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    Best heroin..... 
    We jammed on some "knockout" last nite.
    mmmmmmmmmmm.....anyone been doing better
    dope as of late?

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    Guess not. Sorry 'bout that,.
    "Don't be sad,
    if it was the straight life we had,
    we wouldn't have been here all these years"

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    Based on what I know of heroin, and my recently deciding I might try it, but I know NOTHING about the the hell do you determine quality of it. Taste? Color? I mean, from what i understand the country is divided down the middle by the Missippi river. West is the tar, East is the more refined stuff. Other than doing it, how do you tell what heroin is better than the next?

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    I can tell by the high I feel.
    if I do one bag that knocks me the fuck out.
    I find it better than the kind that took 3 bags to get off.

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    Have we learned anything here people?
    that is all
    "Father can't you love a woman
    Father can't you teach your children
    Long range love implosion short wicked
    Short wave mind explosion"

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    Bluelight Crew
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    Nov 1999
    Central Florida Area (think Orlando area)
    Actually the "brands" on heroin wraps are rather consistant - of course you always test some before you load up a rig...
    Best I ever had - "654 Club" with "25 to life" as a close second...
    # unzip ; strip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ; umount ; sleep

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