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    Oh- it's worth noting that these hydrocodone compounds aren't SR because of a physical thing.

    They're all hydrocodone polistirex. You'll have to convert it to a different salt (is polistirex considered a salt?) for it to be IR.
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    It would need to be acidic to break down. Mixing it with with a salt would be the opposite of what I need.
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    i was just about to post that a capsule could not be SR unless it was like kadian with beads or used the same technology found in TUSSIONEX(the polistrex). what u described points towards the latter....

    the above poster Ham-milton clarified that.

    very interesting though.
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    oh and heres a link to more detailed information on hydrocodone polistrex although this is referring to that used in TUSSIONEX not the compounded pills although it should and probally is from the same source/method.
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    I know of pink capsules that come in a bubble pack that are ER 20mg HCD and 200mg apap, when you open the capsule the powder gels whenever it comes in contact with liquid. I just tried the original posters method with oj and it definitely did stop it from gelling up, but does that mean time release is beat? just because it didnt gel up? I only have 2 of these now, and wont be getting any more for awhile so does this work or is it better to just let it sit in oj or lemon juice for 12 hours or how ever long and do it that way? I think it may be working, but ive already taken 10mg of methadone today and 20mg of hydro really doesn't do much for me either way. this is more for future reference, when i have more of these.
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    I have only seen 20 mg compounds but they are instant release green powder clear capsules . They are cool last longer than Watson 10s I just eat the powder the are great. I still prefer 8 yellows though . Bigger rush . I haven't pooped in a long time though lol
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    convert sr to ir 
    I don't know how much is converted but the following works for me. Empty the capsule into a medium sized jar. The contents in my sr's are a pale yellow powder. Add about 6 oz of fresh, cold 7up. It will foam so allow for that. Cap and shake the jar every 10 minutes or so for about an hour until there are no pale yellow globs remaining. Then drink. Add more 7up to the empty jar, shake to get the residue, then drink.
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    Doctors who are against writing for oxy write these damn things. You have to go to a certain pharmacy where they compound them, they make your pills for you according to what the doctor scripts. My mother-in-law gets these damn things and Ive seen her move up 5mg at a time, always with 200mg APAP. She gets 30/200 HCD/APAP SR, and she started at 15/200. Honestly they suck, if you have a tolerance, but I'm interested in trying that lemon juice trick now. Eating 3 regular 10mg lortab or vicodin would most certainly be better buzz-wise, because they work instantly.

    Compound labs vikes suck nowadays.
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    I have to chime in on this thread because I heard that drinking alcohol with tussionex breaks the polistrex down, if these capsules are just that, then dissolving in alcohol should work....please dont read this as "just drink with your pills"....
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    I just joined this and ask you can see by my user name, I am very grateful. Even though you all are using this med to do more than relieve pain, you have helped me tremendously. I have just been referred to pain management about a month ago and I am very independent with my pain med use...probably why they referred me. But, if I have pain, I want relief. Since I over used my meds they put me on the hydrocodone SR 15/200/50 (they add anti-constipation meds). It was compounded at a special pharmacy here in texas. I had to wait two days to get it. I was hurting! The medicine sucks. I had to spend two more co-pays to get extra med for breakthrough pain! Then I found yalls blog. Yes, the lemon juice worked. I had a procedure two days ago and came home and put two 15's in the lemon juice and had IR!!! thank you so much. I am here to vouch for the dumb SR meds and to say if you have any other suggestions I am all ears. I did the microwave version, but wonder if the slow soak is better. Anythink you can add will help. I try not to overuse the medicine, but after awhile, I have built up a tolerance. They are so mean at the pain docs office. Last visit I was in so much pain my BP was 137/87. They still didnt change my start date. I hate them!
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    Thank you so much! see my blog below-- I just joined to thank you. A pain management nightmare I have recently entered. Lemonjuice helped me so much the other day when I came home for yet another procedure -- which always increades my pain for the first couple of days. I used the juice in micro w/my SR's and got instant relief. much thanks! do you know if cold water extraction works w/SR's?
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    Quote Originally Posted by popcornplayr View Post
    they are unmarked half white half red capsules

    Sounds like Tylox...
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    Old thread, but, just got 60mg compounded hcd w/ 200mg acet. Snorted half and ate the rest. Let you know how I feel in 45 min. or so
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chappie View Post
    Old thread, but, just got 60mg compounded hcd w/ 200mg acet. Snorted half and ate the rest. Let you know how I feel in 45 min. or so
    What are they prescribed for? A doctor is going out of their way to get you a special hydrocodone preparation and you're snorting it? You do realize that this is much less effective than oral dosing, right? Hydrocodone was designed to be absorbed rapidly and completely into the bloodstream when taken orally with a glass of water. Nasal administration is going to be less efficient than oral dosing, and due to the 200mg of acetaminophen and other inactive ingredients, it will be damaging to your nasal membranes (epithelial walls), so best avoid snorting the pills.

    Just take them orally for best results.
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    "Compounded" powder hydrocodone capsules 
    As a newbie I can't (or can't remember how) to post a "new" thread so adding a question to this one:

    - when "compounded" hydrocodone without acetaminophen is compared to oxycodone,
    which is preferable?
    In other words, if you had a choice to take "pure" compounded hydrocodone powder without acetaminophen at capsule dosage strength of 10mg each
    as opposed to 10mg oxycodone tablets, what would be the difference or preference? Or is there any difference at all in effect? It appears from tricomb's previous post that oral dosage (as opposed to snorting) is preferred. Even to plugging?

    Also, what buffers or other powder agents might be in the "compounded" hydrocodone capsules other than pure hydrocodone itself in powder form?

    Why is the term "compounded" used? IMO if the straight definition of "compounding" for pharmaceuticals applies, it would mean "being for small batch or single individual patient production only" - which implies to me the powder in the capsule(s) could be "pure" hydrocodone and little to nothing else. y/n?

    Apologies to all for the naivete of this post, but I'm obviously no expert - still consider myself an opiates "virgin" compared to the posters here. Any advice or even opinions from folks here who know what "compounded" capsules of 10mg hydrocodone (no acetaminophen) actually contain would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Oxy is stronger so on an equal mass basis I'd obviously prefer it. However, though it's been a while since I've used hydrocodone (and my tolerance is crazy high now), the character of the hydrocodone high was better than any other opiate I'd tried (all the major ones except for oxymorphone). So if you didn't limit me to using the exact same milligrams and instead let me choose between EQUIPOTENT doses, I'd say hydrocodone, hands down.
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    Dang this thread has been around for some time! Well this is my first post but I just wanted to give me 2 cents. I have been getting these capsules for sometime now. First I was gripping these 80mg hydrocodone/ 100mg APAP for about a year. BIG orange pills, no writing or anything on there. I didnt believe my friend until I actually tried it. For the longest time we did "hot water shots" with just water, but the juice definitely works! Then I started railing them (i know i know, they dont work as well if you blow em) but I just like the feeling. Now my dude gets 90mg hydrocodone capsules. These ones are a lot smaller than the 80s i was getting before and for awhile they were great. They were first red and clear, then blue and yellow. But then his pharmacy was shorting him on how much they were supposed to be putting in so he recently switched to a new pharmacy. These new ones are green and blue and the powder inside is blue like a perc30. But yea, they certainly exist! I just need to start doing the "hot lemon shot" instead of railing them because I can do a whole one and thats just enough to put me where I wanna be. But im sure if I do them "properly" (hot lemon shot), I could probably get a solid 2 uses out of them.
    But yea! There yall go! I prefer these over anything now because they're hard to come by and they work great!!!
    Peace and love
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    I have been a Norco 10/325 user for over a decade. I've been through 20 surgeries and am looking at more. The next one is to cut a sensory nerve in my right leg that has compound damage. I used to take 2 to 4, 10/325 Norcos a day and have cut back to 2 a day for the most part but balancing the pain and effectiveness at work is always a challenge. My pain doctor won't go higher than 2 a day on my script now. Anyone know how to get hold of good quality 10/325's somewhere? I was on Oxy's years ago and while they worked great I got hooked bad until I went cold turkey and spent a night curled up in a bathtub crying. Don't want to go down that road again so trying to find a source for 10/325 Norcos. Would love some help.
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    woah... you just came out and straight up asked for a source? Not only is that illegal, but it is TOTALLY against bluelight's rules. Talk to your doctor and tell them you need more this is just not cutting it. The real question I should be asking is what kind of doctor are you seen your PCP or pain management? you need to go to PM doctor to get this figured out, unless you are going to one, in which case he knows you are an addict and wont write more for a reason. Look into subutex. But DO NOT look for sources online, it is for our protection as much as yours. You could be a cop or I could be a cop you never know.
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