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    percocet 54 543 
    how many mgs of oxy and tylenol do these contain.,.. they seem more stronger and cleaner than the 512's. ITs circle with a score on one side and says 54 at the top and 543 at the bottom of the other side... i/m not even sure if they are percs but almost positive.. the reason i'm not sure because they don't seem to be as itchy as your normal dose. would taking 14 of these spread out through the day be dangerous even if you have a relitivily high tolerance... usually i can take about 7 at once or i will get sick but then feel better..... any help would be sweet..

    thanks... i'm feeling pretty damn nice right now... warm fuzzy and horney... about to head over this girls house soon.....

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    yes 14 is way too much to take, even if they contain the lowest tylenol dose per pill: 325mg. you are risking SERIOUS liver damage. even 7 is really pushing it, especially if they contain more than 325mg of tylenol per pill. unfortunately, im not sure how much tylenol these in particular contain but youre probably doing serious damage either way...

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    Feeling horny? good luck Anyway, oddly enough, I've found that the 512's seem quite inferior to the Roxicet (54/543). Don't quite know why. Anyway, they are both 5/325.

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