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    Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled 
    So I'm scheduled to get my wisdom teeth pulled in early January and am aware that they will be perscribing me some opiates but I am curious as to what the strongest drug is which they will perscribe for this operation. Many people I talk to get either hydrocodone or percocet but one person recently posted on here that a friend of his got OC 10's. I really hope I can convince them to give me some Oxycontin.... so basically, I'm just wondering how common it is for them to persripe OC and what you have experienced?

    Either way,, I'm pretty excited about the operation! lol

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    I doubt they'll give you OC's for a wisdom teeth extraction LOL! Probaly the best you can hope for would be some 10 mg percocet.Probaly more like5 or 7.5 percs though. Or even worse a few 7.5 vics. Sorry. Act your ass off and tell them before hand you have no tolerance for pain.

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    IMO, a dentist SHOULD prescribe a OC 10 instead of percocets, but usually they only give u a decent script of 7.5/500 lortabs instead....what you do is(after filling the hydrocodone of course) is say that they don't help for pain and just give u headaches....then they usually will either try something weaker(tramadol) or something stronger(percocet)....usually, if u use the old "hydro doesn't work" trick, they step you up to percocet 5s or if you're lucky, maybe some perc7.5s....

    later hope this helps...
    (PS. dont expect oxycontin unless your dentist is actually educated on pain managment)

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    Yea lol I'm planning on just acting it up as much as possible and I'm going to go to my doctor after filling w/e they give me (hopefully not hydro) and telling her that they aren't working.

    Thanks for the help all. Anyone else? I'm getting all four pulled by the way and having a root canal done sometime around the wisdom teeth operation... do they give you anything for that?

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    yea they might give u something for a root canal if its bad enough, but nothing over lortabs im sure.....oral surgery such as wisdom teeth removal is pretty serious and painful, so alot of people do end up getting percocets after first being prescribed hydrocodone or of luck!

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    Good luck I just had the same problem and had to beg them just for 7.5 mg vicodin instead of the regular 5 /500. When I got my wisdom teeth out I just got codein.

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    Got perc 5's for my wisdom teeth, I guess theres really no way to know what you're gonna get.

    good luck, i hope you get 40's at least

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    Gettign all four pulled is the way to go, at least you don't have to go through it twice.. It'll be more painful and, I can tell you that you shouldn't be excited about it because of the drugs. It is a painful fucking experience and noone I know has gotten anything better than percoset for it(my doctor was a dick about it and only gave me vikes). Regardless you will definitely need whateverr pain meds you are prescribed. I agree wholeheartedly that dentists/oral surgeons should take pain management more seriously. I got addicted to dope after I broke my jaw and the oral surgeos wouldn't give me anything stronger than hydro syrup(my jaw was wired). Needless to say it didn't help with the pain and I went through the bottles very quickly and it didn't help the pain much if at all. When the doctor wouldn't give me anything better, even after(probably especially after) I told him of my tolerance to opiods, he just basically said tough luck. So I sought relief and in the process developed an addiction I am just now(2 years later) becoming able to deal with through bupe. Sorry I rambled, but I have a lot to say about docs who are too afraid of narcotics/ignorant of addiction to truly help their patients. Basically you shouldn't be excited about any kind of surgery due tothe prospect of getting a sript out of it. I know ppl who have gone so far as to hurt themselves/pursue a ridiculous surgical option just to get that script and that behavior is very unhealthy. I'm not trying to scare you the pain won't be too bad but you will be laid out for a day or two and be very thankful if you've got any pills leftover(force yourself to deal with the pain instead of over medicating so you can save them for a rainy day). btw If you're gonna scam pills out of it you do have the basi strategy down, just don't expec too much.


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    shit, when i got mine out i got an IV of demerol and script for 30 percs plus 3 refils on a huge quantity of vicodin 750....i guess you could say thats where my love affair with opiates begain lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by einsteinium
    Yea lol I'm planning on just acting it up as much as possible and I'm going to go to my doctor after filling w/e they give me (hopefully not hydro) and telling her that they aren't working.

    Thanks for the help all. Anyone else? I'm getting all four pulled by the way and having a root canal done sometime around the wisdom teeth operation... do they give you anything for that?

    i dunno about the not working say you feel some relief but still feel (buzz word=breakthrough)pain. also ive heard acting allergic to certain ones (not deathly allergic, just a rash or something) will warrent other (stronger) pills.

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    Lol Johanneschimpo.... Me too!!

    jRok.... Didn't mean to offend you man. What I meant, more clearly, was that because this is an operation to improve my health it would be wise to get done, and although there will be pain, I'm trying to look on the positive side of things and looking forward to some relatively free opiates.

    B240C.... Are you serious?! That sounds like a more appropriate treatment. Let us hope my doctor is as caring as yours.

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    No ethical Oral Surgeon would prescribe a continuous release pain medication intended for intractable pain for something that hurts for a couple days. Even Oxycodone is too much for Wisdom Tooth removal. 5mg of Hydrocodone should suffice just fine, perhaps 7.5 if you get a dry socket. If you go asking for Oxycontin, he might give you Tylenol Three if you are lucky.

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    dry socket is also a good way to get more meds in about a month after

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    @einsteinum- No offense taken whatsoever, just felt like it was something I needed to say.

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    A trick I pulled about 2 weeks before the surgery was going to the doctor (the doctor not the dentist) and complaining alot of the pain. I said I wasn't able to sleep at nite, and the pain was just unbearable. That I was all stressed out and had tried everything including orajel, and ibuprofen. I said my mom had given me 2 tylenol 3's and they didn't help at all. Than the doc ended up giving me 25 7.5 mg vikes. And its completely different from the prescription my dental surgeon gave me.

    Just something worth trying maybe. Remember don't ask for any specifics, just be concerned how you can't eat becuz of the pain, and get ur story togethor before hand. I said my gums felt like they were being cut with razors.

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    They will never prescribe OC's for wisdom teeth removal... End of story

    You will get Vicoden probably at best. Which isn't all that bad because it really doesn't even hurt, so you can save them for later.

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    When I had my wisdom teeth removed (all 4 at once, it really sucked) I was given Halcion pre-surgery, nitrous throughout (not enough IMO, I was pretty aware) and a big script of Tylenol 4s to go home with. The tylenol 4s didn't touch the pain, and the next day I made sure to call my dentist and let him know. He told me to come down, took a look in my mouth, and sent me home with a massive script for 50mg demerols....

    Needless to say, I was a very very happy camper for the next week or so... Demerol outclasses oxycontin for me, only thing that compares is dope.

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    Wow, every one here should consider themselves lucky to get any opioid. I had my wisdom teeth out more than a decade ago (when I was a teenager). My bottom two were severely impacted according to x-ray, so they had to cut my jaw, shatter them with a dill and take them out bit by bit. I ended up with two dry sockets and permanent nerve damage...and a script for ibuprofen (that's it).

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    Riemann, my bottom two were the exact same! My dentist showed me the pieces of my teeth that they shattered at my checkup and I just about puked right there... I can still remember feeling those instruments against my jaw and the banging, gives me shivers!

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    if you're willing to admit drug use and tolerance to painkillers

    a dentist might prescribe you something stronger than usual (t3's/percs)

    best of luck the sick role

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    When i had mine removed i was just about a month clean from an oxy habbit. I told my oral surgen this and that i did not want ony opiates for the pain. My mother, a doctor, who was well aware of my pill habbit said she thought i would need somthing stronger than most people cause of my tolerance. My oral surgen agreed with her and wanted to give me perc 10's. Like a junky is gunna say no when they are insisting on perc 10's. So needless to say i got right back into opiates.

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    (Towards EsourceR-)...a good one would, but in the U.S. it's usually the opposite, and one gets pegged for "drug seeking behavior". Just the other there was a lady in the E.R. complaining of back pain (after a recent disc surgery), and the attending MD remarked about "drug seeking behavior", and I replied, "Of course she's exhibiting drug seeking behavior- SHE'S IN %&*@# PAIN!"
    That kind of shut him up for awhile...
    If you act all scared before they do it, and you tell them that friends told you of their (bad) experiences, and of your low tolerance to pain (esp. of the eye or tooth type), they'll probably give you descent 'script for Vikes (7.5mg), or if you're lucky Percocet 5 (or 10's). Just dress conservatively and act like any normal person would when thet're having their teeth pulverized...
    It all depends on the dentist...

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    I got 30 5 mg Percocet and 30 800 mg Ibuprofen (OH JOY!!! I LOVE IBUPRFEN..... ) But the Percocet.... I could see getting Oxy if you had a very, very, very, nice dentists dentist, but I doubt you'll get more than percocet or vicodin.

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    I got nothing. Well, 45 600mg Ibuprofren. Didn't even bother to get that filled. Through other ways, the pain was managed, and I took a week off of work and it turned out being the best week of my life. Sitting around, getting pinned, drinking milkshakes (WITHOUT A STRAW... do NOT fuck with that) and hanging out with some chick (who I ended up getting a dry socket from while making out; see the straw comment). You don't want a fucking dry socket. Be careful.

    To this day I still don't understand the lack of pain med I got when I had my teeth out. My sister had hers out when she was 15 and got 30 Vicodin HPs.

    and also, embrace it. Enjoy your time off. No one expects you to do a goddamn thing when you have your wisdoms pulled, so don't!

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    I would really complain that you fear you will have trouble swallowing pills because in the past, you had some mouth infection and couldn't swallow anything. REALLY STRESS THAT YOU CAN'T SWALLOW PILLS, luckily you will get some liquid oxycodone. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I got 20 5/500 percs, then complained of more pain, and got 5/500 vikes.

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