Thread: What's the difference between synthetic heroin and "normal" heroin?

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    What's the difference between synthetic heroin and "normal" heroin? 
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    I came to think this matter while browsing the DEA's drug scheduling page. There are couple of chemicals called synthetic heroin and then "normal" heroin:

    other names: PEPAP, synthetic heroin

    other names: MPPP, synthetic heroin

    other names: Diacetylmorphine, diamorphine

    I thought there were just one type of heroin and that the basic heroin is a synthetic opiate. I'm a bit confused... could someone explain me this?

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    well neither of those 2 chemical names are really heroin.... as you see heroin is under "other names" as in, all those idiots who call oxycontin "synthetic heroin" well that stupid slang name is also given to those 2 chemicals.... I don't know the first, and the second is MPPP, which I've heard some about, and its definitely heroin.

    summary: "synthetic heroin" is used as shitty (and inaccurate) slang. That shit isn't really heroin. Heroin is heroin is dia(cetyl)morphine

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    The first two are Demerol (meperidine) analogues. They are to be avoided.

    Heroin is a semisynthetic drug made from acetic anhyrdride and morphine, which comes from poppies, a type of flower. Oxycontin is also derived from poppies but using a different synthetic chemical procedure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helios.
    The first two are Demerol (meperidine) analogues. They are to be avoided.
    indeed. you might recall the famous incident of the MPTP heroin.
    some fellow attempting to create "synthetic heroin", a.k.a MPPP, botched the job and ended up creating a lot of the neurotoxin MPTP instead.

    that's reason enough to avoid any of that.

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