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    Xanax + Caffeine 
    I'm going to a party in a few days and need something to loosen me up a bit, but I also want energy. Should I combine Xanax with coffee before heading out for the night?

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    that combo makes me SHIT all over the pace, so no

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    Anyone else had any experience?

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    i take xanax and work at a coffee shop and IMO i changed my drinks to decaf because i feel like the caffeine cancels out my xanax but thats my opinion

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    my opiion too which sucks so fucking bad because i love coffee and tea and cacao..........but i CANT STAND the effects of methylxanthines on me and i definatly feel my benzos NOT. its wierd because meth doesnt do any of that to me, and it gets along jsut fine with my kpines. well adderall seemed to get along jsut fine with it tonight as well.

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    Back in the day...i used to drink a rockstar energy drink and take 1mg of xanax and feel pretty damn good. I felt alert and just generally all around good. I havent tried this in a long ass time, but it was aight back in the day. I try to stay away from xanax nowadays

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    It's fine, it somewhat works.

    I've taken a few different kinds of benzos with a bunch of coffee, and you do get the sense of well being still, but with less fatigue. It takes practice to mix the right ratio of caffeine to benzodiazepine, but I've found it ain't bad if you do it right.

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