Thread: Great chart of CYP inhibitors, inducers & substrates...

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    Great chart of CYP inhibitors, inducers & substrates... 
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    Someone was asking (I think in the "Benzo Potentiators" thread) for a list of CYP-450 inhibitors, inducers, and their respective substrates (the drugs affected by them). This is the best one I have found yet. It's from an old copy of "Pharmacist's Letter", a periodical sent to many pharmacists throughout the world. It's very specific, even including the particular enzymatic pathways (3A4, 2D6, etc...).
    I find it to be VERY useful (for fun & harm reduction purposes) I thought I'd share it with everyone...FYI, I've attached it in PDF format. Oh, and you're welcome...
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    Thanks a million!

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    I'm curious, do multiple substrates of the same enzyme administered concurrently affect metabolization significantly, or just inhibitors along with a substrate?

    I've been leary of mixing 30mg DXM (uses cyp3a4+2d6) + opiate (uses CYP3a4+2d6) + clonazepam (uses cyp3a4), along with my daily SSRI (inhibits cyp2d6 and is a substrate of 2d6, meaning that dxm and opiate will use 3a4 more than usual, since their 2d6 pathway is inhibited).

    There are multiple drugs which are substrates of 3a4, but 3a4 isn't inhibited (only enzyme inhibited is 2d6, which two of the three drugs use, however all of them use 2d6 and 3a4, and in the case of the opiate, I know it uses 3a4 more in the first place, however I haven't been able to find whether dxm uses 3a4 and 2d6 equally or what), so I was wondering how multiple drugs using the same enzyme affect each others metabolization/clearance as long as they don't inhibit any enzymes?

    I really want this to work safely, since it allows me to use around 1/4 of my opiate dose ($$$), but I'm a little scared.

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