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    Using Meth to deal with withdrawal from opiates... 
    In the spirit of moderation, I try to be responsible with my recreational use of opiates. My goal each month is to use for two weeks, then take at least two weeks off.
    During my most recent two weeks of use, my opiate intake was rather high; this lead to an increase in the level of discomfort brought on by withdrawal.
    Not wanting to bend my priniples just to ease the pain, I refuse to simply wean myself off the opiates... like any true crackhead, I decided to experiemnt with trading one abuse for another...
    One of my business parters ( ) is a fairly large distributor of Meth-Amphetamines, and feeds it to people like the sweet, sweet candy it is.
    This past Thursday was the first day of my bi-weekly detox. It wasn't pleasant, and although Immodium AD helps, I wanted something for the mental cravings too.
    Enter: free crystal.
    My b0y gave me a free quarter, and I moseyed on home and broke it up.
    Not wanting to really 'tweak', I cut out a small line <about 100 mg> and snorted it...Within 3 minutes every ounce of pain was gone, the mental cravings were non-existant, and my room was spotless!
    When the comedown (which was VERY mild, as I had only done a small amount) hit me, contrary to what I expected, my opiate withdrawal symptoms did not return. I eventually fell asleep, woke up, and felt fine. Since then my symptoms have been VERY managable, if existent at all.
    I'm not a very smart guy, especially when it comes to the brain...I know the effect meth has on the dopamine receptors...and I'm wondering if this was some freak accident, or if there is a direct link between the 'negative' effects of opiate withdrawal and the 'positive' effects of the meth high...
    Any thoughts?

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    i just went thru a crash course in neurochemistry right now courtesy of Newsweek magazine so don't flame me if my information isn't accurate...
    from what i understand...opiates are dopamine agonists and amphetamines are also dopamine agonists as well as dopaamine reuptake inhibitors...
    in addition to that both opiates and amphetamines have some common targets in the brain such as the ventral tegmental area, nucleus accumbens, prefrontal cortex, and sublenticular extended amygdala...Newsweek didn't really go into detail on the functions of these parts but you get the picture...there is a correlation between the neurochemical effects of opiates and amphetamines...
    anyone care to elaborate??

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    That is exactly where I was going with this...
    Thanks :P

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    anytime speedy

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    It's also very much placebo. Let me explain:
    You were expecting a withdrawl from the opiates. The meth made you feel good. You got the opposite effect(Than the withdrawl) so you feel good. And you feel good because you feel like you manuevered around the opiate withdrawl.
    Plus I'm sure you still feel the effects of the meth.

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    I have always had fairly good luck with meth for moderate opiate withdrawals.....the mental part especially. It does aggrevate some parts though, esp. the gastrointestinal issues.........
    One of my least favorite aspects of opiate withdrawal is the if i take a bunch of meth, i stay up (as i would anyways) and have a good time......then i am so tired after a few days that i can crash out for a long while and when i wake i am through the bulk of the opiate withdrawals (unless it is methadone withdrawal...fuck that lasts for ever!). Lately i have had great success with the combo of loperamide and GHB for mild withdrawals.........try it out!
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