Thread: 15 mg methadone?

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    15 mg methadone? 
    I have a small blue pill that says 15 on one side. On the other side I can't quite make out what it says, it has very small indents.

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    It must be a 15 mg morphine.

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    could also be oxycodone ir

    it could be anything but it def is not methadone

    more info would be needed to make an absolute ID

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    I think its 15 MG morphine sulfate made by purdue (ABG), or i think its just something that deals with morphine.....


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    It could also be this morphine sulfate XR 15 mg...

    Or a whole slew of other morphine IR, XR, or MS Contin. It's morphine 15 mg for sure.

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