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    (Opana ER /40mg) Experienced: Several trials; combined 
    I had been a regular oxycontin user for several months prior to runnin' up on some Opana. The opportunity struck me randomly one day, and I jumped on the opportunity to try some of this fabled oxymorphone junk.

    So I head over to this dudes pad, snagged 2 of the octagonal shaped and convexxed sided pills and booked it back to my place to indulge.

    T: -00:10: I'm crushing the first pill into some cerran wrap with a spoon very dilligently to make a fine powder for maximum effect.
    T: -00:05: I measure about 1/4 of the powdered pill onto the glass coffee table and blow my nose.
    T: 00:00: Bump one goes up left nostril.
    T: 00:15: Subtle warming is noticed
    T: 00:30: Only slight itchiness is noticed, I'm getting really irritable for some reason; Probably because I wasn't nearly high enough. I decide 15 more minutes before I blow the whole pill.
    T: 00:40: Blow the pill (wax cover and all) in two lines, one up each nostril.
    T: 01:00: Ahhh, that's better. Itching the tip of my nose, back of my neck, my back , my groin.
    T: 01:40: I begin to feel like I'm burning out on the stuff as I feel less relaxed, more irritable, and itchy. I begin to get severely upset that this one pill is taking me no higher.
    T: 02:00: I pull out the bong and take 2 rips of some potent haze.
    T: 02:05: I'm flying, I'm nodding out seeing dots and lines of neon color flash before my eyes. I feel great.
    T: 02:20: I'm feeling stoned as fuck and decide that I'm probably more high off the weed than the Opana, So I decide to crush up the other pill.
    T: 02:30: Other pill is crushed up, I put half of the powder in a piece of toilet paper to parachute. And rail the rest of the powder.
    T: 02:40: Still feeling really stoned, not so comfortable or euphoric. Not very itchy either.
    T: 02: 50: I'm falling asleep from coming down off the weed. Waiting for the parachute to kick in even a little.
    T: 03: 00: I'm unbelieveably frustrated and dizzy and just want to go to sleep.
    T: 03: 30: I've fallen asleep.

    The next morning I was greeted with my head full of pulsing pain and it felt like I had been out drinking all night. I rinsed my nose out with saline solution which helped relieve some sinus pressure and pain within a few minutes.

    I called the dealer back and explained the situation to him. He replied that I should eat a full meal beforehand because that greatly improves the bioability of the opana. I did a little research online and saw that it had been mentioned several times, so I decided to give Opana another choice.

    He also insisted that by snorting it, it bypasses the BBB and you get much better absorption than through the stomach.

    So I drank a cup of coffee, got my shit together and trudged back to the dealers apartment.

    I snagged another two from this snake-like character and hurried back to my apartment. (for the low low price of 80 american dollars!)

    On the way I snagged a philly cheese steak a bottle of coke and some doritos just to make sure my 'bio availibility was ballin' enough to handle such a Kick ass pill.

    So I snarf all the food down and excitedly unwrap my drugs.

    T:00:00: Up the naze we go! (10mg)
    T:00:15: Literally. Nothing. Not even a little buzz.
    T:00:20: The rest of the first pill was put up my other naze cav.
    T:00:40: A heavy itchiness decends on me, I'm starting to feel a warmth ooze out of my core to my peripherals.
    T:01:00: I feel better than I did last night on one pill, that's for sure. I'm listening to some Mobb Deep and rockin' and it feels good.
    T:01:20: I want to get this party bumpin' so I pour myself a glass of wine and start sipping as I prepare my next pill.
    T:01:35: The glass of wine really affected me, I was having serious co-ordinational problems as I was powdering. I was moving beyond slowly.
    T:01:40: I sniffed up 5mg in each nostril and rubbed the flaps of my nose to move the stuff around for better absorption.
    T:02:00: Not much of a difference is noticed in how I feel, I'm still feeling content, a little dizzy. But not very opiated! I was expecting oxymorphone to live up to its hype. I should have given that expectation up after yesterdays run.
    T:02:20: My nose feels a lot worse than usual, the ER version of the opana probably has a tremendous amount of gelling binders because my nose felt unbelieveably stuck up and shitty at this point. More than when i did a bunch of rails of coke and or o/c. Other than that i'm feeling itchy and really spaced out.
    T:02:40: I do the rest of the 10mg just for shits.
    T:02:50: I'm sipping another glass of white wine.
    T:03:20: I'm tired and not looking forward to tomorrow's hellish opana hangover.
    T:03:30: I boldly stumble into the kitchend to get some water, then fall asleep.

    Next Day: I awake with a stinging (literally) headache and my ears ringing to high hell. I also felt nearly paralyzed all day because i felt so tired and shitty

    Conclusion: Oxymorphone may be potent, but it is most certainly not potent in this formulation of Opana ER. Since then, I have tried many different stamps of heroin, roxicodone, percosets, tramadol, and xanax (a benzo, but still really fucks me up.) I have IV'd heroin several times. Opana ER has very limited recreational use. It was far far too expensive as well (he charged 40 bucks, an absolute rip off.) In comparison to these other drugs: I have buzzed better after my prescribed percosets than I did off of Opana ER. And that's with a pretty good opiate tolerance to start. (I've been known to sniff up a bun in one night of jerz shit)

    If you take anything away from this trip report, it's this. Don't buy the ER Opanas. They are bunk for recreational use. Somebody should figure out a way to extract the oxymorphone from the tabs. I wonder if a CWE could fffffffff

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    perhaps they put some sort of time release effect to prevent against ppl snorting it. A full one if u swallowed it may have gotten u many times more fucked up, i wouldnt know for sure tho since i dont rli fuck with them
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    ^ actually frosty I tried parachuting the crushed up pill as well. It proved to be much less effective than snaw-ting

    Oh and there definitely is a time release. Theres a waxy cover like an OC on it which is the obvious one. But I think that there's lots of binders in the pill.
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    ^OxyContin's time-release mechanism is NOT its coating. It is in the binders; they gel up, slowing the release of oxycodone into the stomach.

    If it felt like your nose was gelled up, then it probably was! This is why you didn't get high, the Opana was still delayed by the time-release.
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    You have to take in to consideration that opana is 24 if you have say 20 mg,thats going to be released over a 24 hr. time span.Of course if crushed etc. you will get it all .
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    Actually bigdaddy, the time release matrix in the pill doesnt allow for fast enough distribution of the drug for it to be effective recreationally. So I probably got the 20mg over the course of 24 hours... not instantly like a crushed up OC or dope.
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    I have been clean from Opiates/Opioids for a few good months now, but I did get a chance to try Opana before I chose to really quit.

    Oxymorphone, in my opinion, is as close to pharmaceutical Heroin as you are going to get. I have tried the 20mg ER's and the 10mg IR's. I have used up to 40mgs at a time, and the feeling is far more euphoric and opiating than oxycodone (OxyContin), hydromorphone (Dilaudid), and Fentanyl.

    There just simply is no better Opioid than diacetyl-morphine (Heroin), but oxymorphone is a close second.

    If I was still using and I had enough Opana tablets to last me from month to month, I would rarely buy Heroin. However, if I had enough of any other potent narcotic other than maybe some high quality Opium, I would be selling the pills to get Heroin because OxyContin and the others get boring quick. I used Opana for a week and a half, and there was no sign of me getting bored further on at all.

    I do want to comment on the withdrawal though. Not good! My most noticeable symptom of OxyContin withdrawal is the severe anxiety and restlessness, for Heroin its delerium and depravity, but Opana just plain hurts. The muscle and bone aches are terrible.
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    I take Opana on a daily basis for chronic pain; 40mg in A.M, 20mg at noon, 40mg P.M. I have taken just about all opiates available and Opana beats them all. The stuff is potent. What I do is remove the coating with alcohol, until I see the pill has turned all white, then I grind it in a pill crusher and insufflate!

    Used to do up to 320mg of Oxycontin a day, and nothing compares to Opana. I have noticed that when I remove the matrix with alcohol, it sort of potentiates and makes the pill more easily pulverized.
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    some ppl feel Opana ER better than all other meds. Some ppl feel NoThin's strange.
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    Opana is my favorite opiate - hell, maybe my favorite drug period - but I IV it. I snorted a bunch of the 5 mg ones one time and I remember it being alright, but nothing compares to bangin' a 30 mg Opana, mmm...
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    I don't understand why you didn't feel it from insufflating the 40mg. You should have first removed the colored outer coating with a sharp knife or razor blade and then crushed as fine as possible before insufflating.

    Also, I have noticed that some people have trouble keeping it in the nose and up against the nasal membranes that are going to be absorbing the stuff with the most success. Sometimes folks snort to hard and it goes right up, over, and then down the throat. Thus breezing right bye the nasal membranes without sticking. If it ends up in your lungs or stomach it's not going to have the desired effect. I'd say use a tiny bit of saline first to increase the chance of it sticking in the right spot. Don't use too much.

    IMO Opana ER is better than any other pharmaceutical opiate. It usually hits you in-part fairly quickly and then builds over the first hour. Everybody tolerates drugs differently, however this is common. I would never let a noob re-dose chasing a high until they have let it sit for about an hour.
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    opana is the BOMB! 
    ive been snorting 10mg opana ir's for months and all i can say its da best!!! i snort 4 at a time and my girl snorted 1 one night and was pukeing, nodding off and jus plain fcked up, and whats funny is that night i snorted 12 (not at one time) and i drove while we smoked a good 6 gram blunt of my hawaian purp kush!!! idk mabe i jus got dat kind of tollerence. all i know is no body hea on oahu knows what my bomb opana is (no body wants to buy um) but they pay top doller for oxys??? fckin dumb!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 420-Opana View Post
    ive been snorting 10mg opana ir's for months and all i can say its da best!!! i snort 4 at a time and my girl snorted 1 one night and was pukeing, nodding off and jus plain fcked up, and whats funny is that night i snorted 12 (not at one time) and i drove while we smoked a good 6 gram blunt of my hawaian purp kush!!! idk mabe i jus got dat kind of tollerence. all i know is no body hea on oahu knows what my bomb opana is (no body wants to buy um) but they pay top doller for oxys??? fckin dumb!

    Ya mon it be da bestest!
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    no sourcing
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    ok well with my experience.. ive tried vics,perc,xanies,valium,chladapin,dilaudid, roxis, oxy 10,15,20,30,80. .opana 10s,20,40s,... now i know u said u tried opana 40s, i usually do oxys, i banged a few 10s, and they hit hard, but the comedown is tough, fuckn headaches, at like u explained, u can also sniff the 10s, i just sniffed half a 40mg, and i feel not bang em its a waste...but i recommend using a ped egg or a file for shaving and sniff the fine powder and ull feel nice, idk why u didn't get a high, but the opana 40 is equivalent to oc80, so sniffing a whole or half should hit u..and the coating doesn't bother u, the 20s are more waxy, but the 40s are straight... DEFF SNIFF THE 40S FOR BEST RESULTS... takes about 15 mins to feel, but u will get high
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    take a sharp knife peel the coating off, crush it up very fine. split it into 2 piles. take one up each nostril. minimum geling. try to avoid snorting very hard so you can avoid the drip. drip=bad its just like eating it with opanas.

    o and to the noobs who lick the coating off have fun not getting as high
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    Best way to do opana in my opion. Peel the coating off with a knife but SAVE THE COATING, after you run out of the good part you can grind this up and snort it too unless you have microscopes for eyes and can peel the pills like a gd samauri. I was going to a pain clinic for over a year. I was taking two OC 30's and 8 percocet 5's a day (well thats what the bottle said) I can down 20 percocet 10's in a day like they were skittles. My tolerance was very high. They changed me to Nucynta because of my tolerance and it was ok but I looked like I had just tooted a whole 8 ball all day long. O.O Then they put me on Opana, I was hoping for methadone but boy am I glad they gave me the opana I had the 40mg ER's and 5mg instant release. I started off by eating 4 of the 5's and a couple hours later after I ate something I was VERY fucked up! After the 5's were gone I looked up some info about the 40's online and of course it said to snort them which I did with the OC's I used to get anyway. Opana's are aggravating to peel but after you get the initial high it becomes kinda fun lol. This high takes a little bit to kick in about 15 mins, but then you go from 0 to 100 in a couple of seconds. I was up to snorting 5 or 6 40's a day but I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT!!!! I am a big guy over 300lbs plus have been doing opiates for over 10 years on and off. I always ate something fatty after blowing them, Opana is fat soluble so the more fatty food in your system the better the high, peanut butter worked well for me. For some one with no tolerance to opiates don't fuck with Opana you might not be able to tell us about your experience afterward. I have read up alot on drugs over the years, I take lyrica or neurontin to help with WD's, or eat tramadol like tick tacks all day everyday when I'm not doing anything else, I have done fentynl patches, I've had a Dilaudid pump in the hospital that put out .4mg every 6 minutes when I hit the button and a 3mg shot every two hours on top of that and NONE of these EVER came close to opana. I'm sure you are skeptical reading that but trust me this of the highest you've ever been on opiates and multiply that by 100. The only thing that ever came close was when I ate the gel out of a fentanyl patch and snorted several lines of coke. The withdrawals are horrible. I've never thrown up from opiate withdrawals until this. I woke up the next day after I ran out and immediately threw up, projectile vomit! My face was covered in busted blood vessels, I was sweating and I just wanted to die. None of my tricks helped with withdrawals. I took 10 perc 10's at once and NOTHING! I only got them for about 5 months until I asked my doctor to change me back to OC's. If I wouldn't have I would have been in prison or dead by now, probably dead. This stuff is not for noobs. To me it is the best high I've ever had or ever will have. But head my warning, if you take it often like a few times a week, and get hooked on it, nothing else will work, basically OPANA WILL DESTROY YOU!! No matter how beast you think you are but opana will still bring you to your knees. I'm glad its hard to find. If you do try it be careful thats all I really wanted to get across.
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    same as op oxycontin time release? 
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    Do these have the same time release mechanism as the generic opoxycontins? The opana er 40s to be specific
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