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    Ordering ayahuasca to the US 
    I want some ayahuasca [damn it].
    It seems the plants to make the brew are legal (while DMT, a chemical in the plants, is illegal).
    The only police action I have read being taken against American ayahuasca-users was having their plants seized.
    Is this likely to occur?
    Any information would be appreciated by my [non]-candy-raver ass.
    And let's remember y'all it's not the candy ravers' fault they don't know shit... the drug info most available, and most common in schools in America is concise shite.
    You know that Meth Proliferation act of 2000, the one where they raised e-dealing jail sentences above that of heroin (by weight)???
    There was a rider in there (amended w/ the help of American Civil Liberties Union and others) that would have criminalized virtually all drug information on the Internet (and a shitload of other information).
    Lack of information is key to keeping us candy ravers dumb and eating pills marked "Super E!"
    there was apoint to this post...

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    Post ......all you need to know and more………sorry that is spelled all wrong. The feds have better things to do than take away your B. caapi vine. I think the side effects make the brew at low risk of ever being controlled or widely abused. It ain’t acid, it is something on a totally different level. Beginners need not apply….

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    A link you may have read already.....
    Good luck!

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