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    Adderall (amphetamine) drug test 
    I know that for marijuana, drinking a lot of water will not flush out your system becuase TCH isn't water soluable. It will only dilute the sample a few hours before the sample is taken. But, will drinking lots of fluids a few days before a drug screen flush out amphetamine metabolites?

    I took 40mg of Adderall on Sunday about 1pm, and I have a drug test around 12pm on Wednesday.

    That do ya think?!

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    Was it XR or IR? It should pass through your system rather quickly, as far as I know amphetamines are not lipophilic, and will pass rather quickly. I think you should be fine...40mgs isnt that much and if you dont take it often it shouldnt show up, if you took the XR version...the half life is a little longer because of its formulation, but still think you have enough time. A GC might pick it up, but an EMIT wont, the standard immunoassay test. If it is a litmus are fine, I take Adderall legally and it doesnt even show up on those shitty litmus tests.

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    You should be fine. Drink lots of water to be safe.

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