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    Smoking weed w/tobacco?? gOT SICK 
    Im in Eastern Europe and the people who smoke weed here they smoke with tobacco and they put ALOT of tobacco in there blunts..SO I tried it and I got more of a nicotine poisoning and I felt very very dizzy and sweaty..

    So is it normal to mix weed and tobacco?

    I told my buddy that I dont wanna smoke with him because they put too much tobacco with the weed.

    So in other wods...I felt sick rather than being stoned or I use to when I smoked weed straight.

    And I think the reason peole here mix alot of tobacco with there weed is that they are scared...There wusses so to speak..

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    Ummm... no... nothing to do with manlihood.

    Blunts (defined as a cigar shell packed with weed) is generally considered to be a monumental waste of weed... or at least, it's considered to be a bit of a waste between most of the people I know. Besides which, if you're getting high quality weed, you probably don't want to blast it in one go.

    As such, many people will smoke joints (rolling paper with tobacco and weed) as a social thing. Arguably, it allows you to appreciate the weed over a longer period while making it easy to share amongst a group.

    Admittedly, if you're not keen on the tobacco thing, perhaps hitting a pipe or a bong will be more to your liking.

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    i'm from asia and we do the same thing here too. people usually put 2 cigs per spliff here where i live. i roll using only one cig, 1 cig is okey i think, it doesnt hurt your throat that much, doesnt ruin the high.

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    Tobacco will ruin the wonderful bud taste

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    I think that people who mix tobacco with a little weed are scared..There prolly scared of the weed effects or something..

    There are a bunch of "chickens" that are scared to smoke weed by itself.

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    Looks like you answered your own question.

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    If you do happen to add tobacco to your weed always remember to toast the cigarette. This consists of heating the cigarette slowly and blowing air through it thereby evaporating most of the nicotine in the cigarette.

    Where I'm from we can only get hash, very rarely weed, so we are forced to smoke with tobacco. I would never smoke a joint if the tobacco wasn't toasted beforehand; toasting it takes away the awful nicotine high and makes it taste more neutral.

    When I get weed I never mix it with tobacco, I only do it with hash as I need some sort of "smoking medium" to blend with the hash.

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    Heh, a unit gets sick from the tobacco that everyone else is smoking, and calls everyone else a pussy. Oh, internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redeemer
    If you do happen to add tobacco to your weed always remember to toast the cigarette. This consists of heating the cigarette slowly and blowing air through it thereby evaporating most of the nicotine in the cigarette.
    dont do this, dry tobacco burns faster, waste of shit

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    I think you smoked too much full flavored tobacco. Next time you smoke put some light tobacco and only 2parts tobacco 1 part weed. Or 1:1 if you want. I think thats what probably happened. Usually the nicotine buzz compliments the weed buzz. Make sure you roll evenly so that some places have only tobacco and some only weed. Tobacco is usually added because 1. it makes it burn more nicely and even 2. It maes the high better 3. Some people thinks it taste better, some people the contrary, I like a little tobacco with mine 4. They instead of smoking a spliff and a cig seperate (to feed their cravings) they just combine it.

    Anyway, yeah smoking weed with tobacco is almost exclusively the only way they smoke in Europe. Next time don't use a blunt. Blunts are a huge waste of weed. Also they burn really fast when you roll blunts and so if you have tobacco in there, you tend to get it all at once, like one hit tobacco.

    So yeah best thing is to use light tobacco 2 parts (about one cigarettes worth, though cigarette tobacco is nasty, use loose tobacco in a can or something) and 1 part weed if its good quality or mids. For sometimes mids or always shwagg use half tobco half grass. Its not so much the high and taste of the tobacco, but the fact that it makes it burn in a way so you don't have to relight it and it burns smooth and even. If you don't like the tobacco high or taste, use ultra light tobacco, menthol adds a nice taste if you want too if you dont like the feel of smoke in your mouth.

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    In australia almost everyone mixes 1 cig with 1.2g of weed, we "chop up" here which makes the weed much finer, then blend it together and smoke out of a is a very different feeling to just straight weed but its what i grew addicted to over 4 fucked up years. Everyone who smokes cigs should at least try this once, but if you dont like cigs you'll probly spew or something.

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    <<< Another Aussie
    and yes even spins with tabbacco here

    I dont even smoke ciggies but i chop with cigs (daily smoker)

    I mix less than most though about 1 cig to 2 grams of weed
    any more than that and i feel sick
    I find it burns a lil better smoke doesnt Tickle the back of my throat as much Last a little longer and I dont really notice it being any weaker

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    Around NE USA, it's all blunts, and doesn't waste much. If it isn't "gottied" that is. A gotti would be a whole cigar dumped out a, leaving a shell, completely stuffed with weed, that would waste a lot. But just the shell used to roll the weed is what's popular. Joints are almost always straight up, but occasionally I may put tobacco to keep it burning longer and that I need my nicotine.

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    <-- Australia - everyone I know mixes tobacco with the weed. Usually around 1 part tobacco to 1.5 parts weed - depends how people like their MIX though. It doesn't hurt your throat as much mixed.

    I started off a straight smoker for a looong time then took up mix and i love it.

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    So anyway....I told my friend that I ONLY and ONLY going to smoke weed by itself without the stupid tobacco...

    It just makes me SICK like a dog from the nicotine...I told my friend that instead of being high on weed....I get nicotine poisoning!!!!! and sometimes it makes me barf and I get the cold sweats...

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    Let me explain something about this, since I've got some experience with this.

    Ok, so I have some old cuban cigars that are old and pretty much dead in my mind, half burned and its just not fun to smoke anymore. So I split them open, and got the leaf out. First time I did this I think I used too much, but damn was I fucked up.

    Let me explain first time, and the times after that.

    So, I've been smoking cigarettes off and on for a while, a year or 2 now, something like that, I'm pretty used to tobacco and I like getting my nicotine fix and rarely get any sickly feeling from it, except sometimes with cigars. Anyways, I had these old cigars, like I said, and I took the leaf from them. I ground up the leaf, moreso cutting it down with a razor blade, and then packed it with some weed into a small joint. Went out and smoked it. Damn did it feel good, went down smooth, gave a little tingly burning sensation in my mouth / throat, nothing bad. The weed took out all my urge to feel sick from the immensly potent tobacco leaf I had (full of nicotine, tons of it). Anyways, at the end, I felt a small urge to cough, and then when I was coughing, right after, it was small coughs, I puked right in front of me, thankfully didn't get any on me. But I experienced a nicotine overdose, common when you mix weed with tobacco, you take out the nausea that warns of a nicotine overdose. Anyways, its not too bad of a thing, you throw up, and your fine after. Ahh man though, I got wicked hungry after.

    Anyways, after doing it a few more times and with just as much, if not more tobacco leaf. The joints, and blunts, they went down smoother, got awesome highs, ontop of the fact I noticed when mixing the potent tobacco leaf and the weed, my eyes didn't get red... odd, but thats what happened for me.

    I'll tell ya this, think of a good nicotine buzz, like smoking a cig wicked fast while standing, then add in the relaxing, anti-nausea feeling, and you got the best high, well in terms of weed, my favorite is still crack and opiates, but weed and tobacco is pretty chill.

    Cigarettes don't work too well with combining with weed to get the like huge nicotine dosage and the feeling of exhilaration that you get. Go to the store, buy a really good $20 cigar or something, like a Montecristo or Romeo and Juliet, or an Al Capone. Or if you want to be a bitch, get a pack of rum dipped Al Capone Cigarillos, those kick ass. Smoke a joint, then smoke the cigarillo, whole thing, will go down fast, being high makes me chain smoke. You'll get a decent feeling, but mixing the tobacco with the weed in the joint is awesome, make sure its good tobacco leaf in the joint, otherwise, its not that great, if anything at all.

    Well, just my thoughts. Like for every amount of weed your doing, do 1/3 that in tobacco, and remember, good leaf. Mix it up good so you get it evenly distributed, and remember, put a filter, makes it way better, eases the burn.
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    dude, if tobacco and weed makes you puke then you are the pussy, not us folks that spin the two together...if you don't like it, don't smoke it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landoallah
    dude, if tobacco and weed makes you puke then you are the pussy, not us folks that spin the two together...if you don't like it, don't smoke it.
    Lol, throwing up from a nicotine overdose doesn't make you a pussy. I was at the end of this joint I was smoking that I packed a lot of tobacco into. And I smoked it too fast is all and held it in deep and long, the weed neutralized the nausea. Only happened that first time. I smoke GB's mixed with tobacco leaf now no problem.

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    Having grown up smoking my pot with tobacco, like most Australians, I always mix 60/40 (green/brown). Over here it seems more of a cultural thing than anything. Dunno about the rest of the world? Everyone has a different take, some claim the weed burns better, some say it hits you harder, etc.

    I find that if I smoke straight, it is a lot harsher on my lungs and I cough a fair bit after pulling a cone. The more often I smoke straight, the less I seem to cough.

    A mate of mine stopped mixing after he quit smoking ciggies, said he gets real bad cravings for a smoke. I remember reading something a while ago that suggested a lot of marijuana "addicts" are actually addicted to the nicotine more than anything and they don't even realize cause it's just so commonplace over here to chop up a mix.

    Nicotine poisoning, even a mild case, is fucking horrid. If you're not used to smoking your brew with tobacco (or if you're not a smoker), I have seen many a poor guy/girl become quite ill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley
    Nicotine poisoning, even a mild case, is fucking horrid. If you're not used to smoking your brew with tobacco (or if you're not a smoker), I have seen many a poor guy/girl become quite ill.
    Ya, I agree, the thing that I've found to remedy it is simply a caffeinated drink, cold though so it calms burn in your throat. I like to drink a mountain dew or a redbull if I start to feel sick and then in a few minutes I'm feeling fine. The cool thing though is that short term nausea that you get sometimes when you get really nicotine buzzed, thats nice, but the like nausea feeling from inhaling too much from a cigar by accident, or swallowing the tobacco spit that builds up in your mouth. When I'm on coke and I smoke a cig, I always tend to swallow the tobacco crap in my mouth eventhough its really bad for you, but I don't realize cause I'm a) so high, b) mouth numb, and c) don't tend to feel the nausea from it. But when I have, because of the whole not eating + doing coke (decreases appetite), throws your stomach in a whirlwind, and the nausea from the tobacco you swallowed or smoked too much of just gets to ya.

    Like, with weed, when your high and you keep smoking cigs, you may get a nicotine poisoning but the weed knocks out the feeling of being ill. Like, chain smoking works out well and if your like a couple minutes or more between cigs, you'll be fine, but if your talking about mixing a lot and taking huge hits (you will only get sick if you a) smoke alone, b) pack alot, or c) empty stomach + comedown from other stuff). But ofcourse, when your on coke, you smoke so much you don't realize it, and you don't really feel any nicotine buzzing at all. I mean, if I do crack or I do coke, and I smoke a few cigs, odds are I don't really feel much unless im on the downer from it. Remember, nicotine acts on serotonin, endorphines and dopamine in your brain, so its basically affecting same shit as coke which is why you don't realize it since coke blocks the receptors. But I've noticed that when I don't smoke a cig, then I don't get as more of a rewarding high in my mind.

    With weed, you gotta smoke to help invigorate it, changes the high, but the like off balance sedation feeling from a good quality nicotine buzz can stick with you a lot longer on weed. With coke, gummy's kick ass (coke on the filter of cig and licking your lips), and cause a little numbing on the back of my throat sometimes (if you put it right onto the filter's end, not just the sides - smoke filters through the cellulose but also through the coke built-up on the end).

    Anyways, I'm fucked up right now on a ton of ritalin waiting for some coke later and getting some cigs, I've been out for a few days, pisses me off, nicotine calms me down from a stressful week. But ahh man, TGIF!

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    question answered, nothing more required. 
    Middle finger
    Are you American by any chance?
    If so that explains it, Americans cant seem to get their heads around the idea that putting backy in your weed makes it better, makes it last longer, makes it burn better and as the other guy said, if u got high grade why blow it all in one go?
    It has nothing to do with being too 'scared' of the weed effects in the slightest! you would get laughed out of england. There is NO fear involved in it, if there was, we just wouldn't smoke it fool! I have quite probably done far more drugs on a one night bender than you have (or could even hope to try to) in your whole life and no it s doesn't make me a 'druggie' because don't do that all the time.
    so to answer you're question it makes you feel sick because YOU are the pussy.
    fucking tard. and there is no point in trying to message or mail me if u are offended because i never go on this site, i found your idiotic question on google.

    If we wanted to smoke our weed without backy we would. but we choose not to. and so does the majority of the world (even if you think america is the whole world, coz its not) open your mind pussy boy or try calling us pussies to our faces.

    once again.. YOU FUCKING PUSSY! ooh pussy boy cant hack the backy! hahahahahhahahahahaha get out of my sight fucker.

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    ^Wow... errrm.. Way to join up to bump a 2 year thread to insult someone.. you deserve a medal

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    [email protected] guy

    but back on topic....

    I add baccy cos the skunk i get doesnt burn alone Horrible tho, cos my throat always burns the next day...

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    i mix mine because it gives it a ncie even burn and i also get my nicotine while getting high i personally like doing this killing two birds with one stone am i right or am i wrong...

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    here in france, i usually put 1/3 tobacco 2/3 weed, and it is not cause im afraid weed, im a HUUUGE weed lover, but first of all i don't wanna waste weed, and when u put some tobacco in it it burns much more better.

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