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    Mescaline Alcohol Extraction Tek 
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    Hey guys. I lost my password and so I had to create a new account. Anyway, I am currently doing a Mescaline Extraction on some Peruvian Torch powder that I obtained via the internet. I tried putting it into size 000 gelcaps (I estimated over a gram in each gelcap, I had a 'tamper' tool, which compresses the powder so you can put 2x as much in each gelcap), but after eating 30 or so I puked. I ate about 30 more and puked again. I got minimal effects, (slight tracers, music sounded better) but am looking for something more.

    So I searched around and found this extraction method on the net. I am overseas and cannot obtain the chemicals needed for an Acid/Base extraction, so this was right up my alley:

    I recently started trying out an alcohol extraction method, not being ballsy enough for the A/B extraction, and thought I'd share the 'technique' (if you can call it that) that I finally came up with after several wasteful attempts. About halfway through making the stuff (I did several batches), I ran out of funds (i'm a college student) and had to improvise a bit, so there are better/more obvious and easier ways and materials to accomplish some of the steps here.

    What you need:
    -pedro/peruvian torch of some quantity, dried and powdered.
    -91% isopropyl alchohol (you can use grain alcohol, everclear etc., but it gets to be VERY VERY expensive - you use quite a bit of alcohol. using isopropyl only means you need to be very thorough with the evaporation)
    -Glass jars (I used 1 quart mason jars - I will use twice this size next time, but they got the job done)
    -Fairly large glass baking pan (pyrex)
    -Turkey baster
    -razor blade
    -wax paper

    What you do:
    1. Weigh out some quantity of powder and put it into one of the glass jars. If you are using quart jars like I did, 300 grams of powder is about the limit. You need room to add enough alcohol to make it liquidy and keep unmaneagable clumps from forming on the bottom that refuse to mix when you shake the jar.
    2. Pour enough alcohol into the jar to make a soup. Seal the jar. Let it sit for a bit and then give it a shake and turn it upside down. If a bunch of powder is clumping on the bottom and won't mix even with vigorous shaking then you need more alcohol.
    3. Let the jar sit for a day or two, shaking it at least 5 times per 24 hours. The more shaking the better.
    4. Open it up and add fresh alcohol, as much as you put in the first time (however much it took to make it adequately soupy)
    5. Let the jar sit for a day, shaking all the while
    6. Add more fresh alcohol
    7. Repeat this process, halfing the amount of time in between adding alcohol, until the jar is nearly full.
    8. Let the jar sit an hour or so until the dark liquid has significantly separated from the powder on the bottom.
    9. Using the turkey baster, suck out the dark liquid and put it in another clean jar. You want to get as much liquid out without sucking up solid matter. This can be difficult and just takes some practice.
    10. Repeat steps 2->9. You'll notice the liquid that separates start to get clearer. Once the separated liquid is fairly transparent (looking like yellowish-green tinted water) you're pretty much done. You can continue adding more alcohol, shaking and sucking, but I'm guessing gains are minimal at this point. Optionally you can strain the powder at the end with a coffee filter, but this can be messy, and we've already gotten the good stuff with only losing yield in the baster and whatever was too difficult to suck out of the jars. Every little bit helps though.
    11. Pour the dark liquid in to the baking pan and PUT IT OUTSIDE to evaporate. I did this in my room with a fan and two open windows and the smell of alcohol was still overpowering, not to mention that I likely killed off a billion brain cells.
    12. When the amount of liquid left is fairly low, smell the pan. You shouldn't be able to smell any alcohol, which means (I guess) that the liquid left is predominantly water. You can bring the pan in now and set a fan on it which will help it evaporate faster, especially if its cold and humid where you live Ultimately you're left with some black tar-like gunk that's sticky as hell. You should keep the fan on this stuff for at LEAST a day or two.
    13. Using the razor blade, scrape the gunk off the bottom and put it on the wax paper. I found wax paper to be the only surface the tarish gunk doesn't stick on too badly. This stuff can be seriously sticky and it starts to come off all oily on your hands after you've held it for just a few seconds. I read somewhere that adding some baking powder to it can help, but I haven't tried this. My first batch was much less sticky than my most recent, and I think it had to do with my messing up at first and having good amount of the original powder in the pan, so maybe putting some powder in to the final mix is a good idea.

    That's it. Now weigh the black shit and divide like so: starting weight of powder/black shit weight. That gives you extremely roughly how many grams of powder are in each gram of the tar. It's going to be less than that number, of course, but that's about the best and easiest estimate. In one of my batches, I put in 100 grams of powder and came out with 24 grams of tar, so each gram of tar represented about 4 grams of powder. You have some options now on how to consume it. I was broke by this point so I used a school account and bought some herbal supplements in capsules, emptied them out, and put the tar in them. About a gram per capsule, which worked out nicely. I was taking 5-10 capsules and tripping my face off, so so so much more than when I tried making the boiled-down soup and with little nausea to boot.

    Anyways, I hope this is helpful for someone. Remember to evaporate thoroughly, the only uncertain/potentially dangerous aspect of this project is the isopropyl alcohol.

    I found it here:

    It sounds promising. I am about halfway done but have a few questions.

    I used 70% iso alcohol, will this be ok? I assume so, it just means that it would be 30% water that I would need to evaporate, which would take a little more time. I plan on putting it on a heating pad though, to assist with the evap.

    I actually did two batches, one with Bacardi 151 (75% ethanol alcohol), and one with the 70% iso alcohol. Both are doing pretty good, I am on my third wash with the iso and the second with the bacardi. I put about 8 tablespoons (I have no scale) of the powder in the bacardi jar and 5 or so in the iso jar. After the second wash the iso wash is looking yellowish green, alot lighter than the black color of the first wash, which is a good sign.

    Dosage is going to be rather hard though, as I have no scale and no way of knowing how to proportion down the dosage (ie: started with 150g powder ended up with 10g tar, meaning 3g tar would be a good starting dose). Anybody have any idea what a tablespoon of powder is equivalent to? I read somewhere that 2 heaping tablespoons is equal to a 400mg dose of mescaline, but I dunno. I kinda started with that idea, thinking that the 151 would have 4 doses in it and the iso would have 2, but with my previous weak experience I am thinking of just saying fuck it and eating all of the iso tar first hoping to trip balls.

    Also, I read this from erowid:

    If an acid extraction is performed on mescaline containing plant material, different forms of mescaline are produced, depending on the acid used. If hydrochloric acid is used the result is mescaline hydrochloride. If sulphuric acid is used, the result is mescaline sulfate. If citric acid is used, the result is mescaline citrate. And if acetic acid (vinegar) is used, the result is mescaline acetate. Each of these forms has a different molecular weight and therefore well as having a different level of solubility in water (the more soluble it is in water, the more mescaline will be extracted from the plant material in an aqueous extraction).

    The two most commonly produced synthetic forms of mescaline are mescaline hydrochloride and mescaline sulfate which have very similar dosages. Mescaline sulfate is 11% heavier than mescaline hydrochloride, meaning it takes 11% _more_ mescaline sulfate by weight to get the same effects as a certain amount of mescaline hydrochloride.

    If an acid--base--solvent extraction is done on the plant material the result is freebase mescaline. Freebase mescaline is 15% lighter than mescaline hydrochloride (and 25% lighter than mescaline sulfate), thereby requiring 15% _less_ material by weight for the same dose as mescaline hydrochloride. However, most (if not all) extractions end with the freebase being turned into a salt. If the extracted mescaline is not converted to a salt and the solvent is evaporated, it can readily form a salt with the carbon dioxide in the air, forming Mescaline carbonate (molecular weight unknown?).
    from here:

    And so I squeezed 2 limes worth of juice into each batch, with the hopes that the citric acid would help free up the mescaline from the powder. I dont know much about chemistry, and this is why I need your help. It also says that mescaline carbonate is formed when it makes contact with the air, without the aid of citric acid. I figured that the lime juice couldnt hurt though. Also, what about vinegar (mescaline acetate). Could I add some of that to aid with the extraction, or am I trying to make three forms of mescaline (acetate, citrate, carbonate) without messing with a bases and balancing pH. I read that I could add ammonia but I am not trying to mess anything up and hurt myself, if you know what I mean. The whole point of this alcohol extraction was it was easier and less complicated than making sludge snot soup (water extraction) or an acid/base (chemical extraction). But if you could give me a few tips I would really appreciate it.

    Any advice is truly appreciated!!!


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    Unfortunately the alcohol extraction made me as sick as a fucking dog exactly like eating the raw skin.

    The only thing that helped the nausea in any way was a full acid/base extraction.

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    Possibly this could be a good step to do before doing the a/b this would probably make this Acid/Base steps a lot easier (instead of working with a bunch of slimey goo). You still need to extract quite a bit, if the guy was eating 5 grams (5,000mg) to trip (a heavy dose of mescaline is 500mg).

    Or is the acid/base extraction on san pedro really not that difficult?

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    The worst part of a san pedro a/b extraction is the defatting/non-polar solvent dealings. This makes it sooooo much more difficult and takes so much more time. Like I said in your other thread samadhi, letting an acidic aqueous cactus extract (whether boiled down or extracted with alcohol, evapped and adding acidic h2o) sit in the fridge for not even a week will cause all the nasty green slime fats to settle to the bottom so the delicious (riiiiiight but still) golden business can simply be poured off. It is the easiest way to defat the cactus and I have experienced zero nauea from just drinking the golden juice.

    The slime is the only real problem when dealing with cactus and I can't stress enough how much easier ANY cactus process is if you just let the mix sit in the fridge. The fats settle themselves, you don't even have to touch them. After this you could simply drink the juice, evap and swallow the stuff or go through the process of basification, extraction with a non-polar solv then acidification/evaporation very easily.

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    ah so you could do an A/B on the golden juice in order to get pure crystals (I like pure crystals).

    oh I don't want to hijack this thread btw! Please ignore and attend to the OP if you see fit...

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    I've done it with better results than defatting the slime with xylene. Once you throw the xylene into the mix it is SUCH a pain in the ass to get out. And what were you planning on using to salt the mesc sam?

    And ummm, to stay on topic... like I said before the alc tek sounds great (although I would totally avoid using the 151) but the stuff you get after that evaps will be soooo nasty to scrape up and try to eat. It'll work but the nausea will be horrible. Stick it in the fridge THEN evap!

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    I am not so worried about the taste of the resin. It shouldn't be that much to ingest at all, maybe 8 little dime sized balls. I hear if you roll them in flour (or chocolate coat them is my plan) it won't be so bad. Beats the hell out of wasting time packing 60 gelcaps, eating 30 of them, puking, eating another 30, puking, and getting minimal effects.

    Why do you say avoid the 151? Right now I did 3 pulls of each, the 151 and the ISO. The 151 had 2x as much powder in the same size jar (I used two bottles of 151) as the ISO. The ISO is evaporating quickly, and I can see the resin floating at the bottom of the jar as I am evaporating it. It looks promising. All the things I have read say to stick with ethanol and not ISO, as if you dont get all the alcohol out of it the ethanol can't hurt you. Plus, I only did it with 70% ISO.

    Any other tips for me? I will let you know how it progresses..


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    keep us posted...I'm curious to see if you get any nausea from it doing the ISO extraction.

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    I imagine those 8 sticky sized balls of goo will still lay in your gut like lumps of fucking lead tho.

    Good luck

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    Extraction was finished. I combined the bacardi and the iso batches together. It was probably 150-200 grams in between them.

    I was pleasantly surprised! I put the liquid tar (hadn't quite hardened
    yet) into 40 tiny gelcaps (250mg ones that i emptied out) and let it what wouldn't fit sit overnight. I put the gelcaps in the freezer and ate 30 of the gelcaps the next day at 9 a.m. I went to bed (I am in the military in south korea and had staff duty, the day before I woke up at 430 am, and stayed awake on guard until 8 am the next day, got a couple of hours of shitty sleep in between) and then woke up at 11. I looked up at the walls and they were shifting, patterns were really moving. I had a surge of energy. Felt like MDMA as they say, or a few percocets, euphoria comes in 5-20 second waves, really enjoyable. I then spent the rest of the day enjoying myself with my wife, we watch movies, listened to led zep, phish, and the grateful dead. I wasn't hallucinating, in a sense, but the enjoying a light visual trip. I hear mesc isn't as visual as lsd or shrooms, but it can be at higher dosages. I would really like to experience a higher dosage. I then 10 more gelcaps at about T + 3:00. I also scraped about 10-15 Pinky-Fingernail sized balls of tar/resin up and coated them in chocolate and ate them. Went down well, taste of catus was non existant. I noticed a slight increase of effects, or maybe it just prolonged them, about 2 hours later. By the time it was dark, 8 p.m., visuals were non existant and body high was not as intense--still there, just not as much and fading. I started drinking a little bit after I was done tripping and called it a night.

    All in all, not bad. Pretty expensive though, $50 for 500g of torch powder, $40 in two bottles of 151. Got one decent trip out of it and have about 200g left. I want to ingest all 200gs to see where that would take me. Maybe this is weak powder, or I am doing something wrong. I wish I could do an A/B extraction but I can't get all of the chemicals needed, we only have a grocery store and px here (like a shitty shitty kmart). Perhaps somebody could give me some tips.


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    or a gun
    Just wanted to post my experience with this since there is still not a whole lot of information on mescaline extraction via alcohol on the net.

    A few weeks ago I put 100 grams dried Peruvian Torch powder in a mason jar. I did three pulls with 91% iso alcohol for about 2-3 days each shaking every few hours. For the third pull, the alcohol was still not especially clear, but I was in a bit of a rush as I was travelling to visit a friend who would trip with me so I just started evaporating after the third pull. After two days was left with a sticky black goo which filled 22 caps.

    My friend took 7 and I took 11. The trip was probably about the equivalent of my previous experiences eating ~30 grams of the powder. Very nice euphoric buddy high, lots of feelings of empathy, light visuals, lasting about 10 hours. There was still nausea (around 2 hours after ingesting I threw up, and the nausea went away) but it was definitely more manageable than eating the powder straight.

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    Okay, guys, let's not get too overboard with the synth talk, there are other boards for that, Bluelight is not it. I know we generally allow relatively vague talk about DMT extractions and the like but full blown "recipes" are not what we are about here in PD.

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