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    Shroom tolerance 
    I leave for Amsterdam on March 19th... I had the fortune of trying shrooms recently, and they've quickly become my favorite... Now, I know they are excellent quality and easy to come by over there, but there must be a tolerance of some sort... Does anyone know how long I would have to wait after one trip to trip effectively again? Thanks to anyone who can help...
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    Yeah, shrooms will build tolerance rather quickly. However, that tolerance doesn't seem to be permanent. You can shroom once a month without building any tolerance. I assume that you want to do them several times while you're in Amsterdam, though. I'd speculate that you could get a decent trip after an interval of 3-4 days. You will build a tolerance at that rate, but it probably won't be signifigant if your stay is short. I've found, however, that shrooms are such a special and magical experience that they should be done infrequently. It only adds to the magic.
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    Absolutely God damn right!
    There is a lot of Magic about Shrooms (for me it's now Pure Magic!), so one shall learn how to handle it.
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