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    breaking down crack? 
    it is my understanding that if you use vinegar or lemon juice to break down crack into a shootable form... can u also sniff the left over like cocaine?
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    I'm not sure how pure or impure your crack is but the vinegar and lemonjuice seem to be in the sam catagory as makeing freebase cocaine--(crack which uses ammonia --I believe you will ruin the crack but the is a chance if you heat and let sit for a couple hours you might be left with crystals

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    Im pretty sure it will ruin the crack
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    I've broken down crack with lemon juice before. It doesn't ruin the crack, but it didn't seem as potent as it should be.

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    You'll need to find an acid that has the proper pH balance to add the HCL atom to the cocaine. I did some breif looking on the net but wasn't able to find out the information on exactly what you'll need. Lemon juice might do it, might not, give it a try and see.

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    first time i shot coke it was from broken down crack. we used distilled white vinigar out of my refrigerator. worked fine. i heard of using lemon juice also, but with the juice there is more chance of infection.

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    whenever i used to shoot speedballs(coke&smack),i would buy a rock with my gear,and break the rock down with lemon juice,mix it in with cooked gear and shoot.
    this is so i wouldnt have to buy a whole gramme of coke,when i only wanted it for 1 or 2 shots.

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    ^^^ good idea
    they call it yayo up north, and yay for short in the south- Playa Fly "Funk N Bock"

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    If you break down crack with lemon juice, wouldn't that give you mostly cocaine citrate? And if you break it down with vinegar, wouldn't that give you cocaine acetate? I wonder how the properties of these compounds compare to cocaine hydrochloride...
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