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    How to make hash from shake 
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    This simple process can net good yields of kief/hash from shake (or buds if you like).

    What you will need:

    - Cannabis (small leaves, stems and buds are fine as long as they have lots of trichomes [crystals])
    - "Polm maker" (available mostly in Europe - some internet shops may ship internationally) It is a grey plastic tube with a screen in the middle.
    - Hash press (not necessary but nice finishing touch)
    - Freezer
    - Coins
    - Plastic freezer bag (any baggie will do but thicker is better)

    Take your cannabis and put it in the freezer bag. Place the coins inside of the top half of the polm maker. Put the bag and the polm maker in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, though longer is better. The concept behind freezing the cannabis and the polm maker is that trichomes are more brittle at lower temperatures, which cause them to break and separate from the plant more easily.

    Remove the polm maker and bag from the freezer and roll the polm maker over the cannabis in the bag, crushing it as much as possible. Use a thick bag as stems will poke through thinner baggies. Once all of the plant matter has been flattened, empty the bag into the top half of the polm maker with the coins. Make sure both ends of the polm maker are securely closed and shake vigorously side to side for a minute or two. Avoid shaking up and down which make damage the screen. The more shaking, the more you will yield, but the more leaf material will contaminate the output as well. A different type of hash screen may be used at this step but beware the coins may damage wood kief boxes.

    Once you have finished shaking, you may remove the lower half of the polm maker to see what you got! You will see kief on the lower lid as well as all over the sides of the tube. A card is useful for scraping all of the kief together. This is ready to smoke and can be added on top of an already packed bowl.

    If you have a fair amount of keif you may wish to press it together to make hash. The advantages of hash include ease of portability and a cooler, smoother smoke with a more pleasant flavor. Hash is simply keif pressed together. To press the keif together you can either use your fingers or a device like a hash press. The hash press I use is the "space case" type with two dowels inside a short metal tube which has screw caps on the end. As you screw the caps down, the keif between the dowels is compressed. With enough pressure the keif will stick together to form hash. Heat helps this process; simply holding the metal tube in your hand will warm the hash somewhat, or running the press under hot water will also help the hash form together. Once the hash has been compressed and heated enough it will become one solid piece. The end result may be soft or hard, depending on the qualities of the starting material.

    ~7g shake = 1.3g hash

    Leaves and stems have more tar than calyxes (the cone shape things that the orange hairs come out of) so by only smoking the trichomes from the leaves and small stems you may be reducing your net harm caused by cannabis. The leftover de-keifed cannabis is perfect for cooking since it is turned to a coarse powder by the end of the process.
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    Interesting, thanks for posting this.

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    i was actually going to send you a pm to ask if you could send me a guide, you beat me to it. Were you reading my mind again?!

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    is the yield to low to produce anything nice if you use the de-kiefed buds for alcohol blender-strain-boil off procedure? Cause I love hash!

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    you can use the left overs for iso oil.. i've done that before as well.. you can even mix the keif with the iso oil if you want

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    cool, so what is one of these polm things?

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    mmmm hash i feel like buying up a few oz of schwag now

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    I'm so fucking jealous!

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