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    Anal Administration (Eneme/Plugging): A Complete Guide 
    How To Administer Opiates or MDMA (Ecstasy) Via Anal Administration [i.e. “plugging”, “enema”]
    The following procedure can be done with any opiate or MDMA (ecstasy) pills. Other substances could possibly be used as well however, it is recommended that you stick to just opiates and ecstasy in terms of anal administration.
    !!--Before you begin following these steps, be sure to take a nice, healthy shit beforehand. If you don't, you run the risk of your fecal matter absorbing your solution and getting your syringe all covered in shit.--!!

    1. Get a 10ml syringe (without the needle), or buy a enema kit at a pharmacy/grocery store and use the syringe from it.

    2. Get 40mg - 60mg of morphine tablets and crush them up into a super fine powder. If using MDMA (ecstasy), then simply use one ecstasy tablet to start with.
    Mod note: 40-60mg of morphine is a high starting dose for an opiate naive individual, especially since the rectal bioavailability of morphine varies and can be upwards of 3x that of the oral BA. A safer starting dose would be 10mg rectally. Once you know how that dose effects you then it can be adjusted accordingly.
    *-Remember, that you can't spend too much time on crushing up pills for an enema. The finer, the better.

    3. Get a small bowl (as small as possible) and measure out 15-20ml of warm (not hot/cool/cold, but warm) water and pour it into the bowl – This applies to opiates.

    *-If using MDMA (ecstasy), then you may need to add a bit more water than you would for an opiate. Try 15-20ml of warm water like you would for an opiate, stir, and inspect the solution to see if the solution is too thick from the crushed ecstasy tablet. If it is too thick, add 5ml of warm water to it, stir, and then it should be fine. (If adding the extra 5ml of warm water is done, you will need to perform the enema twice to get all of the solution administered if you're using a 10ml syringe. If using a larger capacity syringe, then you may be able to get it all in one draw.)

    *-The warm water helps convert some of the active alkaloids to become more absorbable. (This applies to opiates only.)

    *-A general rule of thumb for water amount in accordance to pill mass/amount is 10ml of warm water per 30mg. (This applies to opiates, but may also apply to MDMA [ecstasy] as well. If not, an extra 5ml of warm water should be suitable for an ecstasy tablet.)

    4. Take the crushed pills and add it to the warm water.

    5. Using a straw, coffee stirrer, etc, stir the solution a bit until it dissolves.

    *-Not all of the powdered substance will dissolve, this is normal.

    6. Once dissolved, stir the solution up again to make sure there isn't powder settled in the bottom, and while all the powder is all swirling around, quickly draw up the solution into your syringe.

    *-You won't be able to get every bit into the syringe for the first draw, so you will have to come back and do a second one which I will explain how to do in the following steps.

    7. If there is any air in the syringe, push it out. Not that it really matters, but it could cause some gastrointestinal discomfort/pressure.

    8. Using a sex lubricant, lotion, petroleum jelly, etc, lubricate the entire syringe being sure to focus a lot of the tip of the syringe where a needle would normally go. There is no need to lubricate your butthole, but you can if you wish.

    9. Go somewhere where you can be alone, and yet occupied, for instance, lying on your bed watching T.V, reading a book, playing a video game, etc. Just be sure you're lying on your side, and have something to do for the next 25 minutes or so. I'll explain why in next step.

    10. Take your pants and underwear off and lie on your side, slightly arching your back to cause your butt to stick out. Don't arch much, just barely.

    11. Insert the syringe. If well lubricated this isn't painful in the least bit, just a tad uncomfortable is all. Slowly slide it up in there and avoid twisting it or wiggling it.

    12. Continue to insert the syringe almost until it reaches the plunger part of the syringe. You pretty much need to get most of the syringe in there to get past your anus so it can get in your anal cavity where all the veins are.

    13. Slowly squirt the solution in there. You will feel the warm water running down the inner 'walls' of your anal cavity and if you use warm water (which you should) it is kind of pleasant. (Yeah, fuck you homophobes who would like to make an immature comment about that.)

    14. Once you've completely squirted the solution in there, slowly slide the syringe out.

    15. Once you've pulled it out, remain on your side. Do not roll over, move, stand-up, or anything. Lay on that side for at least 25 minutes but to ensure it has completely absorbed, 35 minutes is recommended. This is why I suggested lying in front of a T.V., read a book, play a video game, etc. so you can have something to do while you wait.

    16. Once your waiting period is up, you may stand up.

    Congratulations, you're done!

    Regarding the solution that is left over in the small bowl that wasn't able to be drawn into the syringe during the first draw:

    You can either prepare another enema for it, and repeat all the steps or you can just drink it.

    *-If you decide to just drink it, to get the most out of it, drink it on an empty stomach. That way you've done the most efficient ways to administer the substance and in combination, will provide a pleasant experience.

    *-If you decide to do another enema on the left over solution that was unable to be drawn into the syringe during the first pull, add only 5ml of warm water to it.

    *-40-60mg of morphine, or one ecstasy tablet should be plenty but if not, adjust the dosage to accommodate your tolerance and preference of intensity.

    *-If using MDMA (ecstasy), always start off with one pill, regardless of your tolerance. You never know how strong your body may react to the enema, and you also need to keep in mind that the ecstasy is more than likely cut with other substances.

    *-It should go without saying, be sure to clean your syringe after each use.

    Side Notes:

    -You should begin to feel the effects within the next 10-20 minutes after absorption has completed.

    -The come-up is slow, but smooth and gradually build to a very nice euphoric opiate high. The same applies to MDMA (ecstasy).

    -I seem to find that there is little to no itching whatsoever when administering it via enema and that the effects are substantially increased in comparison to any other method of administration, minus intravenously. It even beats IM, in my experience.

    -Using MDMA (ecstasy) there is not much noticeable difference from just swallowing it other than the level of intensity the enema administration provides. However I noticed the sex drive was much greater than in comparison to just swallowing, or even snorting the ecstasy tablet.

    Alternate Methods of Anal Administration:
    If you don't like the idea of doing an enema style administration, or you simply can't obtain a suitable injection device, then you might want to read this section of the procedure to see if the alternate methods suit your needs better.

    “Plugging” - Simply Inserting The Pill.
    You can simply stick the pill up there, or gelcap it and pop it up in there but there are some factors that may sway you back to the enema idea. I'll discuss.

    Simply shoving the pill in there requires that you lubricate the pill which can damage the pill causing the active alkaloids to possibly bind to the lubricant, making it to where the veins in your anal cavity cannot absorb it, or absorb a small percentage of the substance.

    *-Simply popping the pill in there is a highly ineffective method of administration in terms of anal administration.

    Your anus has virtually no acids of any kind to dissolve the pill, unlike your stomach does. So this means that even if you didn't lubricate the pill and managed to get it in there (ouch), then the pill would sit there, like a rock, in your ass for hours until it dissolved, if it dissolves. You would feel it too, just sitting there.

    *-Your body will try to expel it, too just from natural contractions.

    Finally, you gotta stick your finger all the way up your butthole which is severely disgusting and awkward if you were somehow caught. Imagine explaining that one, as to why you have your finger up your ass.

    *-Not to mention that your fingers have fingernails which could cut, or scrape your butthole which would sting pretty bad since your butthole is a very tender and sensitive spot.

    Gelcapping The Powder To Insert.
    You can't just use any ole' capsule that you have lying around that you've emptied it's original contents so you can refill it with your desired substance.

    *-Gelcaps are made from one of two sources. Animal or vegetable.

    *-Most gelcaps you will find are made from animal which is highly inefficient in terms of anal administration.

    Like just popping the pill in there, if you used an animal based gelcap then it will sit there, struggling to dissolve in your anal cavity. It might not even dissolve at all. And your body will also naturally try to expel the capsule.

    If you find vegetable based gelcaps, then they dissolve much better than animal based ones but their downside is naturally, absorption rate.

    Usually, if one has gotten to the point to where he or she is comfortable in trying anal administration, then one would assume he or she would want to ensure it wasn't all for nothing, or it wasn't as strong as it could have been.

    *-Anal administration's best method is enema. It's already in liquid form, so no dissolving, the veins in your anal cavity suck it up like a sponge so you virtually absorb all of the product. This also makes come up significantly faster, and 'hit' harder.

    As one who has tried all three methods of anal administration using morphine sulfate instant release, and various MDMA (ecstasy) tablets, I can definitely say that the enema is the best choice and should be chosen above the alternate methods unless an enema is completely out of the question for you for whatever reasons.

    Side Notes:
    *-If you're worried about it hurting or something, I promise you it doesn't hurt. Once you begin to insert the syringe and inject the solution, you're in, and out in 30 seconds to 1 minute. It's over before you know it.

    *-There is some discomfort but hardly any of it is physical discomfort, but more psychological discomfort of being a straight male, with something in your butthole that you placed there. Any straight guy, or girl, would be uncomfortable while being done. I sure am.

    *-The procedure isn't in any way homosexual. However while it is being done, a straight male's or female's natural sexuality begins to become uncomfortable which is totally natural.

    *-Suck it up, take a deep breath, and just do it. Your mind will thank you for it.
    Written by: panthrax
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    Moderators, please excuse me if this is better fit in another location. I had some trouble determining where it should be posted, so I just went with this forum. I hope I made the right decision.

    I hope someone learns something from this guide.

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