Thread: Can I just EAT a poppy pod and get high?

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    Can I just EAT a poppy pod and get high? 
    Like, bring them to school and eat them like I was eating an apple. I'm not sure HOW bad they taste, but it sounds easy and kind of fun. Just a thought.

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    you mean put them in capsules and swallow them? THere's no point in that, if I've already ground them up, then I'd make tea. Does the tea have to be hot though? Or can the alkaloids diffuse into it if it's cold too? Would eating the whole damn poppy pod get you any higher than tea?

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    Caps don't work FYI. Tea is the ONLY WORKING METHOD.

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    Yeah..I;ve done it plenty of great

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    bradshaw, your post confuses me.

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    im pretty sure capsules would work if the the matter was ground up and then taken with a lot of water... essentially you are making the 'tea' in your stomach?? and as we all know morphine and codiene are water soluble and should be present in his stomach, i guess the real question is will the time it takes to melt the gel tabs and absorb the opiates into your system be efficient enough to get him high (as i presume that is your plan) if not please do not be offended.

    ^^srry im really fucked up... i hpe this all makes sence.

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    I have eaten the grounded poppy straw before and felt pretty sick with a headache, and even had visual and auditory distortions, as opposed to driking a tea in which I didnt get these nasty effects. Is there a reason for this? Maybe alot more of the bad alkaloids get into your system besides just the morphine when you eat the grinds or the stomach acid could have something to do with the grinds.

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    ah, thank you.

    are there any alkaloids that DON'T get absorbed in the tea, i.e., alkaloids that are not water-soluable?

    Heheh...I can't WAIT for my pods to get here!!!

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    Yes, you can definitely swallow pod grounds and get great effects. You might get slightly stronger effects too. Grind the pods up really fine like you would to make tea, mix them in some juice or whatever you like, and drink the mixture down. I almost always consume my pods this way lately. It is easier than making tea and I personally find grounds in some sweet liquid to be somewhat easier to get down than the foul tasting tea. You may find you get more nausea this way though. Try it and find out which method you like best.

    The idea of eating a pod like an apple as you described it pretty funny but would not work well at all and would be extremely unpleasant. Like I said you have to grind them up really fine.

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    yeah, i like that idea Somnidex.

    Btw, on average, how long does it take for you to peak on poppy tea? or whatever way you take them, plz specify. I dosed my second glass 5 mimutes after my first glass, and that about 25 minutes ago and i don't know if i feel anything. I shouldn't have smoked weed.

    Can weed bring any unpleaseant effects on poppy pod tea? I only smoked it to prevent possible nausea, it worked i guess. I shouldn't have smoked pot the first time trying it heh.

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    Somindex i used to be able to eat up to 25 pods like that only fresh , and someones are just good for tea unless desperate (too thick skin)

    I saw this pic of an afgan farmer eating it like an apple and i baptized it the apple-technique , works fine just eat small bits and chew very well.

    there is a big difference in high and effectivenes

    it might take up to 2-3 hours to come up on an empty stomach (usually 1 - 2 for me) and will last at least 2x as long as any pod experience (duration more akin to done , will be a bit less intense but different feel , more stimulative and more happy for me).

    well anyway i want to say for maintenance it's very effective or if you have fresh pods go for it (freshies arre 2x as strong as dried) and because you ain't heating it , no alkaloids will be lost (also feels if there is more in there than just the standard experience , lesss intense but more if that makes sense)

    be warned don't get addicted to using poppies this way , it wil give very bad nast nasty Wd bit like a combination of pod tea and done (i can only imgtaine since i never had significant amounts of it)

    once more chew really well , preferably small little fresh pods (like the ones with a light color usually like lime green) , and don't take too much! when i started of 6 little cherry sized pods were enough to get me high

    and it's an excellent combination with weed i might add

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    Quote Originally Posted by motts
    Caps don't work FYI. Tea is the ONLY WORKING METHOD.
    complete bullshit.

    if you eat the alkaloids, you eat the alkaloids.. bottom line. however you decided it wouldn't work, i don't know.. but if you just used your noodle for about 2 seconds you would see how stupid that is.

    i've eaten dry pods before. it doesn't taste good, and they're hard to chew... but it does work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmael
    Like, bring them to school and eat them like I was eating an apple. I'm not sure HOW bad they taste, but it sounds easy and kind of fun. Just a thought.

    Can you really eat a poppy pod like an apple? I expected them to be like pods, with seeds in them. Not solid or vegetable like.

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    man read my post

    with fresh ones everyone can do

    and with tender ones (lime green usually smallish) it's like eating some very bitter tasting fruit

    only you can expect to chew 30-40 min on 10 decent (medium size ) pods

    otherwise you will waste or puke

    I never succeeded with dry , props funksoul for being a man :P

    But its no myth im gonna look for that pic now that kind got me nto opiate addiction
    this afgan farmer munching on a golfball-sized lanced pod

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    haha.. dude, i did that when i was pathetically addicted to the pods. i used to drink tea, then keep like 5 extras in my car and eat them at work or in between classes.

    it is pretty impossible to chew and swallow dried pods unless you have a big carbonated soda. even then, you have to chew a LOT.

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