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    First Time: Amanita Muscaria 
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    Time of Experience: December 25, 2004

    Dosage: 1/2 Oz Siberian Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

    Last year, I ordered some Amanitas from an online dealer. I ordered an ounce of the shrooms and recieved them about a week later. I saved them until Christmas, since many of the aspects of xmas originated with the shamans of Northern Europe. I thought it would be the best way to celebrate the holiday.

    I ate a half ounce of the big red shrooms, by them selves. My room mate made a sandwich out of his. The taste wasn't too bad, however worse then the fresh psilocybin mushrooms I ate earlier that season. I smoked a small bowl of cannabis with a friend of ours that was chilling with us. Mostly because I didn't want her to be left out and there wasnt enough shrooms for her too. They began to come on within about 45 mins, a general mellow, sedated feeling came over me. It was distinctive from the cannibas buzz[which was mild at best] After a few minutes I became very naseous, and actually threw up. I held the vomit in my mouth and swallowed it. I was determined to not lose any of the mushrooms. I went into the bathroom to take a piss, and as I was staring at the wallpaper over the toilet, and felt as though I was being sucked into it. The pattern filled my vision. I knew then that I was peaking.

    We went upstairs and I laid down on the bed and we put on a Richard H Kirk album, "Virtual State". The ambient, electronic music was the perfect soundtrack to the experience. I was very sedated, and our friend asked my why I looked like I was about to cry. I explained that that was one of the effects of Amanitas. My mouth was also very moist and I was sweating like crazy.

    I entered a dream-like state. My head was filled with visions. They were all fast paced and moving very quickly. Utterly unlike any other drug I have done before in this respect, although it resembled the dream-states I experienced during my first few DXM trips. Clouds, birds, and arabic patterns filled my mind as I lay on the bed.

    This lasted about an hour before I fell into a deep sleep. My dreams were extremely vivid, exactly as I've heard about dreams during an AM induced sleep.

    Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I see myself trying it again in the future, once I have the money to spend on entheogens again. I'm interested in trying the Amanita Pantherina[as I beleive its called] as it is supposed to contain more of the psychoactive chemicals found in the amanita family.

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    I have enjoyed an experience with crystalline muscimol, albeit accidental (UTFSE for accidental and muscimol for my trip report), that was pretty good.

    Apparently, A.Pantherina is some degree more actually toxic than is Muscaria, or it seems to be, and it is VASTLY more potent, I would start with no more than 500mg dried, cured shroom at first, to be safe.

    You needn't have swallowed your barf, just let it go, A.Muscaria is known for puking, and the effects stay strong even when the chunks are blown

    When I do amanitas, I make sure to piss in a bottle, then a quick boil with HCl or glacial acetic acid to denature proteins and the like, then basification/extraction with a nonpolar solvent to yield the muscimol back again, waste not want not

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    I forgot about the unrine and this mushy.

    You are both lucky. When I lived in Colorado, finding these mushrooms was relatively easy (on the high mountain passes). I tried drying one over a campfire and upon injesting was made so sick that I could not even smell a AM without wanting to puke painfully

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    After a few minutes I became very naseous, and actually threw up. I held the vomit in my mouth and swallowed it.

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    Wow. This is one of the most clear and straight forward Amanita trip reports I've read on Bluelight. Elsewhere there seems to be such a shoud of mystery surrounding the doages and effects of these magic shrooms.

    So far my couple of attempts have yielded no results but this may well have been that I over cooked them and destroyed the active chemicals or possibley just that there wasn't enough in the shooms I picked to start with. (I've found psylocybe shrooms from the same area vary a lot in strength from patch to patch)

    I hope to try these again and hopefully reach an active dose. Besides may peoples discouraging comments about these muchrooms, I am still very facinated in the experiece these mushrooms are supposed to create and the mysticism that surrounds them. This could well be because I have ancestory from same part of the world as the lap sharmen who used these.

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    Crystalline Musicmol? That sounds like fun Is it smokable?

    Ekstasis, you definatly have to be careful with drying them so as to not destroy the active chemicals. Though I suggest just ordering some from somewhere as they are usually sun-dried and thus more potent.

    I also forgot to add, after I received them I smoked some of the red skin from a cap, to get a feel of how the orally ingested dose would be. It was a very distinct high, similar to cannabis, however more psychedelic. One of the interesting effects of smoking it was how it affected my vision. It was like a grid was super-imposed over my vision, and it broke it up into little chunks. I'm probably making it sound more intense then it actually was, the vision alteration was very subtle however definatly noticable. Smoking it was also very different from eating it. Next time I get some I'll lace a joint with some AM and let you guys know how the trip goes.

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    I imagine the freebase might be smokeable, if it doesn't decompose, I don't see why everyone is crazy about smoking drugs, muscimol is very effective orally or plugged.

    I accidentally got it on my fingers after evapping an etherial solution of it, and ended up having a nice trip, it makes nature look really, sublimely beautiful.

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