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    Methadone 80mg IV - Exp. - Rocket Fuel! 
    Methadone Trip Report
    80mg (16mL) intravenous injection

    10am (T=0:00) - I am dispensed my 80mg methadone dose as usual from the chemist, and since the pharmacist on duty is known to just leave one's dose on the counter and go back to business, I take the opportunity to hold in in my mouth and spit it into an empty Coke bottle after I have left the store.

    T+ 0:10 - I go into another chemist and purchase a 20mL syringe and an orange (27 gauge?) butterfly needle.

    T+ 0:15 - I go into the toilets of the local shopping centre in order to inject my methadone. I load up my syringe with the syrup and dilute it with some water: it was 16mL to start with and is now about 23mL counting the added water, saliva and bacteria. (N.b. I would recommend a wheel filter to those who would wish to emulate my spitting out my methadone for injection, despite not having access to one myself. I've had a dirty shot before and it is NOT pleasant).

    T+ 0:20 - After repeatedly failing to hit a vein, I finally strike dark red and steady the needle. (My arms are still sore from all the misses). I inject ~ 75mg methadone, water, spit and floating crap; slowly but surely, over about a 30 second period. I feel a wicked tingling headrush, as is usual when I perform this ritual. The butterfly needle comes a little loose with about 3mL left and I insantly withdraw the needle. A little bubble has formed upon my skin and I squeeze it so as not to form an abscess and then press toiletpaper upon the injection site. I clean up the blood from the sites wherein I've missed the veins and I squirt the remainder of the methadone/water/spit/blood into my mouth.

    T+ 0:30 - Exit toilets. I feel extremely sped up, as though some heavenly demon is pushing me from behind. A tremendous calm ... almost grips me. I roll a cigarette. Oh, the light-headed euphoria.

    T+ 0:45 - Now I'm writing down on my notepad what I've experienced, on my way to pick up some X-rays for my friend (who occasionally gives or sells me Oxycontin 40mg, which is quite nice on top of methadone but difficult to inject without fucking up somehow. I also need to administer a lot of oxycodone to feel anything; last time I administered 80mg solution rectally and it was nice, except the part where I stuck the syringe up my anus).

    Anyhow, I still feel euphoric and speedy from this 'done. From what I've read, if I drink 80mg methadone, it will last a while longer than if I inject it. However, if I inject it, it will be equivalent to drinking 160mg methadone, but will not last quite as long.

    T+ 4:15 - I just uploaded all this. Then, I scratched my scrotum. The effects of the methadone are slowly tapering off. All in all, a good day's opiate high.

    Later, all, and stay healthy, wealthy and wise.

    - LeoC

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    do you not go into withdrawals when it wears off? good report but man injecting shit out of your mouth gives me the willys

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    isnt there a better way to do that other than from your mouth??

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    as someone who has had a staph infection and almost died, from shit way less risky... it was the worst experience of my life.... and i was a DI football player and have had more injuries than i can count, played with broken bones.. etc.

    and dont even get me started on what would have happened if you had any traces of strep...

    google images of "necrotizing fascitis"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoC
    From what I've read, if I drink 80mg methadone, it will last a while longer than if I inject it. However, if I inject it, it will be equivalent to drinking 160mg methadone, but will not last quite as long.
    Simply not true. 80mg PO =/= (that means does not equal) 160mg IV. Would be nice if it did though.

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    ^^ I was about to say that, a injected dose of methadone is similar to an oral dose correct?

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    You say all this crap about crap, and spit, needles, scratchin and shit. And then your like, later, stay healthy...???

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    injecting saliva? .. not filtering .. ?

    wtf is wrong with you?


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