Thread: How much is the going rate for Adderall?

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    How much is the going rate for Adderall? 
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    How much would the rate be for Adderall? I am NOT asking where to find it, and I am NOT asking anyone for it, I just want to know that if someone "hypothetically" had it, what would you pay for it? Thanks for the info.
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    I think the street price is $3 for a 20 mg pill. I wouldn't pay that much for them though..

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    2 20 mg pills for 5 bucks

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    I pay 90 cents a piece for 10 mg pills. But sometimes I get them for free. Gotta love friends w/ ADHD

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    my opinion: people paying for adderall???
    jeez....but ive done stupid things as well
    but i see it usually go for free...but i woulnt expect to pay more than .50 for a 10mg... a dollar for 10mg... steep to me...
    but i see it for free...
    whatever man
    i hope you dont think im flaming you, i wasnt...if you think thats what happened...i apologize

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    Posting prices of street drugs posted by PhreeX (20 July 2000 through 20 December 2002)
    Recently there have been a lot of people posting requests for prices of drugs - for example:
    "How much should a vial of k cost?"
    This is getting to be a problem as we are seeing a LOT more of these .. I feel some guidelines are needed ..
    First off, you can't get an accurate price on anything by asking onthe internet - there are simply to many factors that dictate the going rate for illicit drugs .. these include (but are not limited to)
    *) Availability in your area - if you live in a small town, and there are only a couple people selling LSD, then you may pay more if the supply drys up - it's supply and demand
    *) Your source - if you are getting your ketamine from the guy who broke into the animal hospital and has 144 vials, you will be paying less then the kid who buys from someone who has 2 vials
    *) Quality of the drugs - while everyone may call methamphetamine "crystal", you will pay more for the pure white, high quality shit then you will the dirty crank
    *) Location - if you live in Florida (where most of the pill come into the country), you will pay less then someone who lives in Nebraska
    *) Other factors - if your dealer has a crush on you then your price may be much lower then the average .. if there is a massive rave this weekend then your price may be higher then normal ..
    You get the idea ..
    But this information can be valuable - especially to someone who has never purchased whatever the drug in question is .. how is someone who has never done k suposed to know how much a 1g vial sells for? So, I *WILL* allow these "price request" to continue .. but understand that you can *NOT* get an exact price - only a RANGE - you could pay more, you could pay less .. use others input for your information, but don't think it applies to your area ..
    If you want to get a more accurate price range, here are some tips:
    1) Post the AREA in which you plan to BUY the drug .. by this I mean post the CITY - since prices vary depending on area, you can get an IDEA what people in your area are paying ..
    2) Post the exact quantity you wish to buy .. don't ask "how much is ketamine" - ask "how much should I pay for a vial of ketamine" .. give any other information you can - for instance "its the yellow labeled ketaset vials"
    3) If possible, give prices of other, similar drugs in your area - for instance, if ecstasy sells for $30 a pill, you can expect to pay more for a vial of ketamine
    4) If you are RESPONDING to a price request, PLEASE give information about WHERE you are from ..

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    I dunno about you but I can get some for 60 cents for a 10mg pill...

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    As phreex would say, this is turning into a cock measuring contest. I can get them for free too...the guy was looking for a street price!

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    75 20mg pills for 20$. yes you are right it will be come an i'm better then you contest, but still you should close/delete this before the mods do. Don't want to piss them off.

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    In my Highschool, the going rate is 2 20mg'ers for $5. I might be off a dollar in either direction.
    If your lucky you can get it for free, just ask your friend with ADD or ADHD they'll have a constant supply of Rittalin or Adderal or even Dexadrine.
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    Dr Duckbutt
    i can say that 3 bucks a pill is a good deal. i used to be prescribed the 20mg ones and for 75 of them it was like 131.25....and that was from teh pharmacy. keep in mind i dont have insurance though...i am now on 60 of the 30mg pills a month and i dont know the exact cost but its like 150-175 bucks for 60 of them. so in other words, the 20mg pills cost me almost 2 bucks a pill. the 30mg ones are almost 3 bucks a pill. and this is from a pharmacy....

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