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    Combining meth and benzos (XANAX) 
    Let's say you are high on speed and you start getting tension right in the middle of the chest, where rib cage start to form, ya know, right below the base of the neck. You just start rubbing it and rubbing it, to the point whenre it is fucken inflamed and burns (skin on the outside) a little, very uncomfortable. Would taking some XANAX (ALPRAZOLAM) help to relax a little and maybe take away some tension? And the main question, is it safe to take XANAX or benzos in general when tweaking? Not on the comedown from speed or at the baseline, but tweaking majorly....any risks of heart attack?

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    I take Xanax or Ativan sometimes after i've been tweaking for awhile.I know Exactly what you mean by that tension in the back of the neck.Though,Xanax is not a barbituate.I'm not sure what the effects of meth and barbs(Seconal for example)would be.Probaly not dangerous.

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    No i am talking about benzos You must have seen the post with the topic that had barbs instead of benzos.....I corrected it....check it out now
    So if I am tweaking moderetly-hard right now, fuck and this tension won't go away, it's like a fucken mania! If I pop some XANAX, would it help a little, cus I feel anxiety attack coming up....btw, the tension I have is on the front side of the chest not in the back...

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    Here's a scary idea: STOP tweeking!

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    I'm always slightly amused by the "don't do drugs" people who post on drug-enthusiasts' message boards.
    My personal favourites are those who preech "you can do drugs x, y, and z, but anything else is dirty and I won't respect you if you do them."
    Anyhow, thanks for the insight TheTruth, I'm sure it was well received.
    And then there was one.....
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    bitch i'm asking what to do at the moment, not what to do to prevent it.
    offtopic: Homeboy, how come u chaged you handle?

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    hi shady,
    I take ativan(lorazepam/a benzo) while on regular amphetamine(adderall and dexedrine) all the time. I've checked various web sites for interactions and I haven't found any.
    I usually snort .5-1mg and it calms me down so that I can sleep, even if I'm still geeked. I always feel like absolute shit in the morning though when I do this. I never feel good when I wake up if I don't let the main effects of amp clear before I sleep.
    In the amphetamine experience section at there's a nice write-up of someone who combined these two and found it to be a good combo. I find it to be great myself, it's a real mind-fucking experience especially if you smoke a little weed on top of it all.
    My advice would be to limit it(ativan anyway) to .5-1.5mg. You'll be fine cause it reduces psychosis, panic, and anxiety associated with amphetamine use. Have fun.
    ...also, I should mention that the ER sometimes administers iv lorazepam for meth overdoses, so don't worry about interactions. Just take a LOW dose at first and if that isn't enough, take a LITTLE more. Just keep it low. In my experiences, I found that taking a low dose mellows me out a little, while saving the majority of the benzos(I'm limited in supply) for the next couple of days of hell on earth. If I didn't have benzo's for the comedown I don't know if I'd be alive right now. I know that sounds bad, but withdrawl sucks!
    here's references to ativan to help calm meth/amp overdose:
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    I've always been amused by morons who jump to conclusions. Anyways, the thing to do now is take a bunch of benzos to ease yourself up. I don't know why you are hesitating, when there is no problem at all taking benzos while tweeking, it does help take the edge off. Happy now, "bitch"??
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    i am always told not to mix drugs, though i do sometimes anyway. Something that might be a good idea but im not sure if it will be harmful or not, is Ibuprophen or Aleve (headache meds). I have taken them when i was rolling once cuz i had a wicked headache. But they are anti-inflammatories so it would stop the problem you are having. I wish u the best.

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    Dr_Rolls_MD[MA], thanx man! You were the most helpful.

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    I know a young lad who was slightly depressed a few days ago...
    20mg Klonopin & 125mg Crystal Meth IV...No those are not typos.
    They balanced quite well...or so he said ...although I don't reccomend it as it's not particularly healthy...

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