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    oxy/opiate without an imprint? 
    ok this is most likely a really stupid question and should be obvious to me but I have to ask. some kid had some white pills that are shaped like a long 0. he swore they were generic oc 20s from canada and there are no markings on it at all. he gave them to swim for free but then said he wanted some of them back. at first swim didn't even want to take them from him but he insisted they were real, so swim assumed it was at least some sort of opiate/opioid. but the more swim thought about it the more swim thought it had to be fake. he was reliable in the past and him and his friend were fucked up and they said it was off of those pills. is it possible it had a printed imprint that came off? so what's the deal is it possible these pills could be real, an oxy or other opiate pill without an imprint? or is it just bullshit? either way it's no loss for swim
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    no oxycontins look like what you described, without an imprint no body can know what it really is--suck

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    with no imprint whatsoever they are either a foreign med or a vitamin. Certainly not an OC though. It may be worth it to break one and take a tiny taste to see, or just smell the bottle that they are in. If it's a vitamin, you will know. All vitamins seem to have a certain smell.

    Additionally, they may be some sort of illicitly manufactured opioid prep, although I haven't heard of such a thing.

    They are probably codeine or propoxyphene pills from over seas. The guy that SWIM got them from may very well believe that they are OC's, and due to the power of suggestion, get much higher off of them then he would otherwise. When I was very much younger, 6-7th grade or so, someone gave me a tylenol 500 and told me that it was "tylenol with morphine". I actually thought that I was high. The Placebo effect can be quite powerful.

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