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    whats in crank 
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    Ok here it goes, i was at a party and this person I have heard a lot about that does crank and sells it was there so i went up and talked to him and had some conversation, pretty nice guy, well i was asking him about crank becuase his parents make it. He said something about a certain cough pill or over the counter stuff that was crushed up and used to make crank. Well is this true what ingrediants go into making crank, no not meth, but dirty old street crank.

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    crank is meth...just really cheap poorly processed meth...those cough pills he's talkin about are psuedoephedrine...

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    Good Corruption is right. But don't think that meth is a soup. You don't just throw a bunch of ingredients together and BAM> meth. You must conver the pseudophedrine into ephedrine and that to P2P then knock of a couple carbon atoms then you have Methylated amphetamine or meth or crank, glass, etc.
    The reactions are probably not in order my clandestine interests are in other materials but this is the basic Idea.
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    Crack = meth of a poor quality ..
    The precursor for about 75% of all the meth made is (pseudo)ephedrine .. the most common clandestine route involves red phosphorus and iodine ..
    I am closing this as we don't need a thread on how to make meth..
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