Thread: How to create a meth smoking device from a lightbulb?

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    How to create a meth smoking device from a lightbulb? 
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    This is for a school project concerning meth:
    1) Take a light bulb
    2) How do you cut the metal top part off?
    3) Do u wash the insides so the white chemical is gone from the inside of the bulb?
    4) How do u inhale? With some straw or hollow pen cap?
    5) Please elaborate with tools, methods, and ways of burning the meth. Knowledgeable and experienced info. preferred. Thx
    6) Also any potential dangers? The meth burning easily, the chemicals inside the bulb..etc

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    This subject has been done many times before, but what the hell I'm in a helpful mood.
    Grasp the lightbulb around the neck and hold it upside down. Take a blunt intsrument (the handle of a kitchen knife works well) and tap forcefully on the tip of the metal end until the metal falls through into the glass part (you may have to use scissors to clip an attached wire). Next, dump out all the metal crap and throw it away. Then, pour salt into the bulb (about 1/3 of the way full) and shake/swirl it around vigorously. This is to remove the phosphorus coating (you can tell when it's all gone because the bulb will be crystal clear). Now you have an empty bulb with a metal ring around it. The ring is where you hold it when you heat the meth. In order, to clear the smoke, you need to either A) use a straw or B) create a carb in the bulb. The straww is self explanatory, just put it in your mouth and inhale the vapors frome the bulb. To create a carb, use a butane TORCH-type lighter. Focus the flame on a small spot on the fat part of the glass and simultaneously blow into the other end of the bulb until a small hole bursts. This is your carb. Now you can simply put your lips on the metal and inhale to your hearts content and the bulb will clear of vapors. I recommend holding the flame a few inches below the bulb and heating slowly. Happy tweaking.
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    I've used that method too...personally I didn't like it...But to each his own.
    First let me preface this by saying that the best way to smoke meth is with, wait for it, a Meth Pipe. You can get them at any headshop for about $10.00 and they make everything so much easier...You can even smoke your Crystal going down the road!
    2) How do you cut the metal top part off?
    There are a few brands that the metal part actually twists off! It's not threaded or anything like that, but with a little work, you can break the metal to glass seal and it will slide right off, making for a VERY clean edge...I reccomend you get zooted *before* trying to make a smoking device out of a you'll do such a better job!
    3) Do u wash the insides so the white chemical is gone from the inside of the bulb?
    I would ALWAYS reccomend this, especially if the bulb isn't brand new. Lemon juice salt and luke-warm water will do the trick just fine.
    However, I think the reason you are asking is because you're referring to a regular white light bulb. Don't use these! Go to any home depot <and even most grocery stores> and pick up a 60 Watt CLEAR lightbulb! That's right, they make CLEAR lightbulbs...and not just the small kind. 60 watt is the ideal size IMHO. This way you don't have to worry about that pesky white paint...which is essential, as you want to be able to see the bulb filling with smoke.
    4) How do u inhale? With some straw or hollow pen cap?
    Either a straw (Dairy Queen and Quick Trip straws work the best...they have a larger diameter and are much stronger) or a hollow pen *TUBE*..not the cap...just take a regular $0.13 BIC pen and gut it. I'm sure you can figure the rest out from there.
    5) Please elaborate with tools, methods, and ways of burning the meth.
    Some people are going to disagree with me, but I think this method is the best. It LOOKS ghetto as hell but you waste much less smoke and you don't inhale metallic vapors.
    First, getting that pesky metal thing off. For this method, we don't want ANY of the metal left on the bulb. If you happen to get the kind of bulb where the metal screws off, you're in luck. Just screw it off and pitch the metal. However, this particular name (the name escapes me) is tough to come by. So we'll have to improvise.
    Don't try to cut it off, it never works. What you need is a flathead screw driver. (Craftsman #2 works the best). It's really quite simple. Basically put the flathead on the part of the bulb where the glass meets the metal...(it may take you a while to get it right, but in time you'll be able to do it hanging from your legs on a bar...blindfolded.)...and gently press the screwdriver head into the glass, making a small puncture in the glass..continue to do this all the way around the base of the bulb until the bulb is completely seperated from the metal...discard the metal and move on.
    Turn the bulb into the regular position. (Hole towards the ceiling).
    Now that you have a hole, put yer meth in the bulb.
    While a butane torch works best, a regular lighter WILL work...but you'll go through more bulbs and you WILL burn the shit out of your thumb...repeatedly.
    It usually takes two people with this method, but a true tweaker can always improvise.
    Hold the bulb with one hand, the lighter in the other, and have the straw in your mouth. Go ahead and stick the other end of the straw in the bulb in preperation for inhalation. ( )
    Start the torch (term used loosely) and move the flame to just under the part of the bulb where the meth is. Depending on the quality of your meth, it should start to change form rather quickly. For crank you may actually have to put the flame on the bulb...this isn't too much of a problem if you keep the flame moving...if you don't, you're going to get black marks on your lightbulb...most of the time they wipe off clean, but after repeated use they'll start to stain...and your bulb will get weaker.
    Moving the flame around the bulb <only where the meth is, duh!> you will notice the bulb starting to fill with smoke...
    Once you see you have enough to fill your lungs (You'll learn to eyeball it pretty accurately), start inhaling the smoke. Inhale as much as you can, as whatever is left over is going to seep out of the bulb...this is where the second person comes in handy, they can go ahead and take their hit; you lose less smoke this way.
    Oh.. and if any of you happen to luck out and get the brand of lightbulb that actually screws off, please post it here...I get asked this question a lot and can never remember.

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    whats wrong with using aluminum foil? i think it wastes less, is cheeper, and much more disposable... havent seen a meth pipe, but ive heard the lightbulbs arent as good as foil.
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    Yes, a meth pipe is best. I've never tried using a lightbulb, but find that tin foil works fine. This is what I do:
    Cut a piece of tin foil (thicker gauge better) aprox. 1 1/2" by 3". Fold in half length wise. Fold the corners of one end under itself and place your thumb on top there. Squish the rest of the foil into a handle and craft the area your thumb was into a bowl. Take an ink pen and strip it of the ink cartridge and cap. This makes for a better means sucking in the vapors than a straw. It is less likely to melt and you can scrape the residue from the inside and get a few more tokes out of it. Put the crystal in the bowl and use a lighter's lowest flame setting. An almost empty lighter works best. If your flame is too hot all the crystal will be instantly evaporated, or worse go up in a small ball of flames (should the lighter's flame actually make contact with the vapor). You probably already know all this, but thought it might help out some others.

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    what's wrong with using aluminum foil?
    A) That wasn't his question.
    B) Using foil *is* a much easier, faster way to do it...but you also inhale vapors from the burnt aluminum foil...something that is not particularly good for you. (Not that smoking meth is the healthiest practice, but why add to it?) It may take a little more time with the lightbulb, but it's worth it...besides, you're gonna be up for a few days, you've got all the time in the world!

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