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    Missed shots / sterile abcess 
    I have missed a few times while shooting speed and coke + fentanyl in the crook of my elbow.

    It was painful for a few days but the pain is gone, and so is the swelling and redness.

    However, when i squeeze the spot i can still feel a few lumps there, and when i press hard on the lump it hurts a bit.

    I think these are sterile abscesses, since my dog had the same thing after vaccination, but the vet told me it will slowly be absorbed by the body.

    Is this also the case with missed shots, or can they still get infected after a long while?


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    my experience regarding abcesses is that they usually go away in time with care. but if you do infact have a sterile abcess you might need to get that checked out.

    if the abscess is small (less than 1 cm or less than a half-inch across), applying warm compresses/hot soaks to the area for about 30 minutes 4 times daily can help.

    the only way a doc can tell what type of abcess it is, is if a culture or examination of any drainage from the lesion may help identify what organism is causing it. most will continue to get worse without care. the infection can spread to the tissues under the skin and even into the bloodstream, resulting in septicaemia which can be very serious and life threatening. unlike other infections, antibiotics alone will not cure a well developed abscess. in general an abscess must open and drain in order for it to improve. sometimes draining occurs on its own, but generally it must be cut open by a doctor in a procedure called incision and drainage.

    now that you are more educated, you need to make an educated decision on what to do from here. it might be something that would be worth getting checked out, m8.

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    but when it's infected it should develop swelling, redness etc. however it's totally invisible, i just feel a few lumps deep under the skin, they are also not growing.

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    what I would do then is apply a warm water soaked towel to the area for 30 minutes 4 times daily.

    if it ain't infected you should be fine with time.

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    A septic abscess will involve redness / discolouration, pain, swelling and localised heat. A sterile abscess won't usually be very painful, nor will it involve any localised heat in the area.

    Basically, septic abscesses will generally get progressively worse (without adequate care), while a sterile abscess should either get progressively better or stay the same. Have a read of this for more info on this topic -> Preventing Unnecessary Vein Damage - Missed Hits, Lumps and Bumps, Sterile Abscesses

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    i think it's allright, i read the info and it seems that i'm ok. they also seem to be slowly decreasing in size.

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    how should you treat a bump caused by a miss hit? put neosporin and a bandaid on it?

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    Just curious... 
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    Meth+Coke+Fentanyl in one rig? How was that? Enjoyable?

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    i'm from holland, sadly (or thank god..) there's no meth here, i did try D-amphetamine + fentanyl in one rig and coke + fentanyl.. it was so euphoric. although the extraction of the fentanyl from the generic (solid) patches can be a bitch i can certainly recommend the combo's

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    this is weird I have a girlfriend who shoots in her butt,skinpop, its purple and she said it feels a little wierd.
    Anyways ive been lucky as far as my arms i was given anti bacterial pills and i know they saved my butt a few times.

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    ^What is she injecting subcutaneously?

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    I recently had a fresh abscess...

    It happened from a missed IV shot of crack [using lemon juice, which increases the odds of an infection from bacteria the lemon juice carries. I was desperate I dealt with what I had] it really didn't swell to much [just the initial miss] but it turned dark purple and eventually formed a open wound, 2x2 inches in the crook of my arm. The pain was minimal but remained sore. The discoloration was spreading fast. Once the skin broke I started to seek medical assistance, which consisted of Cephalex 500mgs twice daily for 7-9 days, after meds it stopped spreading immediately and started to shrink. After a few day I no longer looked and felt like that kid in 'Requiem for A Dream'. Now 3 weeks down the line its about the size of a dime and healing nicely with just Triple Ointment cream.

    Thank God it didn't need lancing or draining... but its always good to have Cephalex [Cephalexin] on hand to treat an early abscess or infections caused by injecting.

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    that's nasty but thank god for antibiotics.. i really should get some myself just in case.

    another question; has anyone here ever developped a sharp stinging pain in the chest after IVing with a used needle?

    sometimes i reuse my needles when i really want a fix, and the next day i can feel a terrible pain in the chest, around the joints of the arm i shot in.. wich slowly decreases the next day, and disappears.

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    ^for some reason I usually get that feeling from IVing coke, not usually when IVing H.

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    Originally posted by -=navel=-
    sometimes i reuse my needles when i really want a fix,
    I don't think I've ever used a needle just once

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    ^^^^me niether......I rememeber this one rig I had when I first started IVing .....the cc #'s were completely scraped off, and the "pushrod" broke off, so I cut the barrel down so I could still use it, and the spike itself was all bent and shit, and required a good amount of force to break skin.......

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    perhaps the small lumps are only scar tissue, valves or collapsed sites of pooled healing cells

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    i have a HUGE lump on the top of my hand. 3cc shot of ~400mg of coke. I registered and I think maybe around half way during injection i was already too high to keep my hand steady and slipted the needle through the vein and injected LOTS of the solutiong in surrounding tissues.its about 2x2 inches, almost takes up all of the top of my hand. This happened about 30 minutes ago, and is very painful. Should it be fine in time? My veins in my arms are trashed, and its so hard to find a vein that hasnt been severly damaged-overused-scar tissue. Im worried about how large this lump is, espiecially since its on my hand. Anyone know what I should do to reduce chance of infection and help it heal. I will try a hot compress for now...

    Anybody that is thinking of using their hands your inject. area, make sure you do it right. Lots of nerves in the hand, and vein size smaller compared to arms as well as being more fragile. I probably injected too fast and the vein split... Missed shots in the arm never bothered me, but this is completely different in size, pain, and discoloration...and is getting worse by the minute....

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    shit that's a big miss! but yeah hot compress helps, maybe a hot bath if you have a bathtub. but you know the drill, if it starts to infect see a doc.. but if you filtered properly, used a clean rig and water you should be alright i think. atleast i have up until now

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    thanks for the mostly worried because of the HORRIble quality of this coke. I wasted all my funds on a ball, cause its been dry lately. First time getting from this guy. COke usually instantly dissolves in water, but this shit turned into a GEL, a freaking GEL. Almost exactly like what MSContins look like in the spoon after you add water. It was ridiculous. Had to use a larger pin than i prefer, 26g, because 29gauge was clogging up, even when filtering through cotton. What a night mare. What am I gonna do with this horrible blow, its probably like 2% best. Jeez...

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    well i don't buy coke a lot but decided on buying some this weekend and IVed it, and it was shitty coke too, and yes i missed too and i'm alright. the best thing you can do now is take care of the spot, and wait.

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