Thread: Anal Cocaine Administration?

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    Anal Cocaine Administration? 
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    Just what the topic says
    I've done coke, all the ways possible, of course once you shoot coke, there is no going back....BUT...
    I recently heard that inserting a rock of cocaine into your rectum (a la Ecstasy) can bring on an intense cocaine high...
    I would imagine issues would arise with the damage cocaine could cause to your oh so sensitive asshole, so, has anyone tried it?
    I'd also imagine anything inserted up the ass for absorption would hit you more intensly, I'm just wondering about this particular substance, what the high is like? Does it last longer?
    I doubt anyone will shed some light, but maybe a "friend of a friend" can
    Lying on the stained wretched sheets with a bleeding virgin, we could plan a murder or start a religion...

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    If your so bored with the stuff as to need to continually find new ways of doing it, then mebbe its time you just quit. But anyways, one major issue I do vaguely recall reading about plugging coke is the effect it has on blood flow. Basically i think the issue was veins tightening or something resulting in a very unhappy anal tract & possible gangreen. Be careful what you be shoving up there yo. Sorry for the lack of sources, but hopefully a more enlightened individual can explain better.

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    Stevie Nicks used to get coke ennemas...or so the story goes. Sounds like a nasty case of the "sting ring" to me. Just putting a rock up there sounds dangerous and painfull to me. I would be carefull.

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    I've heard of vaginal cocaine admin. Anal seems like a possibility.
    There's only 1 way to find out...

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    have a guy put coke on his dick and then fuck you in the ass

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    Vaginal definitely works. Or at least that is the unanimous opinion of the girls I know who will admit trying it! Anal also works according to the two people I know who've tried it. Never done myself.
    But remember that it's not actually a good idea to put coke in either of those places. They tend to quite finely balanced chemically and so don't respond well to foreign substances. Or at least that's what I've been told by somebody here who at least thinks he knows what he's talking about...

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    Putting cocaine up you cooter is seriously a bad idea. do a little research on in you will will see whatI mean....your butt is one thing, but the kooter is a nono.

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