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    Aryan Brotherhood Documentary On National Geographic Tonight @ 8:00PM 
    Topic is how the gang has become the most violent and feared prison gang.

    How leaders in prison for life are still having drugs sold for them on the outside, and the money given to their families.

    How they smuggle drugs into prison and sell it in prison also for huge profits.

    How the gang is willing to kill prison guards who annoy them.

    How the gang is still racist, but has toned down the racism and focused more on selling drugs, extortion, and murder for hire.

    How the gang has forged ties with the EME aka Mexican Mafia to battle more disorganized black prison gangs, and how the Mexicans and the AB are totally dominating the prison drug trade and extortion rings.

    The gangs relationship with the mafia, and why the police consider it more ruthless and powerful than the mafia.

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    sweet, I hope i can find a torrent of it.
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    Aryan Brotherhood
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    The Aryan Brotherhood, (also known as AB or the The Brand) is a prison gang numbering about 15,000 members in and out of prison.[1] In March of 2006, 4 leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood were indicted for numerous crimes, including murder, conspiracy, drug trafficking, and racketeering.[1] The FBI has stated that the gang is responsible for up to 18% of murders in the federal prison system.[2][3]
    An Arizona Aryan coat of arms
    An Arizona Aryan coat of arms


    * 1 Organization and activities
    * 2 History
    * 3 Relations with other gangs
    * 4 References in popular culture
    * 5 See also
    * 6 Notes
    * 7 External links

    [edit] Organization and activities

    The Aryan Brotherhood is separated into two main groups, one in the federal prison system, the other consisting of numerous AB factions in various state prison systems, notably California, which are loosely affiliated to a greater or lesser degree.[3] Each faction is controlled by a three-man commission, which controls and supervises gang activities.[3] These gangs in the state system, splinter groups or copycats, are usually tolerated by members of the federal prison or California factions, but inter-gang violence is not uncommon.

    Organization at lower levels varies from prison to prison. For example, in the Arizona prison system, members are known as "kindred" and organize into "families". A "council" controls the families. Kindred may recruit other members, known as "progeny", and serve as a mentor for the new recruit.[4]

    Membership generally (though not exclusively)[1] consists of white male prisoners and operates on a "blood in, blood out" system.[2] That is, a candidate for membership of the Aryan Brotherhood must assault or kill another prisoner to enter the gang. Membership is for life, and those who attempt to leave the gang may likewise be assaulted or killed by other members. Members of both the federal and state level organizations swear the same oath: "An Aryan brother is without a care/He walks where the weak and heartless won't dare/For an Aryan brother, death holds no fear/Vengeance will be his, through his brothers still here."[3]

    Like most prison gangs, Aryan Brotherhood members mark themselves with distinctive tattoos. Designs commonly include the words "Aryan Brotherhood", the acryonym "AB", 666, lightning bolts, spiderwebs near the elbow, shamrocks, and other Nazi and/or Celtic iconography.[2]

    Ostensibly organized as a white supremacist group, the AB has since focused on the economic activities typical of organized crime entities, particularly drug trafficking, extortion, and murder-for-hire. According to a recent federal indictment, the Brotherhood has partnered with Asian gangs to import heroin from Thailand. While incarcerated in Colorado in 1996, John Gotti is known to have hired Aryan Brotherhood members to murder a fellow prisoner, although the hit was unsuccessful.[2][5]

    The overwhelming majority of Aryan Brotherhood members were originally sent to prison for crimes not motivated by racial bigotry, such as robbery, drug dealing, and assault, and join the Aryan Brotherhood out of a need for protection or camaraderie.[3] However, members are expected to continue AB activities after being released, and are known to commit hate crimes after joining the gang.

    [edit] History

    Until the 1960s, most prisons in the United States were racially segregated. As prisons began to desegregate, inmates organized along racial lines.[3] The Aryan Brotherhood is believed to have formed in 1964 at San Quentin State Prison.[1] It may have been derived from or inspired by a previous entity, the Bluebird Gang.[1] In the early 1970s, the Aryan Brotherhood began working closely with the Mexican Mafia[2] and began focusing on drug trafficking and other economic activities.[1][2]

    In 1973, the California branch of the Aryan Brotherhood rejected serial killer Charles Manson for membership, because he refused to kill a black inmate. According to Manson's associate Lynnette Fromme, "The AB want Manson to kill a black because black is black. He will not do this and they are against him."[3]

    By 1980, the gang had split into two distinct factions, one within the federal prison system and one within state prison systems. In 1982, an anonymous source gave information to the FBI implicating the Aryan Brotherhood in two high profile murders in the California state prison system.[6] The FBI investigated the gang and its activities through 1989, but no prosecutions followed.

    On June 23rd, 2005, after a 20-month investigation, a federal strike force raided six houses in northeastern Ohio belonging to the "Order of the Blood", a criminal organization controlled by the Aryan Brotherhood. Thirty-four Aryan Brotherhood members or associates were arrested and warrants were issued for ten more.[3]

    Also in 2005, culminating an eight year investigation, federal prosecutors indicted forty members of the organization, thirty of whom were already incarcerated, for a wide variety of crimes. Prosecuting the gang has been historically difficult, because many members are already serving life sentences with no possibility of parole, so prosecutors were seeking the death penalty for twenty-one of those indicted but have dropped the death penalty on all but five defendants. By September of that year, the nineteen indictees not eligible for the death penalty had plead guilty.[3] The first of a series of trials involving four high level members ended in convictions in July of 2006. Two of the four went through a death penalty hearing and the jury deadlocked. Before sentencing federal prosecutors filed a request that once the sentencing was over, the four would live out their sentences in solitary confinement, banned from communicating with anyone except their attornies. The judge refused to rule on the request, telling prosecutors to file it with the US Attorney General and they immediately withdrew. One was sentenced to four life terms, two were sentenced to three life terms, all without the possibility of parole, and one has yet to be sentenced. Some members are still awaiting trial.

    [edit] Relations with other gangs

    The Aryan Brotherhood has had a close relationship with the Mexican Mafia since the early 1970s. The gang also has close ties to biker gangs, non-AB white-supremacist prison gangs, such as the Nazi Lowriders, and active white supremacy groups, such as the Aryan Nations and various other groups espousing the ideology of Christian Identity.[3]

    Because of their alliance with the Mexican Mafia, the Aryan Brotherhood is antagonistic towards the Mafia's rivals, such Nuestra Familia. They are also hostile towards all gangs with a predominantly nonwhite membership, such as the Black Guerilla Family, the Crips, the Bloods, and El Rukns.
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    i find this shit facinating, used to watch that HBO show OZ haha. also the movie American History X is pretty sweet.

    im assuming from what i just read that there is a dfference between the AB and the white supremacy gangs on the outside. it seems like the AB is more concerned with money than racial issues, correct me if im wrong.

    any BLers white supremicists or Aryan Brothers? i would like to hear your side of shit, all ive ever been exposed to is the stuff they show on tv.

    note: im not a white supremicist so dont get all up my ass please people.
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    I am definitely not racist.

    In prison, even if your not in a gang (most aren't), you stick to your own kind for the most part.

    They have a card table for mexicans, one for whites, one for blacks etc.

    Not that people from different races don't talk or trade or even become friends, many do, but in general each person hangs out with his own race for the most part, and 90%+ of his friend are of his race just like most people in the real world.

    Like all "gangs" the AB is a pyramid scheme, with the people on the top making millions, and the people on the bottom having their girlfriends smuggle in drugs, and make the top guys rich for free TV sets that cost $100 in their cell, and other BS.

    Oz is not an accurate representation of prison, more like a soap opera.

    The biggest "gang" in prison that no one ever talks about is the guards.

    The guards make millions collectively selling drugs, tobacco, booze, cell phones, and other luxuries.

    Mainly the AB just has relatives of lower level gang members smuggle drugs into prison, then they sell those drugs to people who have their relatives pay collectors on the outside.

    After low level members on the outside are released they are force to continue selling drugs and paying tribute to those inside prison, otherwise the next time they get locked up they will be killed.

    They are also big on extorting prisoners for food, clothes etc, and other petty prison extortion.

    They do kill many people.
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    Bluelight Crew
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    If any of yall ever seen the movie Blood In Blood Out its about a half white half mexican dude that gets locked up and gotta choose between his white and mexican sides, the mexicans think hes a whiteboy and the whites think hes a mesican so he has a tough time. Iunno how accurate it really is but its a intresting movie and if you into that shit you might enjoy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkerguy

    Oz is not an accurate representation of prison, more like a soap opera.

    i know, haha, but its still funny to watch.

    i dont know what i would do if i went to jail. probably get my ass raped though. im pure though haha so maybe i could get in with the ole aryans and everything would be gravy
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    You wouldn't get your ass raped.

    If anything, joining a gang is only going to increase your risk of getting stabbed or hurt.

    People aren't going around raping each other all day in prison, it does happen, but most sex is consensual believe it or not many gay people go to prison, and will willingly have sex, so usually no need to rape someone.

    I real prison you have a TV in your cell, a radio, you can buy food like potato chips or soda etc.

    You can have a guitar in your cell, they have college classes you can take or get your GED, job programs.

    A minimum security prison which is for 1st timers is like a college campus.

    The channels occasionally available to prisoners at the whim of the prison include:
    ABC* - History Channel
    American Movie Classics - Knowledge Television
    Arts And Entertainment - Learning Channel
    Black Entertainment Television - NBC*
    CBS* - PBS (an Internet feed)
    CNN - Recovery Network
    Comcast - Sci-Fi Channel
    Comedy Central - Superstation TBS
    Discovery Channel - The Nashville Network
    E! Entertainment - Turner Classic Movies
    ESPN - Turner Network Television (TNT)
    ESPN2 - Univision
    Fox* - USA Network
    Fox Sports - VH1
    Headline News

    You can get a TV in your cell for $100, buy those channels for $15 a month, and sit in your cell eating sausage and pepperoni mixed with soups into a nice dish, while sipping home made wine you make in your cell and smoking a cigar, and watching Comedy Central.

    If you has the spare cash to buy herb, you can fill that cigar up with weed too.

    Not so bad as people think.

    It is bad, I hated it, but not that bad.

    I always had at least $1,000 on my books, and I knew people who had $5,000 on their commissary account.
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    Bluelight Crew
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    youre lucky they treated you good in there. i know ppl who aint had half that convenience when they locked up. my boy was wearing contacts when he got locked up and they wouldnt give him solution for it so he had to sleep with them in for a long time even doe it fucks up your eyes hardcore. they had to smuggle in contact lenses for him and he cant get no solution or nothing for em still. i wish my peoples were in your kinda prison lurkerguy.
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    Like a college campus eh? Haha
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    If you end up in a maximum security prison it is really bad.

    If you go to the hole it is torture.

    Are your people in maximum security?
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    Quote Originally Posted by euphoricnod
    Like a college campus eh? Haha
    To be honest it really did remind me of school.

    Even better in some ways because you can watch TV and eat all day and smoke.

    In other ways (no pussy, not going home at night) it was much worse.

    All I can say is that it is very bad for the first month or so, after that you get used to it and you are fine.

    If you assault someone and go to the hole it is like hell on earth.

    If you commit a really violent crime and end up in maximum security 23 hour lock down you will want to hang yourself.

    Minimum security state/federal is not so bad though, neither is county jail if your doing less than a year.

    Being in the army is worse.

    The #1 thing that determines what makes it good/bad is how much money you have, just like real life.


    I am a criminal, and I first got locked up at 12, so I am used to all this, I guess it is different for everyone.

    I was just saying it is not like you go into prison, get your ass gang raped, then get thrown in a dungeon for 5 years with bread and water like some people seem to think.

    A bunch of fucked up shit goes on in prison, sometimes you have to go on lock down and lose all privileges because some ass hat sucker punches you, or your block decides to riot or clog the toilets in protest.

    For the most part, if you mind your business and have some money on your books you can get through your time.

    I just hate it when people ask me how many times I got ass raped or how many black people stabbed me etc and all the stereotypes people have about prison.
    Last edited by lurkerguy; 04-03-2007 at 22:02.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkerguy
    Being in the army is worse.

    haha, but you have a neeto gun to play with

    that doesnt sound so bad i guess, still wouldnt want to go in. if people dont get raped and shit then why does the media ect. portray it as such? or does this happen in maximum security prison but not in minimum? im assuming for things like drugs or w/e first offense or first time in jail your going to min security.

    i spent about a week in juvi, but that isnt really shit. like we were just treated like little kids, thats all... nothing bad. the guards or 'counselors' were there for us to talk to and to make us feel ok about the whole thing as much as they were there to make sure we didnt fuck around.
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    I did 2 years in the juvenile system and it was worse than the adult system.

    In the adult system they treat you like an adult in the juvenile system they make you wake up every day at 9AM etc and go to school in the adult system you can sleep all day and watch TV.
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    I don't get the NGC.

    Time to call Cox.

    I've been missing very much, I'm sure.
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    It has some great stuff, and it is in HD.
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    i love how racists get dealt with. there was a rally for neo-nazis within eyeshot of my college campus. it was hysterical to watch.
    ^this was also hysterical to watch
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    Every prison gang is racist.
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    Bluelighter Pharcyde's Avatar
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    man that commisary list had a shit ton ofcheap stuff on it, cheaper than county jail!
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    Electronic Music Discussion
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    Naggerz , jews, homosexuals, Mexicans Ayrabs and all kinds of different chinks stink, and I hate em!!! White Power
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharcyde
    man that commissary list had a shit ton ofcheap stuff on it, cheaper than county jail!
    State prison is always cheaper than county jail.

    County jails gets their commissary shipped from state prisons.

    Up state you don't have to wait for delivery either, they just come around with a cart and you get it the same day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StarOceanHouse
    Naggerz , jews, homosexuals, Mexicans Ayrabs and all kinds of different chinks stink, and I hate em!!! White Power

    Then you got your Chinese people, comin' over here talking dat silly ching chang chong talk... I can't under stand you... go back to where you came from... white power!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkerguy
    County jails gets their commissary shipped from state prisons.
    Ours came from Bob Barker Inc. vacuum sealed in plastic bags
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    Hahaha, I guess other states do it different.

    That bob barker is a bastard prison profiteer.

    Did you ever see those bob barker chuck tailor rip offs?

    Or the toothbrush that might as well be wirebrush?

    The only thing I ever ordered was pepperoni, sausage, hot cheese, cup noodles, and beef jerky.

    Mix 'em up in a potato chip bag with boiling water and you had an awesome meal.
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    only jerkey fer me too man, I stole fritos and everything else I needed
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