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    concerta insufflated? 
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    i've read many reports of BLers insufflating Ritalin, can you insufflate Concerta?
    i've never seen a Ritalin pill, but Concerta pills are really weird looking, almost like they have a plastic covering or something, idk
    i have access to 34mg (i think) Concertas and i was wondering if its possible to sniff them
    i wasn't really impresed (no euphoria whatsoever) from oral Concerta and i wonder if insufflated would be any different


    edit: sry, this probly belongs in Other Drugs, move if necessary

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    I have no personal experience with such, but here is a little compilation of answers about such by various individuals on the subject :

    WikiAnswers : "What Are The Effects Of Snorting Concerta and/or Strattera (Wellbutrin)?"

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    No, don't snort it. Simplest thing to do is scratch off the outer time coat. You will find that one side is dark grey and the other side off white. Cut off the dark grey part, smash the off white part (probably need a hammer, they are hard) and then parachute.

    You can also tell which side is the white side by looking for the laser drilled hole at one end. That's how the medication exits the pill and enters your body. Really interesting drug when it works as it's supposed to.

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    It can be done. I used to snort them with very little problem.

    One would take a razor and cut the outer coating off, being careful not to destroy it as it contains a portion of the dose. Then you would remove the inner coating using the razor and cut it in half. Discard the gray side and crush the other side. Snort and enjoy, although it will gum up a little.

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    Actually i have a prescription for Concerta 54's and do it every once in a while. You can snort it, its alot more difficult to prepare than ritalin but if you do it right it can be good. All i do is remove the outer layer which is probably a crispy white shell for you. THen cut off the dark green/brown part and then i cut the remaining piece in half and peel off the the clear skin, u have to grind it up well after this, but then you can snort it.

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    I've been able to snort it, but you have to take off the coating, and the shell, then cut away the green gunk.

    the white powder you end up with seems to be a little sticky, but its possible to crush it up fine if you take your time. When snorted it doesnt' gunk of to bad, seems to be a little worse then other pills, but you can get full use out of most of it, it seems.

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    I just crush it up nice and choke it down. It's got too much casing and shit for me to even consider snorting it. And I personally don't get much euphoria from it, just a big boost of energy and alertness.

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    Removing any part of a Concerta pill is throwing away methylphenidate. The coating is an instanst-release methylphenidate gelcoat, and the inner "device" is an indigestible sack with small holes in the ends containing a mix of chemicals that normally digests slowly and expels methylphenidate.

    Chew or crush and swallow them to break the time-release mechanism.

    EDIT: Except him. ^

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    It's not very exciting but IME the best way to use concerta is this:

    i. Search the net to find the mg quantity of methylphenidate contained in the coating of your tablets.

    ii. Decided what dose you want to take and then fill your mouth with multiple pills and hold them under your tongue until the methyphenidate coating dissolves.

    iii. Now take the remaining white and black capsules and wrap them in a 'pre-injection alcohol swab'. Wait a day or two and youll be able to slice the concerta side (white) from the crap side (black), then squeeze or slice the tablet (the concerta will have gone gooey) and let this be absorbed under your tongue.

    IME - sublingual concerta = fewer side effects (but still crap).

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