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    getting high on suboxone 
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    I tried searching maybe i just suck..but im on suboxone.. and i deffinoitly have a desire to shoot up still.. like i just WANT to do it and i kno i wont get high due to the suboxone.. is it possible to get high on heroin while on suboxone? see i would just stop taking the suboxone but my moms forcing it in my mouth every morning like she watches me put it under my tounge.. i dont kno whats wrong with me.. i wanna stay clean and stick with it..but i wanna get high so bad.. thats what i kno how to do.. is use... help

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    How many milligrams do you take a day? if you take 8mg or more it'd be possible but kinda hard and pointless, you'd have to shoot 2-3bags and even then it wouldn't be that great.

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    see im on a suboxone schedule.. today im taking one 8mg in the morning and another 8mg at night.. than tomorrow it gets lower.. even tho im on it.. i just wanna get high soo bad .. i guess its all in my mentally addicted to heroin as well as physically ya kno?

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    Just shoot some saline. Same effect, no wasted dope.

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    ^true. It takes much longer for the psychological addicition than the the physical one to disappear. You will possibly have cravings for the rest of your life, but they go away just as they strong and you will do well with your treatment...

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    man i sure hope so i feel pretty shitty right now.. i just keep getting the case of the fuck its ya kno

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    Ritual de lo habitual. CBT teaches users to prepare shots, go right up to the moment of injecting Sounds wierd and perverse but it really does help break the connection between needles & getting high. In the meantime, sure, shoot water. You wouldn't be the first...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocklobster
    Just shoot some saline. Same effect, no wasted dope.

    can you please explain this saline shooting ??

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    People get as addicted to needle use as they do to the drugs themselves. Shooting an inactive substance relieves the immediate need and the mind loses the connection between shooting and getting high. Like I said, sounds wierd but its helped a lot of people.
    Jillian, I notice you have had some tattooing done. Does that needle give you a buzz?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jillian Marie
    .. is it possible to get high on heroin while on suboxone?
    definetly, dose dependant. someone i know is on 2mg a day, and i know for a fact he can still get high.

    but dont you want to stop doing it?

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    Smoke Some Weed

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    it sounds like you need to decide if you want to be high or sober. will you die if you keep getting high? do you want to die?

    just my 2. hope you feel better

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    I'm about three days into suboxone to get rid of my affection for OXY......hang in there........I know it's no fun

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    what is the feeling/effect like from suboxone?

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    dont shoot up when on that amount of suboxone! if its anything like burophene(sp is so wrong) which ive heard it is your alot more likly to od even if you know your limits. suboxone blocks the opiod receptors and herion will compete with it to get to them. if u shoot as it wears off you wont feel anything, youll shoot more bags even thouhg its more then ur used to. finally after the suboxone wears off enough all of the h will hit at once making it easier to od. research a litl to see if it is but ya thats wat i think. id go with shooting saline or something such as that. the posters before have pretty much explained it all before.

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    the effects/feeling of suboxone is more like what feelings it removes/covers/alters............It reduces or eliminates the withdrawl uglies........IF used as perscribed. From what I'm reading here, people do manage to abuse it, although my current interest is to get opiates and narcotics behind me..........too much to live for to "drape" reality.

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    Break the cycle, you are ALMOST THERE. Alot of us here would be glad to have taken the steps you have. It is admirable what you have already done, and to crave is to be human. Its up to you if you are going to let this treatment work, or if you are going to go back to being a junky.

    When will you decide?

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