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    Not everything worthwhile in life is going to hit you over the head to let you know it's worth.
    sure, that's why I enjoyed datura flowers smoke even if it's a weak subbtle high.
    thanks alot for your anwser, that was really interesting.
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    Interesting thread. I am planning on acquiring some calamus root and dagga flowers.

    And yes, catnip is worthless and tastes like burning hay

    Also, Genaro's post about Mammillaria was interesting. I actually bought one of these (and what I think is San Pedro) at a nursery, but I just thought it looked nice. Maybe someday I will have to do something with it. Plants of the Gods says that most species contain hordenine and at least one species contains n-methyl-3,4-dimethoxy-phenylethylamine. Any knowledge of these chemicals would really help this thread.
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    Ugh! Calamus root... don't bother. That's a nasty, nasty plant. Very nauseating and painful in the stomach, with very little actual mental effect. Not only is it a waste, but you'll wish you hadn't taken it. At least that's my experience.

    And for me, dagga flowers did absolutely nothing. But then again I'm a daily marijuana smoker so I may have been unable to notice anything. However, I'm usually very able to distinguish subtle buzzes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastandbulbous
    I've tried yohimbe (C. yohimbe) total alkaloid extract (mostly yohimbine - from using ethanol/water mixture) and it is a quasi-psychedelic in that it does produce a mild psychedelic/stimulant type effect, but it has definite pros & cons. The pro would be touch and propioception enhancement and the con would be increased tendancy towards anxiety or manic behaviour. I'd say yohimbe/yohimbine and either a low dose of GHB/GBL (1g/0.7ml) or benzo would produce a much more effective aphrodisiac type effect.

    It can give some aspects of psychedelic visuals, but not classic geometric type figures (my wife was left with an intense starburst filter type effect with anything bright). As for timing, when it comes to aphrodisiac use - drink tea/swallow capsules at the same time. When I tried it, I took mine about 5 mins before my wife and we just couldn't synchronize our moments of 'chemical lust'.

    It did produce a very real but bizzare dream filled night afterwards (reminiscent of harmaline); I don't know if it's the rainforest association (Africa instead of S. America), but my dream was very vivid and was about a large powerful mammal. As I said, I don't know if the S American link of jaguars to yage type drinks influenced it a lot, but my memory of the dream is as vivid as those described for yage.

    My experiences with yohimbe exactly. I take 25 or so drops under the tongue in the morning and again in the afternoon to keep school interesting.

    Check out the saffron thread in BD.
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    calamus root don't bother tried it heaps of times.
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    Just acquired some lion's tail from my local zoo. Yes, it is psychoactive, but not worth trying. My sinuses closed almost instantly, and I eventually felt mental effects that are pretty much everything I don't like in weed (with the exception of paranoia and increased heart rate, as neither of these occured). I just felt really stupid. Couldn't focus on homework or anything else for that matter. Just a really blaa feeling. Kinda like alcohol without the fun. Possible vasodilation as well, but again, not very enjoyable.

    BTW, I felt stupid for about 8 hours after smoking a bowl. This may be a problem especially if you smoke too much expecting to get "high". No motor coordination problems or tracking difficulties though. My wife didn't get much out of it, but she has a high tolerance to almost any drug.
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    I can feel noticable psychoactive effects from ginko biloba (i think it's similar to a low dose of mescaline, but lighter), gotu kola (pertty trippy), catnip (relaxation), kava (weird, in higher doses i can see similarities to mescaline as well), passion flower (fairly sedative) and damiana (which after smoking some with girls, it seems apparent that the effect is definitely stronger with them). With combining I trip out pretty decently on ginko + gotu, or passion flower + catnip.
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    I have one question...

    What dosages of mescaline have you explored?
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    If you're asking that in pertainance to my saying those herbs are similar to mescaline, i need to stress a low dose, very low.

    But I've done a good amount, i had san pedro skin powder and have done like 80 g. and took 2 pills (approx. 350 mg.) 4 hrs apart.
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    I've yet to explore any truly low doses of mescaline.

    Very interesting... I used to take dotu kola daily and definitely noticed subtle effects at times, mostly a stimulation and euphoria while in nature and exercising at the same time.
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    So does anyone have experience with silene capensis? Evidently it's an extremely potent african dream-inducing root. Several reports claim it's much more effective than calea, but it's very expensive.
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    I have found kanna powder to be effective when a small pinch is snorted. I never got to try out any extract of kanna tho.

    I have taken kava in an extracted yellow paste only, and had a nice time with it.

    3g of Sinicuichi 10X made for a wickedly foul tasting tea (very strong taste), but the smoke was tolerable and effects were noticed.

    I found wild dagga to be completely ineffective, and was a pain in the ass to clean the thorny buds for smoking.

    Blue lotus was an absolute favorite of mine for a long time. I would make an extract that I would smoke in small amounts similar to opium, or would dissolve a small ball in a cup of hot lemon water. I would get a mild- moderate buzz (in comparison to something like MJ) that would be sedating and kind of happy-go-lucky as described by a close friend who would frequently indulge with me.

    I know I have tried others, but these are the only ones you wanted to know about.
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    my experiences:

    kanna: effective mood elevator when smoked.

    wild dagga: no effects. used a 10x extract (smoked, tea)

    sinicuichi: no effects. tried it many years ago, can't remember how much was used or method of use.

    blue lotus: I'm one of the minority of users that finds this stuff worthless. I've used tea (made from fresh flowers and stamens), extract, and two different tinctures. Tried it at various doses, with and without alcohol. No effects I couldn't attribute to placebo. But yeah a lot of people like it.

    lagochillus: I was looking forward to trying this one, but it was totally inneffective. Made a thread about it here

    prickly poppy: worthless

    kava: definitely works, but if you take too much it can give an alcohol-like hangover. I'd rather just drink alcohol personally.

    I ordered some supposedly high-quality saffron after reading that saffron thread, but the site I ordered from takes FOREVER to ship. I'll post a report though after trying it.
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    Rennie. Available from Boots the chemist. BE CAREFUL. Rennie is for experienced psychonauts only.
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    Beware of sinicuichi. Some people seem to have an adverse reaction to it, which causes extreme muscle pain and flu-like symptoms. I am one of those people, and I had the worst reaction I've ever heard of. The short experience report is here on Erowid:

    It was the most drawn-out and painful experience of my life, in all honesty. This includes breaking bones. It happened a number of years ago but was published last year.

    The pain lasted for two full days (which had not passed yet when I wrote the report), and on the third day I decided to drink some kratom, which completely cleared it all up within 20 minutes. Now kratom is a worthwhile herb. The lowered pitch of music lasted for almost 4 days and I began to think I'd never hear properly again. It was making me seriously depressed for a while because no music sounded at all right. The sound effects reminded me of DiPT only much weaker and less dischordant.
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    Xorkoth-this may sound a bit callous but your reaction is actually kind of interesting. It almost sounds like you didn't have an adverse reaction per se, but it seems the effect of sinicuichi were greatly magnified for you. I know this is unlikely but have you tried smaller doses? I know, I know, "Of course not you fool..."
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    there is a tree that contains alkoloids simular to iboga called voacanga africana
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    Nah, I didn't try it again after my experience. I couldn't put myself through that again willingly, and there's a decent chance I would if I tried. It was a lot more horrible than my experience report seems to suggest, and at least half of it was thinking I had fucked up my hearing forever. As a music lover, that would have been devastating. Of course now I know that wouldn't be the case, but still, the pain was unreal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by genaro
    I'd like to experiment with new ethnobotanicals, meaning worthwhile ones

    Valuable ethnobotanicals include:

    Marijuana (of course!)
    Ayahuasca (DMT plants such as psychotria, mimosa, yopo and the like and IMAO plants such as harmala and caapi)
    Mescaline cactii (peyote, san pedro, peruvian torch, and other trichocerus species)
    Psilocybin mushrooms
    LSA seeds (morning glory, HBWR and ololiuqui)
    Salvia divinorum
    Amanita muscaria (not that worthwhile but I thought I should mention it as it is definitely active)
    Poppies & "opium like" plants (such as kratom, blue lotus, wild lettuce...)
    Stimulating plants (such as khat, coca, ephedra, guarana..)
    And let's add solanaceae plants (such as datura, brugmansia and such ) because even if these are very dangerous and quite unpleasant stuff that I wouldn't recommend to anyone, one must agree that these are still very effective stuff.

    Now, does any of you have PERSONAL experience with other valuable ethnobotanicals ?
    ...not plants that I mentionned, not dmt plants, something really new.

    I ask this questions because lots of plants descibed as "psychedelic" or "hallucinogen" turn out to be some weak uninteresting stuff or even toxic material and I'd like to know about people's own experiences with more or less unexplored plants.

    What about kanna, kava, sinicuichi, coleus, lagochilus inebrians, leonotis leonorus, unripe mulberries, yohimbe, calamus, galanga, damiana, voacanga, tabernaemontana, scirpus atrovirens, silene capensis (aka xhosa dream root) and many other rare ethnobotanicals ? (the list can be quite long, just check the book "plants of the gods")

    Please post if you are able to affirm that any rare ethnobotanical is VALUABLE or NOT VALUABLE.
    And briefly descibe the effect: dosage and route of ingestion? stimulant? relaxant? Inebriant? euphoriant? hallucinogen? deliriant? affects dreams? any spiritual/psychedelic potential? any recreational potential? any discomfort or toxic side effects?

    I've experiemnted with various ethnobotanical products- acacia maidenii extracts (DMT-no need to explain) Salvia divinorum, marijuna etc . . . Some of the other ones I've used are:

    Damiana- Smoked, usually with cannabis, it seems to help potentiate some of the visusal aspects of weed, and a bit more euphoria. As a tea, it is mildly relaxing, works the same with cannabis, and definitely enhances dreams. I find it VALUABLE as it replaces tobacco in my mix, tastes nice when smoked and drunk- but really has only mild psychoactive effects.

    Mugwort- similar to above, more dream enhancement though. Also used as a dream pillow. VALUABLE

    Lions Tail- euphoria inducing herb, green with orange flowers. Short lasting efects that are quite mild. I've only smoked it- it seems to decrease some of the more sleepy/dopey effects of weed, but tastes shit.

    Passionflower- good for mixing, makes a relaxing tea. Also works as a mild MAOI so it can increase the effects of tranquiliser drugs (people claim it can also increase the effects of psychedleics as all MAOI's do, but I don't really agree).

    Kava- very relaxing, either drunk with milk or chewed. I've found it has softened the effects of LSD trips (in a valuable way). A nice muscle relaxant. I enjoy drinkinhg a heaped teaspoon or more ina shot of baileys, it seems to go nicely with a bit of alchohol. Slightly nauseating, but highly valuable. A genuine anti-anxiety natural product that appears to have very few side effects (except from habitual overuse).

    California poppy- alledged to have an 'opium' like effect (it really doesnt) when smoked, and more sedtaing when drunk as a tea. I find that it does little.
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    Sorry to dig this up... but I've obtained some kanna powder from a good source. I was wondering from someone with experience what the best way to ingest this is, and what a good dose is as well. I have heard that insufflation of the powder is good, but I'm a bit leary of putting plant material up my nose. I'd prefer to try it orally, but does it work well that way?

    Thanks! I feel like there was another ethnobotanicals thread somewhere that would have been better to dig up but I can't seem to find it.
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    ^yo! i've tried various ways of using kanna.. it's said that the traditional use is to stick a pinch in your bottom lip, i used this method first, sucked on a quid while i washed boats at work, it was pretty enjoyable.. work went by great/fast, came off to me as a good mood enhancer

    i tried snorting it also, didn't get much of anything from this as it was a real annoying experience, felt like a bunch of hay caught up in my nose and i ended up blowing my nose for the next 30min trying to get it all out, seems as if the effective doses weigh too much for insufflation to be very effective, unless you can withstand lots of material in your nose.. or perhaps splitting the dose out into small portions to then snort.. that i did not try though

    smoking didn't do much of anything except the usual light-headedness that can probably just be attributed to inhaling smoke

    swallowing quantities in the same weight as the chewing quid seemed to produce almost the same effects.. though it lasted no where near the same amount of time.. seems as if when you chew a quid you span out the alkaloids getting absorbed more efficiently over a longer period of time..

    effects are subtle at first but you'll notice quite easily if you keep an eye out, good general senses of well being and and overall sense of "contentness" with whatever activity you may be doing, the stuff doesn't taste bad at all once you get the material into a ball like chewing gum, i'd try out that method and the normal oral way
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    Cool, I was directed to a thread at eDot to peruse and pretty much arrived at the conclusion that I should try it sublingually with a tiny quid. So I will! I'm hoping it will be a nice thing to give me a boost at work on an as-needed basis... sometimes I start to feel pretty down in the middle of the day at work, and that's where I run into troubles sometimes.
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    one of my favorite botanicals right now (well its actually a mix) is the spice gold smoking blend and all the spice-a-likes.
    A very pleasurable high thats similar to marijuana.
    poppies are great too
    as are kratom, hbwr, mgs, trich cacti
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    blue lotus (nelumbo, not nymphea), leonotis nepetafolia and leoneurus, scelentium tortousum (and another variety I cant think of off hand) acorus calamus, anadenathera snuffs, tricho cacti, pedicularis species and many other ethnobotanicals are worth while. It seems many people get old or poor quality samples; freshness is key with all ethnos...
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    Salvia is a mind fuck but deff a worthwhile one if only once. It was the first drug I ever took PERIOD. Here's my trip report of my first time

    Also if you've never done it here's a video that'll give you a good idea of what a breakthrough trip is like. The video is actually about DMT but it's very similar to a salvia breakthrough. is by far the best visual representation of my first breakthrough that i've ever seen
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