Thread: Can you snort black tar heroin?

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    Can you snort black tar heroin? 
    I've heard of people snorting heroin that is white powder, but what about heroin that looks like a black tar? can you snort it, or do you have to smoke/inject it?

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    If you don't want to snort that horrible-nasty-wonderful-amazing-rank tasting liquid, and believe me, snorting tar water is a a pretty rough way to get the smack into can try this...
    Once you have a liquid/tar solution simply cut it with something, i.e., take any pill like let's say, Nytol, crush the pill, take a small amount of the powder and mix with liquid...
    The powder soaks the liquid, and you get a snortable powder that isn't as sharp and bitter as it goes down....
    It's an extra step and requires snorting whatever crap is in the pill you choose, but it makes the snorting a lot easier, and a lot of people can't handle just snorting the liquid without vomiting, it's real bad...
    Good luck...
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    about the kind of pill to mix with.
    see xycontin

    just lower doses of each
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