Thread: How is P2P related to meth?

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    How is P2P related to meth? 
    This is a noob question..

    I am familiar w/ the HI reduction of pse to meth and understand every single part, but have NO idea on how Phenyl-2-Propanone, Phenyl-2-Propanol, or Phenylalanine relate to meth at all.

    I have read the documents over at rhodium (but still do not understand) and have came to this conclusion:
    p2p can be reduced? to meth.

    I do not know how or why.

    Am I even correct on this?


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    yes, meth can be made from p2p via reductive amination but this may be the wrong place for such questions.

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    P2P, or phenylacetone, is a ketone that can be made into meth by a process called reductive amination. It's a sweet smelling oily looking liquid that's about as dense as water.

    Another compound, an amine, reacts with the P2P to give an intermediate called an enamine, if memory serves. It is this that is reduced, not P2P itself.

    At least, so they tell me. Just possessing P2P is a serious crime. And, if this is synthesis chat, pardon me and delete it. Without the practical instructions, it's just theory, not a procedure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlackPope
    This is a noob question..

    Yes it is now get the fuck out of ADVANCED drug discussion
    {i suggest you just type in these noob questions into some search engine ANYWHERE!}

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    Will people please read the BLUA re NO SYNTHESIS DISCUSSION.

    I am going to start stomping on synthesis discussion pretty soon as it is there to protect you the BLer and BL itself.

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