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    Combatting the Opiate Itch 
    Thats it i throw in my towel, I have come to wits end trying to stop the god awful itch from oxycodone. after just taking 80mg over the course of 4 hours or so, The itching has gotten so bad at some points that Its almost drives me insane. benadryl doesnt seem to do anything. Does anyone have any other formulas proven to be effective.

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    Benadryl nothing? Zyrtec's good, claritin...

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    I grew to love that itch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by the girl
    I grew to love that itch...

    Same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMoss
    I second that

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    cetirizine?? if benadryl doesn't work for you i'm not sure this will tho

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    cyclazine hydrocloride brand name valoid,used to be important ingredient in the famous diconal,to stop iches nausea etc,and it has the grapefruit juice effect too! it'll hit you harder and last longer

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    shit I thought that itch was in my head, glad to know I wasnt losing my marbles

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    ive always LOVED the itch

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    Any anti-histimine can do the job but the one I've personally had the most success with, as with what I've seen with other people, is Benadryl or mock-benadryl (I actually get the Generic Target Brand Benadryl because it's the cheapest by far. You get like 200 for less then $5, whereas brand name is like 10 for $5).

    If it isn't working I'd say you aren't using enough... you have to considerably increase your dosage of benadryl as you can get a tolerance to it and if you are doing high levels of opiates. Doesn't matter if you can handle 3 grams of heroin IV, the more dope in your system the more anti-histimine you need to combat it's histimine release.

    When you take upwards of 6 you get pretty drowsy with Benadryl though, so keep that in mind if you take high doses of opiates and you feel you need more then 6. Means you may need a different antihistimine (though no clue what would be better then benadryl)

    I mean how many are you taking? I usually take 4-6.

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    The itching gets really bad for me as well, benadryl usually doesn't do anything. I have other allergy problems and am prescribed Zyrtec (apparently its the strongest antihistamine)... it knocks the itching right out for the most part.

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    I cannot say from experience, but have heard that Zyrtec will knock that itch right out.

    Personally, I rarely itch anymore and I miss it so very much....

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    Usually if I was itching like that it meant a nod session was coming my way, and thus, I gladly welcomed the itch and what it was to bring later.... lol

    Ahhhh, the euphoria... (nods in and out of consciousness...)

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    Strange that Benadryl did not work. You might carefully increasing the dosage and see if it helps. At this stage I really get no histamine relief (after so many years it is no longer a problem). When I still got it though, 100 to 150 mgs. of Benadryl did the trick.

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    I always loved the itch until I tried kratom. That shit has the worst itch to high ratio on earth.

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    I was also conditioned to anticipate the itch as a precursor to the opiate high, until last Thursday. Down went 600 mgs of codeine that had me under a cold shower within 5 minutes rinsing all the histamines, which made me turn a deep, beet-red color and itch like hell, away [until the zyrtec kicked in]. Needless to say the experience was totally spoiled. But Im back on oxy now.

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    in my mind zyrtec-d works the best, i got some for the flu the other week and when the symptoms were gone i did some oc after i had taken a zyrtec-d12 around noon and had no itch at all, it was pretty nice but is only available prescription. any antihistamine should work though

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    IME you need quite a high dose of antihistamine to reduce the itch.

    Problem is that you cannot take high doses of 1st generation antihistamines (Benadryl, Phenergan, etc....) without getting anticholinergic side-effects.

    So the best solution is a new-generation antihistamine (Loratadin or Cetirizine).
    Take 2 or 3 times the recommended dosage (they have no side-effects at this dose)

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    Claritin (loratadin) works very well. I take 2 of them and its pretty much gone completely.

    I usually dont want it to go away though. Sometimes its a very comforting reminder of how high I am. Other times though, like when I am somewhere where I cant be scratching like crazy, Ill take a couple Claritin.

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    I use lidocaine anti-itch cream

    nothing much else really works

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    ^ sometimes Ill use hydrocortizone cream, but that makes my skin break out because of how oily it is.

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    I assume a doc (uk) would prescribe something to help the itch reside?
    Might have to ask as I'm sick of buying them with the little money I do have.

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    i love the itch

    gives me something to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by monstanoodle
    I assume a doc (uk) would prescribe something to help the itch reside?
    Might have to ask as I'm sick of buying them with the little money I do have.
    Can't phenergan or promethazine be bought OTC in the UK?
    That stuff works wonders Potentiates opiates and gives tyou a nice sedated feeling

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