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    20 sack of heroin 
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    If you really don't have that great of connections, how much is in a 20 sack of heroin? Just wondering how much I should shoot/snort in relation to the amount that's in the bag.

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    I’m no “H” entrepreneur, but every bag is usually different. I don’t get $20 bags, I get dimes, but if you don’t live near a big city or a good heroin spot, you may pay 20 for a dime. Anyway, the purity is different for each bag. I would sniff it little by little until I got to where I wanted to go. I never shot, so no advice from me on that one.

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    If you have no idea what the purity of the substance is, you start out very small and just work up from there.
    BTW, what the hell is a K sized bump? I've been using K for a couple of years now and I still don't have a K sized bump. It totally depends on how far you want to go and whether or not the supplier of the K decided to cut it with 50 fucking pounds of creatine.

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    usually heroin is not just around for a minute and it will either be professionally done, or almost as good, and people dont usually put a lot in anyway because of cost and overdose reasons.
    if you are snorting it you probably dont have much to worry about because you dont get as much of an effect and you have a wider margin ef error, i would say take a 1/5th of the total and do that, if its not enough do another 1/5th, and you need to wait at least 5-10minutes between these so you dont do more before the last takes effect.
    Keep this in mind, its all set out for the shooters, so you have less than you think there. to someone with no tollerance a "bag" could very well kill you especially shot up. usually you get 2 "hits" from a bag, and this varies so much you cant tell whats what maybe you get 5-7 good hits, its cut to hell so you dont have to worry as much but remember to do at most a 1/5th and you shouldnt be far off.
    If you want to shoot it your taking a chance if you dont know the purity, i would snort a particular variety first, and then do a bit less than what you got optimal effects this way to load up the rig.
    Remember shooting is quite potent and basically the only way to get your moneys worth. You might try a 1/10th if its really good at 1/5th snorted, or if you needed the whole bag snorted maybe you might try a 1/4th injected, it will be a lot less.
    never shoot half a bag right off ever unless you are *DAMN* sure its the same, this is the danger of it being illicit, heroin is no more dangerous than any opiate, but no other opiate is distributed the same and so variable, so this is the danger, not the chemical itself
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    You should NEVER use citric acid to disolve yer shit..
    Heroin is one drug where the market REALLY varries from area to area.. in big cities where they sell wraps, you might pay $10 and get 1/10th a gram or more, while in other areas, you get far less... in Orlando the "Final Fantasy" wraps sell for $20, you get about 75mg, which doesn't seem like much, but this is some DAMN STRONG shit.. it's really hard to say "how much" to do, as with shit this pure, a full wrap up the nose of an opiate virgin could be fatal..

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