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    Question: How long do these certain opiates stay in your system? 
    Just a few questions for you guys. I like asking you guys questions cause you seem to have knowledgable answers.

    How long would it take for heroin to get out of your system if someone did 2 bags one day? What about 2 bags 2 days in a row? What about if they did one bag? How long would it take for one bag to get out of your system? What if you did one bag 2 days in a row?

    Same question with methadone, what if someone took 40-50 mgs one day? Or maybe 2 days in a row?

    Same question with morphine, how long would it take 30-60 mgs to get out of your system if someone took it just once? What about taking it for 2 days in a row?

    And the same question with Oxycontins? What if someone took 40-80 mgs just once? Or what if someone took 40-80 mgs 2 days in a row.

    I am doing a study for my Drug Dependancy Psychology class and I know how long marijuana stays in your system as well as most of the other drugs, but I wasnt sure about opiates. If certain opiates stay in your system longer than others, and how quick someone who is already prescribed lortabs can get the above out of their system if they dont have any of the drugs mentioned above in their system, and just take them once or twice, how long it would take for their system to clear enough to pass bloodwork. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dude that is a lot of fuckin questions....

    Opium 24-48 hrs
    Heroin 1-4 days
    Opioids/Morphine 84 hrs (at least)
    Meperidine 4-24 hrs

    Check this out, it will help you alot

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    I was down to less than 2 bags a day before I got off heroin and I passed a drug test about 32 hours after my last bump of it.

    Of course I am quite thin and I had sweated(?) and vomited quite a bit in the time, but I was still surprised.

    I was even more surprised when they didn't detect any MJ and I had hit my vaporizer maybe 40hrs earlier, and I use daily.

    Does suboxone show up on any drug tests? If it does show up, would they know it was buprenophrine or could they mistake it for something else?

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