Thread: PLEASE URGENT! tiny black bugs from meth use.. possible?

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    PLEASE URGENT! tiny black bugs from meth use.. possible? 
    they look like small loose black hairs. a few people i do meth with said they had bugs on them. and in thier house. they did seem to have bug bites but i never saw any bugs.. i assumed they were just tweaking and needed some sleep. now im not so sure.. is this actually possible to get bugs from using meth frequently. ive been in that same house and never got any before. please someone anyone tell me if this is at all possible! if its possible, what is the cure, treatment? i am 100% freaking out right now.

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    your twacked out of your mind. no bugs, your seeing shit. Go to bed.

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    LOL, i don't miss my stim days one bit.

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    I WISH I COULD BELEIVE YOU! is there any explaination besides me seeing things? i am jabbing at a small black hair thats stuck inside my body with a knife... i am well beyond twacked

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    so there is 100% no possible chance i could really have bugs? it couldnt be some parasite already on my body or some type of skin thing caused by some side effect of the meth.. maybe overheating.... someone please!

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    i have been up for a few days in a row.. is this a type of meth psychosis? someone answer please..

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    take a shower, calm down and go to bed.

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    For god sake don't start cutting yourself, its a fucking hallucination! Tweakers get the "OMG BUGS!" paranoia all the time. Get a load of benzos in you, get some sleep and I 110% guarentee they'll be gone after you've had 6 hours uninterupted sleep!

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    i first noticed them after a shower actually. and unfortunately i have something to do this evening that i cannot miss.. so sleeping now is not an option.. i am definately skipping the icefest tonight though. when my friends were doing this i thought it was completely hysterical... i knew it was just them tweaking..but now that its me, and no matter how much i tell myself this is retarded.. i cant help but think that the bugs are real... and this is 1000% less fun than laughing at them do it.. if i make it through this with my sanity intact i will never laugh at them about this again.. this totally sucks...

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    When you're high on meth, especially going on the 3 days plus awake threshold, your mind starts to do some weird shit.

    Meth is the only substance Ive ever experienced that gives me full on delusional hallucinations besides retarded doses of anticholingerics. Shit like actually believing your skin is crawling with bugs and actually seeing and feeling them, or seeing a cop car roll up and bust into your friend's apt. next door and throw them all into a paddy wagon, and hiding in the bushes for 5 hours until it was all clear.

    Also, when youve been on a run for awhile, you "act out" rather strangely, and do some weird shit and not even realize youre doing it at the time. Like sometimes other people, that were more or less sober around me when i was tweaking were like: "Fuck dawg, you were all buggin out the other day at work. You were all fidgety, and picking and scratching at yourself, all jumpy and shit..." etc. Alot of people do whack shit and not even realize, like pick and scratch at those imaginary bugs . Maybe that would explain the sores?

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    my uncle claimed to have bugs crawling out of his skin and if he smashed them they could reform and crawl back in

    a month later he was in the hospital dyeing of the complications of meth abuse

    now he really does have bugs crawling all over him

    not funny at all

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    What, haven't you people heard how the peculiar odor of cooking meth attracts mites? They lay their eggs in the mix, which later hatch in the blood stream and then make their way to the surface of the skin in order to breathe, literally climbing out of the pores.

    Just kidding, of course. Too many days without sleep, and something about meth itself, causes things on the periphery of vision to appear to move. That's all. And skin can feel like it has things crawling on it, but that too is a symptom of prolonged meth use.

    I'm feeling a twinge of remorse laughing about this; when it's actually happening it's not funny at all. You will feel better a while after slowing down.

    Invalid Usename has the best response, spot on, three posts down - v
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    I used to know a few tweaker kids years ago that SWEAR they were infected by tiny insects burrowing under their kid even had open sores on his legs from where he tried to dig them out........Grossed me right the fuck out, and turned me right the fuck off from meth......

    from what I've heard though, this is a common sleep deprivation-induced halluciation......

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    Originally posted by johnnyb420
    my uncle claimed to have bugs crawling out of his skin and if he smashed them they could reform and crawl back in

    a month later he was in the hospital dyeing of the complications of meth abuse

    now he really does have bugs crawling all over him

    not funny at all

    Seriously folks. Exime5150 doesn't need to be hearing things like this right now.

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    Originally posted by ItchySkratchy
    from what I've heard though, this is a common sleep deprivation-induced halluciation......
    To the point of being textbook.


    If these were some kind of parasites that you somehow got while dosing yourself, they would be infecting you along the path that you dose yourself. Even more important, your immune system would be working overtime and you would KNOW that your body was fighting some kind of infection.

    What I mean is that, if you had some kind of contaminated meth and you snorted it, the infection would be along your nasal and broncial passages. And your immunine system would be working overtime trying to get the out.

    If you used the rectal administration method, your intestines would be bothering you (alot), and you would see abnormal intestional discharges.

    If you smoked the meth, the chances of a parasite surviving would be next to none. Plus, they would not be able to enter you through the vapor.

    And if you dose orally, you would be experiencing stomach and digestive problems.

    Basically, if you had parasites, your body would have been freaking out long before you saw one. But from what you describe, your body is doing fine, and you are seeing something that is freaking you out.

    So try to calm yourself down, and keep reminding yourself of the stressed state that your is currently in. This is the inbetween place where dreams and waking reality blur together. And even without any meth, going 3 days without sleep can produce the same effects you are now experiencing in an otherwise healthy person.

    The important thing is to keep remembering the stressed state your body is in, and to NOT buy into the impressions and visuals.

    I know that you have something to do tonight, but you're in no shape to be interacting with the world. I would suggest staying at home, letting your system rest and staying that way until you can fall asleep.

    But I am absolutely certain, you don't have these parasites that you are describing. They are part of a waking nightmare. One with a very common theme given the physical state you are currently in.

    You're OK.

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    Originally posted by Kuuyku
    Good God man! YOu need some Off: Deepwoods Sportsman, it's a green bottle! Hurry time is of the essence.

    Note: You do not inhale, nor puff it. External use only.
    LOL I can just imagine some crazed tweaker going into Rite-Aid to frantically buy as much bug killer as he could afford and immediatly start putting it on himself in the store while raving about all the bugs he is covered in.

    Your twacked. Only a matter of time until you give it up or die, your choice.

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    So you have little black hairs?

    Sounds pretty human.

    Shave your pubes.

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    Yeah just get some sleep thats all you can do when you wake up they'll all be gone!! Its a scienticifically proved fact that after staying up for 3 or more days you start hallucinating, this is whats probably happening. That and your tweaked from your meth binge.

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    Moving to Health Q&A, mods please move back if necessary.

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    Go to sleep before you cause permenant damage to your brain. My ex was heavily addicted to ice - smoked it everyday and he got paranoid and thought he heard voices and saw things. It was quite severe. Sleep is the best thing.

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    I've only ever had two open-eye hallucinations, and this was one -- bugs (looked like ants to me) crawling out of the corners of my husband's old living quarters. For me it was a combo of meth use + wellbutrin + mild sleep deprivation -- I've never had hallucinations otherwise with meth, but I didn't usually abuse it.

    Anyway, do what you can to get some sleep, as others have said. This is a very classic hallucination and I would try to tell yourself that and calm yourself as best as posisble. Luckily for me, hubby came over and told me there was nothing there, I chalked it up to a typical hallucination, and just ignored it. Amazingly I wasn't alarmed, even though I'm not a fan of bugs. It's all about the mindset.

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    thanks for reassuring me, i can say this for sure. i wont be staying up more than 1 night in a row ever again.. this drained every last drop of fun out of anything i did all day. im gonna catch alot of crap from my friends for this, as i was always the one telling them it was simply the meth and sleep deprivation..its a totally different experience when its happening to you, lol..with out a doubt the most annoying/aggravating/frightening drug experience i ever had. i hope i have enough downers to combat the meth enough to fall out... im about 20 mins away from running full speed into a wall in hopes of knocking myself unconcious.. lol.. and for the record, the thing i had to do tonight was 100% non negotioable... and it sucked 100% total ass. this is definately one of those experiences to be avoided at all costs.. even with knowing, from friends bug experiences, its still damn near impossible to convince yourself that the bugs are not real, or at least to make yourself stop hunting them down..

    oh btw, i have seen a girl throw her bed, rugs, and a lot of clothes out of her house because of these bugs. she also used up a 5 gallon bottle of bug spray in one night. and washes the whole houses tile floors with a mix of bleach/water every single night. she started off seeing on a few on herself. eventually ended up that the bugs were everywhere in her house and all over herself.. talking like every possible millimeter of floor was covered in these tiny bugs. i couldnt see any at all.. nor could anyone else..
    shes gonna lay it into me real good when she hears about this story lol.. outta be a full night of explaining and apologizing to her. the amount of time i spent obeying this stupid delusion, and the lack fo self control i showed today makes me feel i should slap myself silly. but im sure if i simply wait until i hang out with her again, shell do that for me, no probelms.. HAHA.

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    over 12 hours of sleep... no bugs. :P

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    Scabies and tweakers is absolute hell.

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    scabies? please explain, red haze :P

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