick and puked everywhere when I drank and took this stuff. The tablets were given in the form of 20 milligrams per tablet. I think the highest dose I ever took was maybe 160mg...but that was when I was taking a lot of this stuff and seemed to develop a tolerance.

    When I was stupid and naive, I even sold these things as Valium's for a few months about two summers ago. Nobody could tell the difference (most likely because they didn't have any experience with benzos) and nobody was smart enough to look up the pill ID.

    The effects come on slowly, faster on an empty stomach. It's hard to pinpoint the feeling, the only way I could describe is almost a swift buzzing feeling in the very center of your body. It's quite pleasant at times, and at other times, it just makes me feel like I'm full of disgusting drug metabolites and will be and have been for so long and makes me wonder how long I can keep this lifestyle up.

    As of now, I take 20 or 40mg along with my daily doses of Gabapentin (1800mg) and it seems to potentiate its effects. I'm assuming it would do the same with benzos, but I haven't had a chance to try that out.

    A few kids told me this stuff made them feel the best they've ever felt and one of my other friends passed out on this shit driving his car and hit a telephone poll. Luckily, he was okay but the car was fucked.
    Keep it real, would love to hear more about this if you've ever had experience with it. In comparison to Soma, Flexiril or Skelaxin, I believe Baclofen has a more powerful therapeutic effect than these other common muscle relaxants.

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    If you give a kid pills and take his money and he crashes his car, is that keeping it real? I guess so. Just dont sell the drugs in a video game i guess?

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    Like I said, that was over 2 years ago when I was newbie. I've become much more responsible when it comes to substance use and respectful of all chemicals/plants/herbs. I also don't sell anything at all these days.

    Just dont sell the drugs in a video game i guess?
    I don't get it.

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    IME, baclofen is subtle but kinda nice. i certainly would not take it over carisoprodol (soma). it is much better than flexeril or skelaxin though.

    i used it in dosages ranging from 10-80mg. on its own in the 50-80mg range, it makes me feel kinda floaty and off balance, and it's a pretty good anxiolytic. it takes a long time to come on, but the feeling lasts several hours. lower doses (20-30mg) combine well with alcohol or opiates, its a good potentiator.

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    so upping the dose wont produce stronger fx? what about insuff?<I have the option of getting some pure baclofen powder, if it's weaker than soma which I feel is more of a physical hi, than mental...then I probly wont bother

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    Soma is way better than baclofen. I've had many a bottles of baclofen and did some experimenting up to 80mg and the effects are VERY subtle compared to soma which completely lets you know your muscles are WAY relaxed lol.
    I agree with the floaty and off balance feelings with higher doses and never noticed the anxioltyc effects.

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