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    average xanax dose? 
    Was just wonering what an average recreational xanax dose was.

    i took 4 mg's for my first time and thought it was pretty fun...dont remember much after i smoked a blunt though

    just wondering cuz i wanted to know if my experience was low average or intense

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    ^haha, what a wonderful idea. I take 3mg at a time and I have been taking it for years.

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    24 mg !???!?!?! you wanna send him to the hospital or what ? 4mg seems way enough mate.... hell i felt good on 0.5mgs and a beer...

    well since you already took 4mgs you know what to expect from a 4mg dose... increase or decrease from how you felt... but please dont do 24mg !! god !

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    ^ Wow, you're quite quick on the pick-up, aren't you? Bet you're a hit at all the parties, being quite an intellectual fellow that you are.

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    sorry... i just dont think dosage recomendations is to be joked with... you never know what might happen or who is reading it and how seriously they can interpret you...

    i know you were joking ( its not like your teenage humor was hard to decode ) i just wanted to clear things up on xanax dosage recomendations.

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    Teenage humor? Well, you use teenage capitalization (or lack of). Like apples? How do you like them apples, huh?

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    4mg at once is a high dose for me, and I have been taking them for awhile. 2-3mg at once is recreational usually, depending on tolorance.

    Edit- When I first started taking alprazolam, 1.5mg was a good starting dose.
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    1-2 mg is a good dose to start with IF having no tolerance.
    I know you can take more, and people do all the time and think theyre having a blast, but the next day you will more than likely regret it in some way because of the fact you cant rememember *anything* you did the previous night. The amount of "xanax users" to "people who have a xanax blackout story" is probably roughly equivalent, lol.

    With tolerance, go up, but breaking double digits of mg's on Alprazolam would be ridiculous no matter who you are, not needed.

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    ^ breaking double digits, dont you mean breaking single digits since i dont think anyone could take more than 100mg and and be around to tell even though alprolozam has a High LD and even if they did they wouldnt remeber any of it guaranteed

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    "Breaking double digits" means going 10mg and up. 100mg is tripple digits.

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    ^ oh duh ya i didnt even think of that. lobsta, also i have found out that the LD for xanax is 331-2171 mg/kg. so i dont think anyone on the earth will be able to reach that dosage unless they raid a couple pharmacies and eat every xanax in the place

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    Sounds like a challenge, that's what it is.

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    I don't think it's that hard to achieve...just get 10 grams of alaprazolam powder and a huge syringe (20cc's should be enough) and slam away...=p

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    Recreational dose:
    -2mg, or
    -1mg with 1-2 beers

    Therapeutic dose:
    -0,5mg when needed (panic attack)

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    most ppl i know who take xanax take 2-4mg at a time, some just like 1mg but drink with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staypuft
    I don't think it's that hard to achieve...just get 10 grams of alaprazolam powder and a huge syringe (20cc's should be enough) and slam away...=p
    hah if someone ever did that they probably wouldnt be able to get the needle outta their arm bf they black out and fall asleep for the next week hah

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    4 mg for the first time?! Do you remember anything at all?

    Damn, I'm such a lightweight, if I do 1 mg I'm sure to black out for the entire night. .5 is all I can handle. I don't do it all that often though.

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    Depends how big you are, for my size pretty intense (135lbs), 2mg my first time and i was set fine, but if you are in the 200s for weight it was probably a moderate high

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    Tolerance is a bitch though. I started with 1mg and now a recreational dose for me can take upwards of 6mg. And i only use them like once or twice a month but im usually trying to get plowed when i take em. Not good advice but start with 1mg or so depending on empty stomach, alcohol intake, other drugs. Dont combine with opiates and if you do dont do your usual amount of either. Shit gets dangerous quick

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    I find 2mg by itself or 1mg with some drinks enough to get adequately buzzed.

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    this very question has been asked and answered many times...

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    don't start off with such a high dose... you will kill your tolerance. I have a friend that started with 3mgs and now she needs to take a crazy amount to feel anything.
    Start off with .5mgs, some tagamet or beer and a blunt.

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    ^^^^ he's right... My first I started with 2, the another 2, smoked. Had 2 beers.... Took another 1...... Was pleasant till I couldn't stand up or think straight. And reaping the aftermath today.... Less is more IMO... Don't rush it

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    I've only ever tried to abuse xanax recreationally a few times. I'm so sensitive to the hypnotic efects of the drug that 1mg will make me sleep for 12 hours straight through. About six months ago I beacme physically dependant on after about 12 days of using it to induce sleep, using like .25-1mg doses. From what I see my friends take I would say for the average person 2-4mg usually does it for a recreational dose, although i've seen people with extremely high tolerances injest up to 16 mgs in a single dose.

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